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05:58 PM on 02/23/2013
Santa Fe is a nice place to live and many wealthy people have homes there. But these are pockets of wealth that maybe can afford to raise their customers prices on food, hotels, etc. What about other areas in the country that are destitute and can't afford to pay those higher wages? Do they now go out of business? Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to keep up with the inflation he has created in this country. From healthcare to food prices based on gas prices. If he would do a growth policy where he creates American Energy like the Keystone Pipeline and cuts subsidies for ethanol which is made from grain which is then fed to our live stock which in turn makes buying a steak at the grocery store out of the question. The way the President thinks is totally opposite of reality. Let the company decide what they can pay their employees. Don't dictate to every business this fair share stuff. Besides many of these low income jobs were originally meant to be level entry and never a lifetime career. Get the government out of our business.
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08:37 PM on 02/23/2013
Obama wants a higher minimum wage because it covers inflation. Inflation benefits borrowers and the people who get the money first. The US government is the largest borrower on the planet. The government also gets the money first through withholding.
09:01 PM on 02/28/2013
Why do we have inflation? Printing money perhaps.
08:53 PM on 02/23/2013
You're not thinking in the right paradigm, or even focusing on the right thing. By definition, there are more minimum wage employees than employers that pay them. Therefore, if I purchase the vote of the minimum wage worker at the cost of losing the vote of the business owner, I have a net "vote profit". The pursuit of "vote profit" is what it's all about.
08:58 PM on 02/28/2013
I agree with your paradigm shift!
05:57 PM on 02/23/2013
"Minimum wage" and "living wage" are purely subjective terms. The minimum wage, distinct from a living wage, is simply what ever politicians decide should be the wage floor. Its does not, necessarily, take into account the ability for an individual, or family, to live on this wage.
A living wage is, theoretically, based on what an individual needs to earn to support himself and his family. It does not take into account price differences between local communites so a living wage in South Carolina will not be a living wage in NYC and a living wage in NYC would allow someone to live a more comfortable lifestyle in South Carolina.
These terms call into question not just the details of the capitalist system but the entire system itself as labor becomes more generalized the cost of labor is pushed down but this, consequently, reduces capital's ability to generate profits so it much reduce costs of doing business to keep up the profits.
08:39 PM on 02/23/2013
and tell me all about the welfare loop holes and the bailouts of billions stolen from americans to stuff into the pockets of wallstreet and banks . Remember the savings and loans scandal we spent 3000 per family bailing out those &*^%. Then came to big to jail, um I mean fail. what was that? it was OUR MONEY. What about the Glass and Steagall act going down the tubes and letting banks and wallstreet go wild. Now they are allowed to buy up all the real estate. Those politicial making corrupted laws are to blame.......Get real
Joy Zocco
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05:49 PM on 02/23/2013
When a company succeeds, it's usually the result of good management and reliable workers. In some cases, intelligent entrepreneurship is also a factor. For the past few decades, many CEO's have followed a policy of refusing to give good workers decent (not exorbitant) raises and bonuses as used to be the case. This, even though the good workers are a help in the company's success. Why has this happened? It's because the CEO's can (jobs are scarce) and they rationalize that they can keep all of the profits for themselves because the workers "didn't build it". How often do people with power refuse a chance to satisfy greed?
09:53 PM on 02/23/2013
That is a sad reality that people can be so greedy and not care if their fellow man is cared for or successful in life as well. Its called not being thankful to those who helped get you there or to the God above for not stricking you down for being so unthankful, unthoughtful and greeeeedy!!
05:42 PM on 02/23/2013
Since no set of objective facts would mitigate against a raise in the minimum wage, one has to ask why anyone would be against it. And the answers are readily available: ignorance, greed, and deception. I wonder how many other countries exist where a portion of the population would side with those who have absolutely no interest in their wellbeing.
05:31 PM on 02/23/2013
Do you really think it will lift a single person "out of poverty"?!
And what happens if workers have their hours cut back or are even laid off or not hired to begin with because of the additional costs?
If you wanted to lift millions out of poverty you would advocate sending the millions of illegal immigrants who are working stolen American jobs. That would put millions of poverty stricken Americans back among the ranks of the unemployed.
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07:13 PM on 02/23/2013
i'm assuming that last word should be ''employed''. otherwise it makes no sense.
Black social/sexual progressive/Leftist
07:35 PM on 02/23/2013, let's just eliminate the minimum wage altogether and simply take all those jobs that the "illegal immigrants" are working and give them to "poverty stricken" Americans. More $3.50/hr jobs...THAT'S the ticket.

No, it's not.

Businesses are already cutting hours and laying off workers even though they are killing it with profits, even with low wages.

What about the point that people with more money in their pockets will tend to spend that money more, thus creating more jobs and more wealth?

I suppose that the idea of the Right is to keep people so poor and debt ridden that they have no choice but bottom-of-the-barrel employment that will never lift them out, except for those few who suck up to right-wing ideology.

Raising the minimum wage in and of itself won't end poverty and exploitation...but it would be a hell of a start to putting a dent in them.