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04:44 PM on 02/20/2013
I just want Starbucks to pay their fair share of taxes...
now what
06:06 PM on 02/20/2013
They could double the work loan on half the employees and lay the other half off. Then pay more tax, thats how it works.
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It's all good, till it's not..
04:41 PM on 02/20/2013
Apparently, more money than brains..
All in all it's just a...another brick in the wall
04:29 PM on 02/20/2013
IF>>> you drank 2 of those a week,,, for a year... you would have spent.......$4,919.20!!! THAT IS INSANE!! You can buy a car with that & get more out of it as well! I know this was a one time deal with this guy (I hope) but still.........
82nd Airborne Div (ret) "Right turn Clyde"
05:30 PM on 02/20/2013
A beater of a car but a car nonetheless ; )
if you were also a 1 pack a day smoker at $6.00/day...
Tack on an additional $2190.00 to that.
Who would of thought that coffee and a cig could be that expensive.
04:22 PM on 02/20/2013
This guy is in bad need of a hobby!!!
06:12 PM on 02/20/2013
this was a short perfect comment. lol

: )
04:21 PM on 02/20/2013
I do purchase at starbucks, love their vanilla latte, but cannot stand their normal coffee....but anyone who says that McDonalds coffee is good needs their taste buds tested....
82nd Airborne Div (ret) "Right turn Clyde"
05:32 PM on 02/20/2013
the convenient store vanilla latte is pretty good in a pinch. The only one I dont have to add sugar to.
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11:06 PM on 02/20/2013
McDonald's serves Seattle's Best coffee. It's not bad. You should be able to find it at your local grocery store.
04:16 PM on 02/20/2013
What should really impress you are the prices that outfit charges and people go for it.
04:15 PM on 02/20/2013
Yes, it is true you can't compaare "Starbucks coffee ?" to your gss station coffee. Gas station coffee is always much better.
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04:30 PM on 02/20/2013
you are so correct! LOL
06:01 PM on 02/20/2013
haha although that is true, I will never ever stop buying from starbucks because I live there for the most part, with tons of schooling you cant beat free wifi and 1.55 for coffee, and if I stay there 8 hours studying which i do often, as long as I am there then I get free refills so the most I spend is 1.55 while being there
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04:07 PM on 02/20/2013
Face it.. If you're life is so sad, that you have to brag about how much you paid for a cup of coffee, you need mental help... Even the Hipsters don't get this crazy..
03:50 PM on 02/20/2013
Can anyone here say "Conspicuous consumption" ?????
03:44 PM on 02/20/2013
At Starbucks...It wouldn't be that hard to rack up $40 for a cup of their rotten overpriced coffee.
And then you have to pretend to enjoy it!
03:43 PM on 02/20/2013
Just sounds awful...................And the whole idea was riduculous...And I AM a Starbucks fan, but 90 % of the time, I just order regular coffee....
03:35 PM on 02/20/2013
Did he drink it or chew it?
03:33 PM on 02/20/2013
there comes a point when it's not even called coffee
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03:31 PM on 02/20/2013
McDonalds senior coffee @ 63 cents is wayyyyyyyyyy better tasting and easier on the wallet...!
03:47 PM on 02/20/2013
Yay!!!! A person after my own heart!!
i get senior's coffee here at McDonald's for 32 cents and it is delicious!!!!
Give the Country away.. Vote Democrat.!
04:07 PM on 02/20/2013
32 cents? No fair..what state do you live in "so I know when I travel"?
03:24 PM on 02/20/2013
My boyfriend - who at the time had a 10 cup a day habit - went out one night and had no less than 10 espressos over the course of the night. Next morning he woke up with a nose bleed that wouldn't stop - so he went to the emergency room. When they tested his blood pressure it was something like 240/175 - they said it was lucky he had a nose bleed because if he hadn't he probably would have had a stroke. Thy attributed this to the cofee/espresso from the day before. He was in there for four days to get his blood pressure down to normal - and he now has to take blood pressure meds everyday for the rest of his life. He has also sworn off espressos and has only 2-3 cups of regular coffee per day - at most. BTW - he HATES Starbucks (as do I).