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09:07 AM on 03/27/2013
The ship is a gutted hull. She bears no resemblance to her glory days as a luxury liner in the 50's. She's a rusting shell. Her fittings and furnishings were sold at auction in 1984. Her 4 propellers were all removed long ago. She has to be towed. Asbestos was removed from the ship in 1994 and what remained of her interior was stripped. Preserving her wouldn't be a restoration but a rebuilding of the vessel around a deteriorating hull. When the Queen Mary was retired, she immediately went to Long Beach as an intact ship which is why she's perserved. Of course, sentimentalists would like to see the ship restored to her former glory but realistically, they're actually wanting to see her rebuilt. The ship is nothing but an expensive ghost haunting the docks. It's time to scrap her or sink her to form a reef.
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10:41 AM on 03/27/2013
I didn't realize so much of it was "gone". In that case, then yes, restoring it would be too costly - and most likely not worth the effort. Excellent visualization & descriptive "nothing but an expensive ghost haunting the docks."
09:48 AM on 05/04/2013
Thanks for the information. I did not know anything about the ship. But I have noticed it for many years just sitting there On Delaware Ave (Columbus Blvd.) in Philadelphia. It is near our Walmart and Home Depot. From what I see, it is and was a grand ole ship. Wow, $80,000 is a bit much but I say save the ship.
08:35 AM on 03/27/2013
Scrap it. Lower the cost of razor blades...
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08:08 AM on 03/27/2013
Record Breaking Trans Atlantic Speeds? Am I the only person that thinks this would have been a good place to mention how fast the ship actually traveled? Another poorly written Huffy Poo article.
Al Schrader
Don't limit your potential
07:54 AM on 03/27/2013
The SS United States was built in 1951. Basically it's junk. It contains 8 million dollars worth of iron, and 4 million dollars worth of brass pipe, copper fixtures, and copperwiring. It's worth at least 12 million dollars salvage value.
04:58 PM on 03/27/2013
No Albert... YOU are junk... It has WORTH!
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07:48 AM on 03/27/2013
Stop aiding middle eastern countries and renovate it or shut up and turn i into a homeless shelter. I'm sick out people MOOCHING for their causes
06:53 AM on 03/27/2013
If some other country, other than the United States, money would be on the way for that. We are a stupid country --- we support every country in the world in one way are another - aid and/are military aid. We are letting our own people down, going hungry, homeless, while se send billions to other countries. This is wrong and a disgrace to the American people and to the country itself.
muscle guy
Vietnam Special Forces Veteran
06:35 AM on 03/27/2013
this truly is one ogf the greatest ships of all tim, it truly deserves to be saved, and restored to its former glory...........its to this day, the fastest ship in the world.......back in the 50"s
it went from its home port.. in NY to Southhampton, England in 3 days!!
05:43 AM on 03/27/2013
It sounds like something for a kickstarter project. Pretty sure they can raise the money easier that way.
05:15 AM on 03/27/2013
I sailed on this ship in 1953. I was 5 years old and spent the entire trip in our cabin- sea sick.
I still have a sailor doll and the ship's passenger list.
I didn't know this ship was still afloat. It's a shame she has been so gutted. Perhaps, as someone has suggested, she be sunk off Florida to make a new reef would be best.
muscle guy
Vietnam Special Forces Veteran
06:37 AM on 03/27/2013
I sailed on her as well, she truly deserves to be restored...she"s still the greatest ship in the world!!
08:01 AM on 03/27/2013
How can the United States allow one of the greatest ocean liners to deteriorate so badly? We spend billions of dollars every year, but this once great vessel may be headed for the wrecking ball because we don't want to help her! This ship carries our nation's name and served her country well! She still holds the Transatlantic crossing record! let us help save this great ship from the wrecking yard! Afterall the airliner is not everything!
Connected Fella
Retired Navy Photographer, Motorcyclist, Traveler
05:14 AM on 03/27/2013
The SS United States is an iconic treasure that needs to be "rescued" by a couple of billionaires and refitted as a museum. It still holds the trans Atlantic crossing record, and is the finest example of an ocean liner ever built. For those who say just throw it on the scrap heap, I say phooey on you - have you no sense of history or it's value?
it's only rock and roll but I like it
02:38 AM on 03/27/2013
all it is , is a 990ft eye sore,take pictures and scrap it
01:57 AM on 03/27/2013
Im really into keeping history around, i work on a lot of old cars, and i cant imagine the cost to repair this thing. Apparently its totally gutted and it seems to be mind blowingly expensive to just have sitting around. Id much rather see some government money put into restoring this ship to any kind of service as a way of creating lots of jobs than being spent on food drops to be stolen by dictators of countries that hate us. As it is it seems to be eating tons of money just sitting there and doesnt seem like anyones taking enough of an interest in her to do anything. kind of like the real united states
The Watcher2
01:32 AM on 03/27/2013
Nobody has said tax dollars are being spent on the ship.
The reason it was gutted was to remove all the toxic substances from her. Like all the asbestos.
I think it would be nice to restore and save the last U.S. Ocean liner afloat.
12:11 AM on 03/27/2013
It is time to scrap and recycle this hulk. I am sure either China or India would buy the scrap.
12:07 AM on 03/27/2013
Dont' scrap it make a reef down in Florida. Do you know how many fish this would breed and how many divers would pay to visit it ?? Sink the sucker right now fish are waiting for a place to live.
02:09 AM on 03/27/2013
That is a good idea to have divers pay to visit it that creates jobs and for fish breeding. That ship will make money without spending many millions to fix it.