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12:32 AM on 03/10/2013
This just shows the weakening of the Obama Foreign Affairs Policies as they continue to deteriorate. Make no mistake that the Muslim Extremist mind is to kill any and everybody regardless of the cost. They don't care who they kill even if it's innocent women and children. Anybody who thinks otherwise is Naive. The more we pull out of the Middle East the more killings you will see by the Taliban or other Muslim Extremist Groups. By pulling out we're opening up the United States for total disaster. This is the ignorance of the American People.
11:56 PM on 03/09/2013
The Taliban spokesman states they were sending a message.

That included the intentional murder of eight Afghan children. It would be good of him to explain the message...
11:21 PM on 03/09/2013
They have been animals for the last 5000 years and they will be animals for the next 5000 years.
Pull out and let them do each other in.

Or we could ban the bombings, that would stop'em!
12:33 AM on 03/10/2013
What people fail to see which is what brought us 9/11 to begin with is that when you leave them unchecked they'll eventually strike here.
09:56 AM on 03/10/2013
It wasn't that they were unchecked - they were ignored - 9-11 could have been prevented. We don't have to have our people over there to keep a check on them. It's time the Afghan people themselves stand up and take hold of their own affairs. If they choose to be dominated by the Taliban, that's their choice. If the women of that country want to be recognized - then they should get out now.
12:40 AM on 03/11/2013
It takes one to know one.
All homo sapiens on this planet are human.
Only the dummies claim otherwise.

The bad guys are those who invade and kill with impunity.
10:39 PM on 03/09/2013
These psychotic animals could care less about civilian casualties..lets send them more of OUR money. shall we?
NRA Good for Freedom
08:37 AM on 03/10/2013
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10:21 PM on 03/09/2013
10:19 PM on 03/09/2013
What sort of people do things like this? I'll never understand why they think this makes any point at all, other than that they hold life cheap!!
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09:58 PM on 03/09/2013
How often if any, do the Tailiban spokesmen, volunteer to become the bomber???

Does reaching the Spokesman Rank let one hand pick what person will get to become the designated "BOMBER OF THE DAY"??

Maybe some day, some of the chosen bombers will tell the Spokesman to be the "BOMBER OF THE DAY"

The Spokesmen seem to get to live until a drone with their name on it shows up.

Any untrained terrorist could be a spokesman.
old but still workin
09:47 PM on 03/09/2013
Those people do not give a s--it. Get out now and let them stew in their own juices
09:46 PM on 03/09/2013
"We're in a war zone, I've been in war. You know, so – you shouldn't be surprised when a bomb goes off or there's an explosion," said Hagel....Genius, pure genius.
12:44 AM on 03/11/2013
Secretary Hagel is not a genus he is just a decent honorable American.
Why are you bashing him?
Sue Stricker
This administration has gone to pot...
09:03 PM on 03/09/2013
Killing innocent women and children in the name of Allah isn't going to make people like them...
NRA Good for Freedom
08:39 AM on 03/10/2013
It wouldn't seem. F&F
08:32 PM on 03/09/2013
Hagel Afghan welcoming committee rolls out the RED carpet for the new chief.
A plague o' both your houses
09:21 PM on 03/09/2013
Oh, that was good.
I vote democrat, but I'm no liberal!
08:20 PM on 03/09/2013
Afghans have no problem when it's the Taliban killing civilians and children. They only hate drones....
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08:10 PM on 03/09/2013
Why have we not heard Korzii demand that the Taliban leave?
Why do I bother with low information people?
09:16 PM on 03/09/2013
He needs them to stay in power.

He's probably giving tham a cut of obama's bribe money.
09:43 PM on 03/09/2013
Makes it rather obvious who Karzai really fears........
07:42 PM on 03/09/2013