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04:29 PM on 03/13/2013
"every matter particle has an antimatter partner particle that has an opposite charge, and when the two meet they annihilate each other"

and whatever is left from that annihilation made the stuff we are and we see in the universe. is that true?
04:49 PM on 03/13/2013
What is left is light(photons).

For some reason, there is far more matter than anti-matter in our universe otherwise we won't exist at all.
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11:30 PM on 03/13/2013
Could dark mater come into play with this equation?
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09:20 PM on 03/17/2013
I have always heard that and wonder how we know s here is my lay question. Can we tell what is matter or anti-matter just by the photons it emits (e.g. distant galaxies)?
Seriously, it's time.
05:56 PM on 03/13/2013
There was an asymmetry at the ~1:1,000,000,000 level. The remaining 1 baryon for every ~billion photons is what we are and see.
Subvert the dominant paradigm
04:08 PM on 03/13/2013
Don't get me wrong, anti-matter would be a nice find.
But the unparticle... a new 5th force bearing particle predicted by yet BEYOND THE STANDARD MODEL!!!!!

Now... that would be exciting. VERY VERY exciting.

Not that I'm down playing supersymmetry... That would be exciting too. ;-)
02:36 PM on 03/13/2013
How come god hid the antimatter where it's so hard to find?
07:26 PM on 03/13/2013
Is that your way of calling god antimatter? ha! :-D
07:43 PM on 03/13/2013
(S)he's pretty much anti-everything!
Taxes= civilization!
07:59 PM on 03/13/2013
Ask the new pope. He's gods rep on earth and has ALL the answers directly from the source.
08:14 PM on 03/13/2013
Yeah, all the answers except on how to make the world a better place.
Cody Seth Crawford
Freedom is a word
09:09 PM on 03/13/2013
I heard he is a mover!
Barely Left of Pobedonostsev
02:24 PM on 03/13/2013
As if the wacky name "geoneutrinos" wasn't bad enough, this article adds to the confusion by saying things like, " Every matter particle has an antimatter partner particle that has an opposite charge".

Really? "AN opposite charge"? What if the charge of the particle is zero? For that matter, which 'charge'? The electric charge of a neutrino IS zero, so it can't be electric charge we are talking about.

For that matter, what about particles that have themselves as anti-particles?

No, the right way to state this is not " Every matter particle has an antimatter partner particle that has an opposite charge", but ' Every matter particle has an antimatter partner particle that has every charge opposite to that of the original matter particle: electron charge, baryon charge and lepton charge.
05:04 PM on 03/13/2013
... except that 99.9 per cent of the public has no idea whatsoever what baryon and lepton number are.
Barely Left of Pobedonostsev
05:10 PM on 03/13/2013
True. But they do know how this writer contradicted herself by trying to define an anti-particle in terms of electric charge conjugation alone -- for an electrically neutral particle. You NEED the notion of some charge that is not electrical to describe anti-particles of neutral particles.
07:30 PM on 03/13/2013
But I think people who end up actually reading these articles have an idea, and certainly everyone who comments. For example, mordnilap seems to be a part of that 0.1% that both knows and is reading it.
Wall Str33t
Science is not a liberal conspiracy.
07:59 PM on 03/13/2013
Some good points in this discussion.

What about the other kind of charge, the gravitational charge, ie mass?

We cannot say that antimatter has a negative mass, that would imply gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter which, although possible and even consistent with the CPT theorem, is also decidedly not the orthodox theory and we have yet to do that experiment. (AEgIS, scheduled for 2015-2016, I think)

We can presently say at best guess that all forms of charge are exchanged under that matter for antimatter symmetry, excepting the gravitational charge.

palindrom makes the very fair point that greater precision in the language leads directly to the more technical language, so although it is more precise it is equally obscure to those who do not already know it as the present lack of precise language. Moreover the technical language is already well known to those who can actually read it, meaning it is superfluous.

In popular science outreach like this article I think it is definitely worth a short paragraph or two extra, designed to make such things clear, or hypertext the words so they link to other articles which do explain the ideas. Since antimatter is at the heart of this story, half discussing it and even then making some loose errors is not really popular science so much as popular myth creation about science and that does no good at all if the objective is to inform people.
09:56 PM on 03/13/2013
Thanks for the shout-out.

I believe that CERN is trying to manufacture a complete anti-hydrogen atom -- a positron in orbit around an antiproton -- and then see if it falls down or up.

If it falls up, everyone is going to be very, very surprised.
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12:46 PM on 03/13/2013
Matter **FROM** the Sun. I think not, matter that was in the dust cloud the Sun also formed from.
Blessed are the Cheese Makers
01:11 PM on 03/13/2013
Or at least, the star that preceded the sun.
Subvert the dominant paradigm
03:54 PM on 03/13/2013
He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!
04:23 PM on 03/13/2013
or the star the preceded the preceding sun.
shimmer me timbers
Whadda ya mean, I can't post that!?
01:46 PM on 03/13/2013
Perhaps what they're sayin' is that all the elements (minus Hydrogen and Helium) are created within the suns processes.
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02:11 PM on 03/13/2013
Then someone needs to learn how to construct a sentence.. BTW, not too certain about you..."suns"????? Other stars, or "sun's". If "sun's", then no. The all the elements heavier than H, He, and Li, created in the Sun are still in the Sun. Guess what? Those additional elements will be in the Sun forever. Takes a supernova explosion to release them into the universe. Our Sun is too small to explode.
And, as the Sun is a population II star, it was formed with elements heavier than Li. Those elements were created in the cores of population I stars that were large enough to go supernova.