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02:08 AM on 03/15/2013
Dumb move. Show the women denying sex unless the men will wear a condom. Show the men volunteering first to wear a rubber.

This Is why I continually wonder about the incessant buzz about Lena Dunham and "Girls." Here's some info for the "Girls"-obsessed. Chunky girls, even fat girls have sex. They have it in the day time or with the lights on. Dunham did not invent it and she did not invent irresponsible sex. If she's going to have women have sex with whomever, whenever, the least she could do is talk about good birth control like IUD's and condoms because Herpes is forever.
12:00 PM on 03/15/2013
Except that it's just a television show for purposes of entertainment. It is not meant to be a guide to life.
04:41 PM on 03/15/2013
I was a young girl once. There's a reason why my friends and I consumed particular magazines, tv shows and movies and books. It was to learn how to act cool. Lena Dunham is very cool right now.
Andygirl A
angering at least one person a day since 1996
07:48 PM on 03/14/2013
I think that's probably very reflective of that age group. I was a teen during AIDS Scare of the century and we were all terrified.

but I've meet 20 somethings that don't use condoms, don't use sunscreen, don't do anything to protect themselves really. they think they're invincible or, as one girl I work with put it, "Jesus loves me." um, Jesus doesn't protect from AIDS or cancer.
07:32 PM on 03/14/2013
We've been educated endless on the dangers of sex without a condom. If you're influenced by condomless sex scenes on television to repeat it in your own sex life, there's no hope with you to begin with.
03:50 PM on 03/14/2013
Oh no. Sex without a condom. Alert the police, a crime has been committed. Or is it a crime?
01:15 PM on 03/16/2013
What would you counsel your daughter?
04:47 PM on 03/16/2013
Keep your panties up.