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question whatever the state says
10:06 AM on 03/12/2013
Time to let them fight it out and may the best one win. First bring our troops home and out of the way. Vietnam is a peaceful country now that is it united. Lets hope Korea can do the same.
Eric Nepgen
Restiamo Umani
10:10 AM on 03/12/2013
Well, it's really dumb that the US promised all these Countries (South Korea, Taiwan, etc.) to protect them in case of a war. They can't withdraw even if they wanted.
question whatever the state says
10:51 AM on 03/12/2013
It is beyond dumb. It is the military that wants these promises so they can keep the funding it gets.
10:23 AM on 03/12/2013
Add one more "Germany" The United States keeps a state of war when those countries were seperate.
Yochanan Ben-Yehudah
The US Constitution stands against tyranny
11:30 AM on 03/12/2013
would you rather fight them on US soil?
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10:06 AM on 03/12/2013
NK, the Ultimate Police State, is such a happy place.
Dear Pudgy Leader looks like a man among men, doesn't he?
09:58 AM on 03/12/2013
They want money. It's like your kids, they act up and become a nuisance when they want something. It's invariably cash.
09:49 AM on 03/12/2013
Thsse threats and counter threats must be treated seriously. A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION which threatens large scale destruction.
John Stout
09:43 AM on 03/12/2013
This Little Kim will go a long way to impress his daddy's hard line generals he is up to the task.That's what makes him so dangerous.
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10:18 AM on 03/12/2013
You're implying Un has anything to do with this and it's not the hard-line generals behind all of this.
John Stout
12:49 PM on 03/12/2013
I'm saying that as the new head of state,Kim must show the generals who are in charge he is up to the task.Kim is just a puppet to the monster his father created.
Without followers there are no leaders.
09:42 AM on 03/12/2013
North Korea must be a strange place to live, 50 years in the past.
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09:52 AM on 03/12/2013
a bit like Arkansas really...
12:16 PM on 03/12/2013
I will assume you've been to Arkansas regardless of your screen name.
09:41 AM on 03/12/2013
So 60 years later here they go again for no good reason. Get our troops out of there and let them have at each other.
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10:19 AM on 03/12/2013
You mean abandon one of the US's closest allies and break every promise made to them?
HK Jones
Not willing to trade my rights for "security".
09:38 AM on 03/12/2013
If NK starts a war. Wait for the next mass parade, when the "dear leader" is watching his toy army march around... then carpet bomb the area.
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do the right thing for country
09:30 AM on 03/12/2013
Liberal governments exist due to handouts from other countries.
Same as liberals everywhere.
10:15 AM on 03/12/2013
N. K. existes by handout from China. We should put pressure on China, to crush N.K.
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10:20 AM on 03/12/2013
I'm not sure you know what "liberal" means. Finland, Sweden, and Denmark are all pretty "liberal" and also incredibly self-sufficient, after all.
Yeah, I know I can't spell! Get over it!
12:34 PM on 03/12/2013
Maybe he should have said "socialist" or "communist"?
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03:02 PM on 03/12/2013
They are Goobers....................Just humor them they know very little about anything...............
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The left is right and the right is wrong!
09:28 AM on 03/12/2013
I wonder if Kim Jong Un can do it Gangnam Style?
It's easy when you know how.
09:17 AM on 03/12/2013
North Korea is a military dictatorship. They have been building and training their troops for war for 60 years. When the only tool you have is a hammer...everything looks like a nail. They will strike and they will pay.
09:11 AM on 03/12/2013
It must be those funny looking hats; the hats have gone to their brains and now they can't think like normal folks.
09:02 AM on 03/12/2013
Nice picture on the boat. Maybe Dennis Rodman can invite him to go fishing or on a cruise to Alaska.
08:47 AM on 03/12/2013
I love the little Wee Wee pad Kim is sitting on...
Frustrate a thinker not a follower
08:45 AM on 03/12/2013
The world is the dog...N.K. the hydrant