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10:10 AM on 02/27/2013
Obama is not and never will be a LEADER. Seems America has forgotten that's what the president should be. Get out of your cocoon. The country needs a president who leads and won't have one until 2016 whichever party wins.
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
10:07 AM on 02/27/2013
Dear Howie.

Its about time he was tested, its been almost 5 LONG LONG years since we had to put up with a man more concerned with being a celeb than RUNNING THIS COUNTRY!!! Wake up Howard.

We don't need a celeb , we need someone who cares, like a RONALD REAGAN...

Obama is a total failure.

09:53 AM on 02/27/2013
Where will this Moms Mabley look-a-like show up next????
09:37 AM on 02/27/2013
Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey,........I think the list pretty much says it all.
09:26 AM on 02/27/2013
And they say the media isn't biassed. I for one elect republicans to fight the President on these issues. I think it was originnaly called checks and balances...
08:55 AM on 02/27/2013
I never liked Kerry.
Don't much like the fact that he is now Secretary of State..
but, yesterday in Europe he said "America have a right to be stupid"

No kidding!

I freaking hate when he's right!!!

It's Wednesday...

Where's KRUGMAN?????

08:37 AM on 02/27/2013
"The Celebrity President"

That pretty much covers it.

The American people are going to pay a steep price for their collective stupidity in returning this unqualified poseur to office when we could have instead elected a man of real achievement who's proven that he actually knows how to balance a budget.
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
10:09 AM on 02/27/2013
Totally covers it.

Whats wrong with leading? Why do we need an aging rock star in the WH?
12:10 PM on 02/27/2013
Its already been over for like twenty five years, you are just now noticing it? Kim Kardashian for president in 2014! (At least she knows more about business than Obama does).
07:57 AM on 02/27/2013
You got part of this article right. He is a celebrity President more interested in hanging out with Tiger and socializing with Beyoncé and Jayzee then doing the ugly, arduous task of actually running the country. This President has no leadership skills, no ability to see the big picture and no ability to compromise to get a job done. If we were in England he would be the perfect King - popular, charismatic, poised but a total figurehead while the real business of running the country and making the hard day to day decisions would be left to real leaders. However we are in America where our leader has to be a real leader and manager and this President is not capable of this type of leadership, This is why we are in the boat we are in.
07:38 AM on 02/27/2013
Let's face it. The only budget the Senate and Administration can make is one with no monetary value fixed to it. Wait that isnt a budget which is what the democrats have avoided for 5 years now. Remember government budgets dont start at 1600 or in the House, they start in the Senate. Ried has blocked one for 5 years now.
12:11 PM on 02/27/2013
Reid reminds me of gollum
goosh how gullible some folks are
07:31 AM on 02/27/2013
Obama has no interest in doing what is best for the country. He is all about crushing the GOP and if citizens have to suffer so be it. Do you lib/progressives really believe that Obama cares about you ? Just look at his past it has and always will be about him.
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I was born by the river in a little tent...
08:54 AM on 02/27/2013
The Republicans are not victims here. They dug their heals in long ago.
12:37 PM on 02/27/2013
I agree but when O runs as a uniter and is CLEARLY just a divider, it's dissapointing. This is our leader and his examples are atrocious.
07:07 AM on 02/27/2013
Obama led millions of supporters to a massive election victory. But no one like him can lead republicans. Even when he proposes Republican plans, such as Obamacare, they freak out. If he goes along with their ideas, they are leading. If he opposes them, they react like throwing gasoline on a fire and obstruct to the death. The Hagel spectacle is so shameful - we are now in a new McCarthy era. But this is just an extension of the Bush presidency, with gems like lying us into invading the wrong country, and deregulating into crashing the world economy. The only solution will be down the road when they are all elected out of office.
goosh how gullible some folks are
07:34 AM on 02/27/2013
51 % of the vote is not massive and if the midwest Evangelaicals would have gone to the polls instead of staying home because they would not vote for a Mormon it would be President Romney today and the business of governing the country would be underway instaed of the political circus that Obama has given us.
09:23 AM on 02/27/2013
You guys always miss that Obamacare is modeled after a state program. There is a hug difference between state and federal. How you dont understand how significant this is is beyond me
06:58 AM on 02/27/2013
A reporter on the chris matthews show last Sundaynstated that she talked to insider Republicans, who still believe Obamas policies are doomed to fail, but just have not yet, and the public is too stupid to see that, so if the republicans keep obstructing, the public will wake up and elect them in 2014. That explains their current behavior.
12:57 PM on 02/27/2013
The fact that you listen to, and actually believe, the nonsense you hear on a chris matthews show simply demonstrates that you have the intellectual curiosity and capacity of a sean hannity listener. It's time for us to stop looking at our country from only one point of view. Look at the facts as straight as you can, then draw your own conclusions. Not those of the wing nuts on the left and right.
12:58 PM on 02/27/2013
The policies ARE doomed to failure. Obamacare is going to be a bust that will bust the economy and will not bring better care nor will it cover anywhere close to the amount of people he said it would. This hasn't even been fully implemented and the costs are moving higher and people realize they will be losing the insurance they want to keep. The Arab Spring was a failure and the mideast is falling apart. Russia made him look like an amateur and our economy is really flailing. What policy has actually worked?
06:47 AM on 02/27/2013
The tea party camp out to be opposites of Obama Like the bizarro world, where the bizarro superman does everything exactly the opposite of Superman, the tea party is bizarro Obama. Obama likes to compromise, the bizarro Obamas like to obstruct; Obama likes to use facts, the bizarro Obamas like to make stuff up. Obama likes science, the bizarro Obamas hate science. Obama is polite and considerate so the Bizarro Obamas are crude and rude (i mean you mcCain and Cruz) Perhaps Obama should propose that we give all the money to the rich people and throw all the old and poor people to the wolves, the Republicans will immediately pass a bill stating the opposite, which Obama can then sign.
05:12 AM on 02/27/2013
"Culturally isolated, politically cornered, lacking direction and confidence as they struggle to assemble a new vision, Republican conservatives (a redundancy these days) are ready to fight back the only way they think they can: by shutting down government."

How ridiculous would it be for Obama if these guys prove to be tougher to handle than al-Qaeda.
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03:23 AM on 02/27/2013
It is appreciated by so many that understand the verbiage, and the "sclerotic" schism of what is actually being said. The objective, can be to have posts that are more reader friendly. People do want to connect with great writing and those that can and will state the truth in layman terms. The intellect should be temperate, and the message interpretive.