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Pass the JOBS Act RIGHT NOW!!
02:11 PM on 03/03/2013
Who was the lameazz company that came out to the Bush residence to check for sinkholes? Clearly, they had ZERO idea about what they were doing. Pathetic.
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01:57 PM on 03/03/2013
1. Why no good aerial photos of this sinkhole?
2. Why destroy the house?
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Fascinated by red polish on women
07:45 PM on 03/03/2013
1. Goodyear blimp is only used for Monday and Thursday night Football
2. Too dangerous to inhabit, fall right to China.
01:35 PM on 03/03/2013
I was wondering two things in rhetoric to this question regarding the situation here. First, concerning the quality of the design of the residence. Was it once a pre-fab home (trailer or module) and placed in a lot or relocated? And, possibly later a stabilized building placed around it? And, second isn't florida famous for alligators? Don't they live in water-holes or styles type environments, similar to a pig? Are these underlying factors to these tragic circumstances? One of my brothers was in an accredited architecture school and I was ingratiated with details I could have cared less about at the time. However, I have been a student of his teachings, since then, and when I travelled abroad, i found myself recognizing his points of fact, on numerous occasions and sightings. I thought this might be food for thought in these circumstances.
05:49 PM on 03/03/2013
I only live a few miles from this home. The home is an older construction ranch -- it is not a prefab or mobile home. The walls were cinder block. There is no way to stabilize the house, or the houses around it. Sinkholes happen a lot around here. Usually, it is a parking lot, and usually they are only a few feet in diameter. This one is unusually large.

Alligators have nothing to do with this -- although we do have alligators all over the place. For the most part, alligators live in swamps. The sinkholes around here come from dissolution of the limestone.

Normally, the dissolution happens during a cold snap. The strawberry farms & citrus groves pump millions of gallons of water out of the ground prior to the freeze to protect the crops (the Strawberry Festival is in progress right now.) This leaves empty aquifers. As they refill, the limestone is carried away. A few years ago, there was a number of major freezes. Interstate 4 collapsed from such a sinkhole, and it was closed for months. They had to fill the aquifer with concrete before they could rebuild the highway.
I pick my battles and walk from the rest.
06:03 PM on 03/03/2013
I enjoyed your explanation, Sebastian. Thank you for taking the time. Fanned.
stuck in the wrong demographic
08:13 PM on 03/03/2013
Thank you, Sebastian. When I was finally able to sell my 'fixer-upper' in Port Richey in 2006, It was the last house on the street that had not been grouted. Had a couple of unique problems, but was denied help from Citizens Insurance. There's been an awful lot of ignorance on this thread, which truly belongs on the 'Green' section.
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01:48 AM on 03/04/2013
So, you think the alligators ate the limestone? Back away from the keyboard, slowly.
12:29 PM on 03/03/2013
Interesting that inspectors came to the house shortly before this happened to look for sinkholes and found nothing wrong.. possible lawsuit?
02:50 PM on 03/04/2013
good luck on that one. most inspectors are from the gov and it is very tought to sue the gov
11:37 AM on 03/03/2013
Another hoax "news" story. There is no evidence of a sinkhole. The story makes no sense. These houses are built on concrete slabs. Did something punch a hole through the slab and grab Jeff Bush down into the ground? Ridiculous.

Look around the outside of the house. Nothing! And Jeremy, his brother, said he walked into Jeff's room and saw the "sinkhole," which was 50-, no, 100-, no, 20 feet wide. There's is not a bedroom in that tiny little house that's 20 feet wide. The house itself is probably around 40 feet across the front, including the one-car garage (which looks converted).

What is the world coming to that trash like this gets reported as fact?
11:52 AM on 03/03/2013
I gave the media the benifit of the doubt that it actually happened, but your statement is exactly what I thought. This house is in no way as large as the hole was stated. wen the pictures were shown of the demolition of the house I didnt see a huge hole. This could very well be a hoax. I didnt read your comments before I posted my comment. I tried to find out what happens when a natural sink hole occurs in a city? is it filled and paved over or a fence built around it? I know I would want a solid slab under my house there in florida.
03:48 PM on 03/03/2013
Faith and Cruzbye you are both so right!
I'm sure all the First Responders and Jeff's family are in on this "hoax".
I sure hope you two work for our government in some way! I'll sleep better that way.
06:50 PM on 03/03/2013
cruzby, you and faith don't seem to realize that a sinkhole can often have a "bottle" shape. The width of the thing just below the surface can be much wider than the first hole that opens on the top, thus all the edges of the visible hole are undercut, therefore very unstable. That's one of the principle reasons that houses are immediately evacuated, and that rescue attempts can be extremely dangerous. That edge sits over empty space and is liable to collapse at any moment.
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The Voynich Manuscripts.
01:21 PM on 03/03/2013
What do you think happened poor Jeff then, if it was not a sinkhole?, do you suspect foul play?....
06:08 PM on 03/03/2013
He's fine, hiding in the bahama's, waiting to collect on his life insurance policy, pays double in the event of sink holes.
Sjoerd W
Always look for common ground.
08:00 AM on 03/03/2013
Poor guy, depending on what actually kills you when that happens, this can be a horrible way to go. It seems to me there's not much you can do about these things, aside from building your entire city on slabs of granite. Does anyone know of more practical solutions or if it has been looked into?
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01:53 AM on 03/04/2013
I'm thinking build your house on huge airbags.
04:01 AM on 03/03/2013
My friends and I spent many a skippin' day in high school at sink hole's and springs surrounding Tallahassee. Wakulla County in particular has some beauties, Wakulla Springs is one of the largest springs in the world. One of my favorites was called River Sink, a small spring came up and travels about 50 yds. and goes back down in to the ground! The water flows constantly, clear and cold. It was pristine in the early 70's, not so much now.
Lover of Life, Radical Centrist
03:46 AM on 03/03/2013
What a horrible way to die. May his family find peace in their grief.
02:33 AM on 03/03/2013
I figured liberals would blame it on big corporations or evangelicals.
05:26 AM on 03/03/2013

I don't think anyone is to blame here, just extreme randomness.
Sjoerd W
Always look for common ground.
07:55 AM on 03/03/2013
Would you and Fitley please get your political trolling out of here. Conservative, liberal, I don't care. Why don't you wait with comments like that until someone *actually* does in seriousness blame big corporations or evangelicals, instead of making your ridiculous accusations?
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I pity the same ones as Laurence Tureaud
01:41 AM on 03/03/2013
The Supreme Court elected Bush. You can say that here because Republicans don't read about science.
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Sjoerd W
Always look for common ground.
07:52 AM on 03/03/2013
It's not appreciated by anybody here though, because your comment has nothing to do with science and is mere political trolling.