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10:52 PM on 02/12/2013
Wait til she gets the bill
10:22 PM on 02/12/2013
If you puts a knife under the bed it cuts the pain!
08:45 PM on 02/12/2013
This is a nice story and honestly if all you woman want to give birth at home, all the power to you...let's not be nasty to someone who chose to have a baby in the hospital. If she had planned to have the baby at home, she wouldn't have been so scared...

Doesn't make her any less of a woman because she didn't do the way you all think a woman should do it. Her baby, her body, her choice.
i can want peace and the death penalty too
08:26 PM on 02/12/2013
"I was crying. I was so scared. Who gives birth at home?”

i do, i do
08:34 PM on 02/12/2013
exactly - a lot of women do
08:58 PM on 02/12/2013
My ex-wife did! And she did an Awesome job of it! It was not expected to happen so fast! But it was more sterill than the hospital!
08:42 PM on 02/12/2013
oh for crying out loud, this woman was NOT prepared to give birth at home...there is a big difference between someone who plans to have a child at home and one who follows the her pregnancy with plans of giving birth in a hospital. Just because you give birth in your home does not make you more of a woman...rolling eyes
i can want peace and the death penalty too
07:40 AM on 02/13/2013
no one said any of those things. we were responding to the moms question of "who has a baby at home" the answer is, many people do. no one says we are more of a woman as a result. just explaining that it isnt that uncommon. for sure she didnt plan it, but it is done
08:21 PM on 02/12/2013
Congrats to all the "Blizzard Babies" and their respective (collective) mothers!!

...A father of three daughters and eight granddaughters!!!
08:34 PM on 02/12/2013
Wow! You are surrounded by girls! We have one son, and one grand-daughter...and my hubby is loving every minute of it. Bet you are too!
07:24 PM on 02/12/2013
Oh boo hoo people make such a big issue out of a baby not being born in a hospital and in my grandmothers day babies were born at home --in the last 80 years or so they have been pushing hospitals so much and one wonder this is why we have such high cost of medical care -- duh...
03:56 AM on 02/13/2013
Yes, that is true, but many of the babies didn't make it and too many of the mothers died. Child birth is dangerous. If you had been one of the dads waiting in the kitchen for the doctor to come tell you what you got, while you listened to your wife screaming in your bedroom, you would have a better idea what it is all about. But modern medicine keeps you away from all of that; only a few choose "natural birth" at home with a midwife, and even then there has been arrangements made with a hospital in case it doesn't all go as planned. 911 is called and it is off to the ER where the hospital is already aware of "mother".

One of the reasons people wanted many children, was that many didn't survive. Some did not survive birth. It was common for older men to marry younger women and have more children, because their first wives died in childbirth. That is less than 100 years ago.
10:47 AM on 02/13/2013
No. Child birth is NOT dangerous. Not typically. Typically, it is a normal bodily function, not a medical event.
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06:51 PM on 02/12/2013
Nice story to tell that little one when she is old enough to hear it.

Many women give birth at home, some due to conditions like these, some by choice. Home births prevent the baby being exposed to things in the neonatal nursery like dysentery that have riddled some hospitals for a long time.
06:50 PM on 02/12/2013
Happy baby and mommy are safe. But many woman do give birth at home. However, they usually choose to do it that way.
Cash in 2016 and run....
06:48 PM on 02/12/2013
She is such a blessing. She is perfect.
06:35 PM on 02/12/2013
Sweet story!
06:22 PM on 02/12/2013
Great thanks to the National Guard, the Paramedics and Ambulance drivers who delivered all these babies safe and sound.
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06:14 PM on 02/12/2013
Aww, what a beautiful little girl! :)