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04:45 PM on 03/29/2013
The author clearly needs to do research beyond the literary and movie fields

Had she bothered to check, psychopathy has firm physical roots that are shown by fMRI scans, and is likely genetic. The Hare test is a valuable sreening tool, but the fMRI scans show tha psycho/socipaths share the same physical traits: smaller amygdalas, thinner corpus colloums, more robust hemispheric connections, and identical lack of response to images that horrify normals.

I suspect they are a genetic adaption to urban living. Psycho/sociopaths don't last long in small communities, they are id'd quickly and outcast. But in an urban envirnment they have sufficient cover to proliferate.

If you consider the behavior of ruling families, and their propensity to cast out the weaker, i.e, those who actually cared for the subjects and had a conscience, you can see how they selectively bred for the trait.

If you consider the response to overbreeding of psychopaths and the results of the response, the patterns become clearer. Usually the psychopathic rulers become so arrogant and depraved they are overthrown and their entire familes are killed, which leads to a peaceful and prosperous period until they manage to insert themselves as rulers again.

We are currently experiencing the overbred state: our highest positions are filled with psycho/sociopaths and it shows in the decline of our politics and nation.
Laura Cococcia
Editor, The Journal of Cultural Conversation
08:03 AM on 03/30/2013
Hi there - I genuinely appreciate the feedback and certainly did do quite a bit of research into the psychiatric and medical realities. However, this is just one perspective on the often revered pop culture figures that could/could not be deemed as emulating psychopathic qualities. I think there are many different perspectives on this topic and I think your position above is additive to the conversation. I also believe that a psychiatric point of view on the TED talk itself is something that would help this discussion. Again, thank you for your input.
03:33 PM on 03/30/2013
I am so glad you responded to tecumsehpt; his comments were very insightful about psychopathy.
07:03 AM on 03/31/2013
I mentioned to my mental health friend that pyschopath was not listed in the "DSM" and she said it was because the term changed to sociopath, and it is listed.
04:15 PM on 03/29/2013
I believe psychopathy is a mental disorder with a range of severity and much more common than most people think.
03:55 PM on 03/29/2013
Our government is a wartocracy.
03:18 PM on 03/29/2013
The psychopaths in government offices are often the most difficult to spot because they are quite sly and slick.
02:37 PM on 03/29/2013
If Americans were made to look into a collective mirror and face the truth of their lives and the institutions surrounding them, they'd shutter -- and most likely turn away... "Wonder what Kim & Chloe are up to".
02:32 PM on 03/29/2013
If Americans were made to look into a collective mirror and see the true facts of political and economic life in this country they would shutter and then most likely look away... "What are Kim & Chloe up to?"
01:57 PM on 03/29/2013
The more psychopaths, the more pressure to remove psychopathy from consideration as psychological pathology.
Frank J Savel III
10:12 AM on 03/29/2013
How would you describe a group of people who value a few $$ in their pocket to a kid eating every day under the SNAP program?
09:45 PM on 03/29/2013
Many on the Right would describe that group of people as "successful", as "makers-not-takers", as "America's job-creators", etc.

There was a study done not long ago that indicated that there was an actual difference in brain chemistry and physiology between Liberals and Conservatives.

Personally, I've always wondered how Ayn Rand would score on something like the Hare Psychopathy Checklist...
Frank J Savel III
09:02 AM on 03/30/2013
Ayn Rand would score an A+ on that test!