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Likes common sense and being a silly goose
08:25 PM on 03/02/2013
Well at least they're not out running with a gang.
07:12 PM on 03/02/2013
Maybe I'll ask that they make everyone leave during rush hours because I have wait so long for my food.

Just require people to schedule these events in advance - it's not rocket science.
05:15 PM on 03/02/2013
What the kids should do next time is call the restaurant ahead, you know give them a heads up so they can prep for it and such.
04:36 PM on 03/02/2013
At least they eat them all!! Here in America if kids ever did that i'm sure they'd eat a few, but it would mostly be about the photo op.....
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
12:16 AM on 03/03/2013
Eat till you are sick is never good policy.
01:28 AM on 03/03/2013
HaHa, so true!! Then again, it IS McDonalds we're talking about......
04:08 PM on 03/02/2013
This is the only way to relief the stress of poor daily life for South Korean kids.
08:39 PM on 03/02/2013
I think you may be thinking of North Korea; they are very different places.
Planning a Bovine Uprising. Fear the Cows!
03:54 PM on 03/02/2013
Get the kids who bought Welches Soda inside the McDonalds!

Broke the rules.
03:29 PM on 03/02/2013
funny how they took the order and the money, what did they think was going to happen?
Refuse to Comply - Withdraw Consent
03:11 PM on 03/02/2013
Cold fries are disgusting. I always eat my fries first. They're cold after 10 minutes and just no good but I can tolerate if they're extra crispy.
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03:01 PM on 03/02/2013
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01:57 PM on 03/02/2013
Why throw them out? Kids are loud when in packs and they are paying customers. Dang, it's just Mcdonalds. I'd much rather pick up a few french fries over all the nastiness a few toddlers (and parents) leave behind.
Clear thinking is best served non-partisan
01:04 PM on 03/02/2013
Mmmmmmm...French fries...
12:35 PM on 03/02/2013
09:42 PM on 03/02/2013
in the bucket being passed around
kevin foley
12:05 PM on 03/02/2013
That is Awesome, and now I want some fries
11:54 AM on 03/02/2013
Those kids really know how to get down & PARTY!
10:55 AM on 03/02/2013
Let's discuss the "10 things fast food restaurants don't want you to know" slide show. I've been a nurse for 7 years and before that had a few good jobs in sales and marketing. I have only ever worked one place that offered paid sick days. I have worked in several positions that didn't off health care benefits AND I'M IN THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY. Of course fast food workers are part of the lowest paid group in NYC. You can't get much lower than minimum wage. I think this is appropriate considering they probably don't have $80,000 in student loans to pay off like those of us who attended college. And finally, the median age is not 28 because Mcdonald's is full of 30 year old employees. It's 28 because that's what you get when you average all the 16 year old employees with the retirees who simply wanted a part time job because they were bored. I do have empathy for the unemployed/ under-employed, but I'm sick of hearing the sob stories about how nobody in America can just walk into a plant like GM out of high school and make $25 an hour anymore. People that dropped out of high school act like they're too good to work for less than $20 an hour. LACK OF WORK ETHIC is the problem, not the fact that minimum wage jobs are still paying minimum wage.
02:49 PM on 03/02/2013
I don't know where you get the impression of these people who think they are too good to work for under $20/hour, or think they should just walk into a job at $25/hour. There are a lot of people who deserve more than just minimum wage, considering what the cost of living is, and what you should realize is that you too in fact should be getting paid more. It's not just the minimum wage workers, it's everybody, especially when you consider what benefits most people don't get. You sound a little bitter, so maybe you need to reevaluate your own situation, but HARDWORKING people are getting the shaft everyday. You are not the only person with work ethic lady.
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04:05 PM on 03/02/2013
Wow, you have clearly never tried to raise a family on a $12.00 and hour job or less. Sounds like you have too much time on your hands and instead of getting out into society and offering people a helping hand you've decided to divert your energy into uninformed ranting. That's sad. I think you could us a little humility and a little more empathy. I hope for your sake that you never have the misfortune to find yourself in that kind of situation. Cold crow is tough to eat.
05:45 PM on 03/02/2013
YOU can see my comment below, because you clearly don't know anything about me now do you?