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11:20 AM on 02/25/2013
Sorry telling kids winning is not important is a disservice to them. Competition is what gets you what you want, and being ordinary, will just get you poverty. Winning is important, as an adult when you win you get a wage a good one, when you lose you get a participation trophy in the form of unemployment, or minimum wage. The time of Americans just playing not to lose will no longer cut it, in order to have the chance to be successful you have to play to win all the time, though that does not guarantee it, if you are playing to win your chances of making it are far greater than those playing not to lose or just doing the bare minimum.
04:27 PM on 02/25/2013
That's b.s. Many ordinary people achieve success. Not all ordinary people are poor for Pete's sake, do you know how many people are ordinary? MOST PEOPLE.
05:45 PM on 02/25/2013
Today and in the future, wealth will no longer be aggregated in the US, that means ordinary people will get poverty, just like the ordinary global citizen, with the only floor being minimum wage.
Elizabeth McGuire
09:02 AM on 02/25/2013
He sounds like a natural leader, who knows when to lead by quiet example and when to speak up. Congratulations to both of you!
08:57 AM on 02/25/2013
A special kid belonging to one extraordinary Mom ... you are quite the pair xxxx
Lindsey Mead
08:54 AM on 02/25/2013
Oh, I love this. That story of your son walking up to the mean kids and telling them to stop making fun is absolutely extraordinary. Nothing ordinary about that AT ALL, in my view. Wonderful. xoxo
08:48 AM on 02/25/2013
as a kid, i personally think that what this mom is doing is not so smart. when a kid has too much to do in their daily routine, it will eventually cause to stress, i dont think what this mom is doing is the smartest decision. And has for the heading, there is no such thing as an Ordinary Kid. That might just be the problem here, this mom has to relax, her child will be just fine, and if not, then it wasnt meant to be, she just needs to support and give it her all.
Subvert the dominant paradigm
08:35 AM on 02/25/2013
That is good news. My personal feeling is our society based on intense competition and hierarchies of dominance is a holdover from our caveman days and our evolution has not kept pace with the changes in our society and economics. We no longer need to kill each other to survive, yet we continue. Our lives would all be improved if we moved to cooperative based achievements that shifted us out of the disposable society we have created in a world with finite resources. I personally think it is a bad thing that parents often go out of their way to try and insure that their kids are somehow "special." It is not good, nor a given that some have to loose for others to "win" but we don't even question that. I am not saying everyone gets a trophy for showing is more complex than that...but we don't question what we do and what it gets us...I love the the song "Learning to Fly" by the foo fighters..."he is my hero...he's ordinary..." great song.
08:34 AM on 02/25/2013
I would say that sticking up for the right thing and not just jumping on the side that is winning is one of the most important things a male could do for the future of our world.
08:31 AM on 02/25/2013
personally as a kid, i dont think its very smart to put so much pressure into a kids daily routine. Usually when a kid has so much to do on a daily bases it results into more stress in their life and more things to think about. On the note of the heading, there is no such things as an ordinary kid, that might just be the problem if the mom is considering her kid an ordinary kid.
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08:27 AM on 02/25/2013
I totally understand being a mother of 13 year old boy what ordinary means for the author.Please don't judge her by taking this literally.
07:19 AM on 02/25/2013
Great article!!! I can totally relate! And yes, I am intelligent enough to understand what you mean by "ordinary!!!" It was nice reading something that MOST parents can relate to!!!!
Fear My Micro-bio!!!!!!!!
05:50 AM on 02/25/2013
No,such thing as an "ordinary" kid.
05:41 AM on 02/25/2013
Relax mom, it isn't healthy to put so much into your kids daily activities.....
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04:47 AM on 02/25/2013
Beautiful article! I so relate. They are the special ones. These ordinary kids! Your description of your son sounds exactly how my son is. Clever enough but not extraordinarily so. But better than being clever is the fact that he is kind and intuitive of others feelings, very considerate and loving. And that should trump genius in intelligence and sports anytime! Congrats that he got chosen as VP! He is obviously surrounded by other school mates who sees his worth!
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love auto biographys. any appS to write mine?
02:50 AM on 02/25/2013
As I said, a good yarn

but isnt this whole sports glory thing a biy over the top

shouldnt it be about max kids getting out & affordably having a game of soccer on saturday in the LOCAL park

its gotten absurd

a fortune to play & the worst gridlock of the week on saturdays

all they need is matching tshirts & sneakers & a ball

its hard to get refs cos the parents are too scary
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love auto biographys. any appS to write mine?
03:02 AM on 02/25/2013

meant to say

I must have played 20 sports competently

I can honestly say my folks attended 2 matches I recall & 1 I prefer not to (a boxing match)

1 attendance consisted of parking on the perimeter of a cricket oval & my captain gave me an over to bowl very considerately - nice bloke - i bowled/threw my 7 balls & they left - all good - no others even bothered with that

my dad was a champion swimmer & played for 2 rugby teams - one sat morning & one afternoon - so its not like they were not sporty