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04:26 PM on 02/19/2013
Excellent article. My husband just did our daughter's taxes and said she will be getting a larger refund that he thought because of EITC. I explained that he and I actually paid higher taxes in order to subsidize the low wages she is paid.  He didn't understand exactly how that worked. I just sent a link of that article to him. -

Another facet of "Southern Labor" after slavery was abolished are the prison industries and use of prisons for labor starting right after the Civil War. I remember someone saying that he remembered being told, back in the 50's, but his parents that he had to stay off the streets during tobacco harvesting time in Virginia. Black and poor white kids and young men would get arrested for "whatever" and be held, forced to help harvest the tobacco, and then have the charges dismissed after the crop was in. 

PBS did a program on this which is available on line.  Slavery By Another Name.
Mountain Man
04:22 PM on 02/19/2013
The South will never go back to having slavery....You had to feed and house slaves...They have a much better deal going today with a Non-Union work force.
04:38 PM on 02/19/2013
Yea, and they can abuse that non union labor any way they want...low wages, no benefits, just like WAL MART does!
Micheal Anderson
When the Rebels become the Tyrants
04:40 PM on 02/19/2013
The new color of racism is green.
04:44 PM on 02/19/2013
The color of racism has always been green - think about it!
04:14 PM on 02/19/2013
Rich people in the South have been exploiting everyone else since the first colonists landed. They started with indentured servants who had contracted to work for certain time periods. Of course, when those same servants became free, they were often put back into indenture as the penalty for such heinous crimes as vagrancy. Then, of course, they used slaves and fought a brutal war, exploiting the nonslaveholding Southerners as cannon fodder, to protect slavery from possible abolition. Then, African-Americans were frequently forced into debt, which they then had to work off (another method was by arresting them for such heinous crimes as vagrancy, putting them in prison, and hiring out their labor to private companies). Meanwhile, they were paying low wages to white Southerners who rarely complained because there was no one to complain to and, after all, at least they were not at the bottom of the social order. Now, they still pay low wages to most Southerners and have brought back convict leasing through the establishment of private prisons.
Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.
04:38 PM on 02/19/2013
During travels throughout the SE I have had locals call the car manufacturing plants the "plantations".
Some people are #%?!*!*# NUTS!!!!!
04:09 PM on 02/19/2013
Should have let the south loose in 1861 so it could become the third world country the people want it to be.
tom sproule
Fudd Season
04:30 PM on 02/19/2013
Then we would have had the illegal immigration debate in 1893.
You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.
04:04 PM on 02/19/2013
The caste system is still alive and well in the South.
You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.
04:03 PM on 02/19/2013
The Republicans in the South want cheap labor.. They create jobs that pay almost nothing and then claim to have fixed their unemployment problems.
Political Liberal, Devout Catholic
11:50 AM on 02/20/2013
But it's true, they have fixed the unemployment problem. They have jobs, they can't afford a roof over their head or a pot to pee in, but they are employed. The thing that urks me about this low wage scheme is that it eventually kills the goose that lays the golden eggs for the giants of the economy. If you kill off the middle class, you have no one to buy your product or live in your Mcmansions and your income dies, too. I guess they think they will just be able to move to China or India, but they'll never get it. They're destroying their markets as well as their workers and in the end, even their own wealth.
You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.
12:20 PM on 02/20/2013
There will always be cheaper labor no matter how they depress wages or kill off unions. The Germans answer was to make the highest quality products on the planet using highly skilled and educated workers ... We on the otjer hand are trying to outdo China.. by making crappy products at low cost.