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Trust nothing you hear & only part of what you see
09:24 AM on 02/16/2013
Now this is a good story that's not about greed! It's about how things could be again IF folks were not so ate up with greed.

There was a time not that long ago (at least in my eyes) where the banker was a friend & knew everyone they had as customers by name. I remember when I was just getting started eons ago & that first home purchased that all I did was walk in the front door of the bank each month & make the loan payment. There was no sending it in the mail or having to deal with issues over the telephone.

Small hometown banks used to be the best as far as service, friendliness & people always willing to help you get started in life. If you had a steady job & someone knew you to be a good worker or knew you or your family, you got that loan.

We need more George Bailey type banks & bankers alike.
A 36 year old Florida Corporation
09:00 AM on 02/16/2013
Would love to live in a small community like that, where people know each other, and support each other. We here in the US work and live at such a fast place that a simple existance like this is only something we read about.