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06:15 PM on 02/27/2013
horrendous ..... This is 2013 ... it must be a publicity stunt
Brevity is the soul of wit - Shakespeare
05:41 PM on 02/27/2013
I would imagine it would have been easier just to call a black model then to paint a white woman brown.

Maybe it is just me.
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05:18 PM on 02/27/2013
It's sad that I'm getting less and less surprised at blackface articles which in turn makes me more and more annoyed with people.
04:46 PM on 02/27/2013
04:44 PM on 02/27/2013
Why did they have to make her darker??? Is is because African Queens are usually black??? This whole thing makes no sense... This model is not even African!!!!! I mean you want to use a white woman, cool.. Why not just leave her skin white?? or just a bit tan.. Why did this have to be a modern version of "blackface"???? This photographer should be ashamed of himself, so should this magazine...
04:38 PM on 02/27/2013
it makes no sense.. This chick is not even African, she is American. If it were a white woman who was African and did the shoot without making her skin darker, no problem....... The problem is making her skin darker then using a non-africa.. Why not just use a black model?? What were none available??????????
03:37 PM on 02/27/2013
STUPID. Charlie Theron is from Africa (South) and went to an award show a while back looking 'very tan' with no eyebrows- no one accused her of trying to be Whoopi.
04:47 PM on 02/27/2013
Great so use Charlize Theron, just as herself, maybe a little tan..... or another white african model.. but using a modern day "blackface" to make this photo spread is terrible. Why not just keep her white and be an africa queen.. you know why.. because ppl wouldnt get it if she was not darker because ppl associate African Queen with black ppl, not white tanned ppl.. come on...
03:35 PM on 02/27/2013
02:48 PM on 02/27/2013
Are White people allowed to breathe anymore without being accused of racism?
Micah Floe
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03:52 PM on 02/27/2013
I didn't here any accusations of racism. Prejudice? A stretch but maybe. This article points out a reality. The modeling industry is dominated by white people. Indigenous African people are black. Nothing unreasonable considering reality here. Maybe YOU have a guilty conscience.
Time will tell
11:04 PM on 02/27/2013
Maybe if it stops being done, you can breath all you want.
02:01 PM on 02/27/2013
........Waiting for someone to say "HP is using the race card".
01:58 PM on 02/27/2013
I almost didn't believe that they actually put a model in black face given the title. This has to be one of the most rediculous moves I've ever seen a magazine pull. Were there no black models available? Just simply from a logistical perspective, if you were paying a model by the hour, would it not take longer to get her prepped for a photo shoot by putting her in black face...rather than simply hiring a black model who obviously wouldn't require that rediculous (read insulting) face paint?

The message is implicit: Black models aren't good enough EVEN for an article titled "African Queen".

12:50 PM on 02/27/2013
I can't believe the hipocrisy! How many times do we have caucasian models portraing geishas in fashion editorials? How many times do we see Beyonce flauting her blonde flowy hair and her pale skin on the cover of fashion magazines? Do we see this kind of criticism? No, we don't. This was merely an artistic choice. Move on! Why people in America have to politicize everything? Why is it always about race and certain groups are so oversensitive and defensive about it? They didn't have to apologize. Art is freedom.
01:06 PM on 02/27/2013
Yes art is freedom but this was not art this is the white washed world of fashion saying I'm not beautiful enough to belong. How can you say its "oversensitivity", outrage is the natural response to seeing something unfair or wrong. We "people" stand up to the wrong in the world, not ignore it like a child. Oh btw dressing as a cultural icon (geisha) for purely vain reasoning is disrespectful and shallow as well.
03:19 PM on 02/27/2013
Ok so when you see Beyonce as the feature of a European Queen photo shoot with some chalky white skin coloring, THEN you can bring up this argument!!
05:33 PM on 02/27/2013
I suppose you haven't seen the poster of Beyoncé's upcoming tour in Europe.. Clearly. I guess for you, that's a very "African Non European Queen."
It's called sarcasm, Genius.
12:27 PM on 02/27/2013
While I think this is completely unfair, I must confess that I never would have known she was white if it hadn't been pointed out. Her hair texture is no different from Beyonce's, and her skin is darker than Beyonce's and Tyra Banks'. Thumbs down to the magazine, but thumbs up to the make up artist.
11:28 AM on 02/27/2013
Of course the people who think this is blown out of proportion also think tacos are ethnic food or that looking at that watching anime makes them cultured. There are plenty of black models who look exactly like that girl without black face. Ebony should hire a black model to pose in white face for a European Queen cover.
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11:47 AM on 02/27/2013
Perfect idea! I, as a white woman totally agree & think this magazine is on a cliff, hope it goes over. How can this happen when there are 1,000s of gorgeous black models who would've been so much better on this page? I'm disgusted after reading & seeing it. SHAME ON NUMERO! Next thing you know it'll be another white model with make-up on depicting an Asian woman. I'd love to know who the editors are & why they did this
09:54 PM on 02/27/2013
Yes there are, so why weren't they used?
11:19 AM on 02/27/2013
Shame and double shame on this magazine. Did they think this wouldn't be noticed?...and criticized?
11:36 AM on 02/27/2013
There's nothing new here. It's more of the in-your-face racism that has come to surface since President Obama was first elected. There's the act, then the fake apology with a wink to the original target audience.