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08:41 AM on 03/06/2013
Good grief. Sandy didn't hit poor people hardest. FEMA is a nightmare to deal with. People making over 30k a year don't bother with it - and get reimbursed through their insurance company or pay out of pocket. That out of pocket cost is stilll not affordable by most here in NJ that were affected - but it's better than FEMA.
For example, I lost "some" stuff and also was displaced for 2 weeks. I ate the loss. I am not rich but was just as affected by a "poor" person. I just never thought to call FEMA to pay for my losses.

So a "poor" renter lost a place to live and not much else. A person who owned a home lost the place to live, their equity, and most likely more "stuff". So, technically, those with more lost more. Nobody seems to care about those who are neither poor nor rich - but in the middle who lost everything.
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09:15 AM on 03/06/2013
A bit of a selfish whiner, aren't we?
09:58 AM on 03/06/2013
oh that'sssssssss right. The poor are all so noble. NOBODY but the poor deserve empathy for what they lost (which isn't much and most often paid by a real taxpayer anyway)....That'sssssss right - we are selfish if we take care of ourselves and DON'T call FEMA asking YOU to pay for our losses.
02:18 PM on 03/06/2013
Good post MSJERSEY.
08:16 AM on 03/06/2013
Correction it was Governor Krispy Kreme, Democrats will never embrace him and he has a beeter chance of seeing God than getting further support from Republicans
02:06 PM on 03/06/2013
Regardless, name calling makes you sound like a child.
02:52 PM on 03/06/2013
and if you ever think i give a hoot what a lib says you are wrong.  I see BTW he just got on your Messiah today about his failed leadership on the sequester, where is the love now?
05:02 PM on 03/06/2013
Of course he will never get further support from Republicans. He committed the capital offense of putting the need of the people who elected him above party politics.