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Mom, Grandmom, and New Mom.
05:42 PM on 02/14/2013
My 11 month old son had erythema multiforme minor, which is related to this condition. We didn't know for four days if he was going to have the minor version, or the major version where the skin separates from the dermis. He had had a virus and we had given him motrin for fever. He broke out into horrible spots and giant clusters of spots. Thankfully for us, this condition never worsened into the major version. It was the scariest four days I have ever been through. I can't imagine what the parents of this teen went through. It seems to me that it is a common enough occurence that it ought to be listed in the warnings as a less common side effect, because it happens. We may never know if it was the motrin or the virus that caused his immune system to have that type of a reaction, but I will not be reaching for the motrin unless the Pedia Care just won't tame a fever in the future. It's scary stuff.

As far as the jury award, it may be a bit excessive, but I can only imagine what their hospital bills look like.
05:08 PM on 02/14/2013
So if YET another warning were put on the insert that NOBODY reads already that says 1 in x-thousand or whatever people will have a horrifying reaction, then ... what? They wouldn't have given it to her? If only they'd known that there's a rare and extreme reaction that could possibly happen?
This is all from a jury, but over and over people will blame the lawyers.
Get over it. It's the Shock Doctrine (book)
06:22 PM on 02/14/2013
This effects this drug creates are MORE COMMON than previously thought. If people do not sue or let people know of their tragedy we will never know and many of these lethal drugs will remain in the market. You see, the ones that make the actual drug know so much more than the doctors, and the courts have been finding out that they hide what they know and this knowledge usually hides their lethal effects, and at the same time, they repeatedly tell us, documented many times that "they are NOT in the business of health care but of making money." Scary but true, so then, we should have an FDA that really cares, not just another business married to these companies. Would it make you mad to know that there are other painkillers outside the US that are safer?
10:21 PM on 02/14/2013
Motrin is a commonly used drug. I wouldn't call it lethal by any means. This poor girl had a rare but not at all uncommon adverse reaction. What happened to her was tragic, but the risk was there from the beginning. If the family bought the medication over the counter, then they should assume the fault.
05:06 PM on 02/14/2013
although they should compensate, these amounts are insane. Sorry folks, would that girl make 63 million in her life? I dont think so. The jury should be hung.
08:24 PM on 02/14/2013
You obviously have a profoundly shallow grasp of the issues, here, Gomer; let me guess... you're a Republican, right?
David Drum
10:15 PM on 02/14/2013
How many billion in profits do you think the drug company has made on this drug?
03:28 AM on 02/15/2013
The drug company didn't do anything wrong. The product was labeled properly. There are risks. People know that.

Why is it wrong for them to make money? HOW is it that "poor people" somehow DESERVE to take some of it, whatever the amount is???
Think for Yourself
09:13 AM on 02/15/2013
Most drugs have side effects, has anyone watch the commercials on TV about some of the drugs and then listen to the side effects, every-time I hear about some drug and then read the side effects I refuse to take the drug!
Get over it. It's the Shock Doctrine (book)
04:58 PM on 02/14/2013
I think what's throwing people off is that most people believe this is an allergic reaction. It is not. it's a common enough adverse reaction of this drug to the body whose company has lied SO MANY TIMES BEFORE in order to keep themselves in business. Kidney cancer, neurovascular disease, and birth defects are also listed as their side effects by independent researchers. -There is a difference between allergic reaction and adverse effects-. She was fine all the times before she took it and it's an OTC.
12:54 AM on 02/15/2013
The point is that the cause of the adverse reaction is not something inherently wrong with the drug but, rather, something is wrong with the people who have the adverse reactions. They are hypersensitive and predisposed to getting the disorder, while others are not. If she didn't get it from Motrin, she may have got it from some other drug or an illness may have brought it on.
04:53 PM on 02/14/2013
If you choose not to heed the warning then you shouldn't expect to be rewarded.
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05:11 PM on 02/14/2013
What warning are you referring to applicable to this case?
Here's the label to give you a little help:
09:23 PM on 02/14/2013
I don't need your help thanks just the same. The money will not help the child erase the pain or what is ahead. I'm just sick of lawsuits of this type. You don't know personally what warnings the parents were given.
04:45 PM on 02/14/2013
Let's see how long it takes to get the award. I am sure there will be an appeal!
progressive and unapologetic
04:45 PM on 02/14/2013
I am appalled by HP's graphic here. You call the slide show the 10 best states to file a lawsuit, then in the stats, HP uses 3rd worst, 5th worst, etc. Worse for WHOM? The consumer or the pharmaceutical company? I think the rights of the consumer are more important than the rights of these lying pharmaceutical companies who mis-represent the safety and efficacy of their product to the consumer in mass media.
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04:17 PM on 02/14/2013
You are not born with a guarantee.
I hate ignorance Fox style
09:20 AM on 02/15/2013
It's amazing that people are fine with drug companies killing or injuring their consumers, They are never at fault in the right wing world. Always blame the victim.
04:03 PM on 02/14/2013
Hopefully an Appellate court can untangle this fairly ------ I know there have been warnings about giving ibuprofen to children on these medications for a how responsible are the parents ( considering they gave their child the medicine several times before ) ?? I can understand the verdict IF J&J knew about this possibility....but if it's a one-in-a-100-million shot--- how can ANYONE know ??
07:44 PM on 02/14/2013
You know I looked at the insert for Ibuprofen and it does warn that there can be serious skin disorders which can lead to death. I am not sure when they added that if it was after this poor girl was injured but this seems to open the floodgates for people to sue pharmaceutical companies and get big settlements based on pre-existing conditions which the company clealy warns about and has no control over stopping people with these conditions from taking their product. No accountability whatsoever for the consumers. It seems there is no way for these companies to protect themselves. Good thing these things are "rare".
yes WE did... again!
03:54 PM on 02/14/2013
Big Pharma and its side effects are legal
while a medicinal weed is banned...
This is not the America of my ancestors.
Lead with your heart, and your mind will follow...
03:36 PM on 02/14/2013
Best idea is to NOT use phrma drugs if at all possible. Most of them do not treat the disease, only cover it up anyway, and have toxic side effects.
12:58 AM on 02/15/2013
True, but if your child has a 104 degree fever, you're going to give him/her something to lower the fever.
Stephanie Longus
Keep calm and think objectively.
02:59 PM on 02/14/2013
Goodness! That poor girl. :-(
02:44 PM on 02/14/2013
I feel terrible for this girl. However, I just read the label and I don't know how much more we can expect the makers of Motrin or any medication maker to put on the label. It's clear that there are serious possible risks when taking this medication. I think you waive the right to sue when you take this risk.
Beef to the heels like a Mullingar heifer.
03:53 PM on 02/14/2013
I'm also guessing that when you park your car in a commercial garage and they give you a receipt that says they're not responsible for any damages to your car you believe them?
03:59 PM on 02/14/2013
Yes.  I do.  I also know that the coffee that I get from McDonalds is hot and if I spill it on myself, it's my dumb fault not theirs. 
04:57 PM on 02/14/2013
Further more, a company can not know each and every type of reaction an individual can have to a certain medication. This girl took this medication befor w/ no adverse affects. Perhaps it was something that the child mixed with it. It could be that grapefruit has a component that does not mix well with Motrin. This we can not know until it happens and we can pinpoint exactly what the interaction was that caused a reaction. The FDA approved this medication and it's label.
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05:15 PM on 02/14/2013
Funny, I didn't know Ibuprofen could make your skin rot off because I can't recall that being labelled on the bottle as a potential side effect. No side effects are labelled on the Ibuprofen in my house right now... just allergy symptoms and conditions to avoid taking it with. You waive the right to sue when it's on there and you don't read it... not when the company pretends the problem doesn't exist.

Are you one of those people that would rather just shove things into their maw in sheer ignorance of the side effects than be bothered to learn something?
06:34 PM on 02/14/2013
The childrens Motrin I have has an entire packet stuck to it. It's impossible to know all of the possible side effects and all of the possible side effects when combined with other things. I don't shove anything under the rug but when I give my kids or myself a medication I am fully aware of the fact that it has limited testing and it has not been tested in every possible circumstance. I choose to take my chances.
02:24 PM on 02/14/2013
I am conflicted. On one hand the girl is suffering and the drug companies do push their drugs for as much use as possible. On the other hand, it is the responisbility of each user(or guardian) to decide whether to take the drugs or not, and I think more and more it is or should become common knowledge that there are many side effects to medications ranging from minor to extremely serious.

This was a fairly immediate effect of the drugs. Long term effects of many drugs including ibuproferin are stomach, kidney and liver issues later in life. Many take ibuproferin for a headache, then experienc rebound headaches when the drug wears off. It' like their body generates a need for the ibuproferin once it gets used to having it. Merk CEO Henry Gadsen stated 30 years ago that he envisioned selling drugs to healthy people, like chewing gum, and it seems it's come true.

My prayers go out to the girl, the family and others who have suffered from these types of incidents.
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05:16 PM on 02/14/2013
This is a common knowledge side effect? Really?
05:20 PM on 02/14/2013
No. I said more and more now days it is becoming common knowledge that drugs have serious side effects some listed, some not. But ten years ago when this happened, it was not as common to hear about the serious consequences that sometimes come with pharmaceutical use.
Get over it. It's the Shock Doctrine (book)
02:23 PM on 02/14/2013
Huffingtonpost, shouldn't this news be on the front page? I was in shocked when I found out the amount of lawsuits this product has for what are considered side-effects by the medical community, not just "a personalized reaction" as we are led to believe. Including birth defects, kidney cancer? sorry, but seems some "trusted" medicine might not be that trusted in reality, and if you keep hiding news the more the time this product will continue producing it's side-effects.
02:45 PM on 02/14/2013
I agree that this should be front page before anything on the Kardashians, Lindsey Lohan, Honey boo boo (whoever that is) etc.
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05:14 PM on 02/14/2013
Hey, don't take away my sideboobs!
02:46 PM on 02/14/2013
This is not going to be a top media story because on of the biggest sponsors of media is pharmaceutical companies. When I first saw this story on AOL homepage in video form, a drug commercial advertisement played before I could watch the story.

It would be nice if the general public were made more easily aware of the dangers pharmaceuticals. They have their place for emergencies and when natural healing is not working, but they have become of staple of western culture.