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Mr. President, We must not allow a mine shaft gap!
11:15 AM on 03/31/2013
8. Throw cell phones at random members of the wedding party
9. Take 2 phones. Call yourself. Announce loudly, "OH! I've got to excuse myself! I'll take this outside."
10. Take 2 phones. Call yourself. Announce loudly, "Sorry! I'll take care of this right now!" Stomp the phone into smithereens using your heavy jack boots.
11. Take 2 phones. Call yourself repeatedly. Announce loudly and more aggressively with each call, "SORRY! You have the wrong number!"
12. Take 100 cell phones. Plant them around the wedding location. Call them on a random basis. Be sure to slip one into the grooms pocket.
13. Start with #11. Stand up and ask loudly, "Is Amanda Hugginkiss here? I need Amanda Hugginkiss!" (apologies to "The Simpsons")
Saving lost boys and fighting pirates.
09:46 PM on 04/11/2013
For #8 -- Bonus points if you hit the flower girl or mother of the bride.
10:29 AM on 03/31/2013
Here's one I run into a lot as a wedding photographer: posting pictures online of the bride and/or groom before the ceremony, ESPECIALLY if they aren't seeing one another. Keep in mind that their significant other very well may be online and see that you tagged them - same as guests that are waiting for the ceremony to start.

PS: Please for the love of all photography STAY OUT OF THE AISLE DURING THE CEREMONY!
12:36 PM on 03/31/2013
I would hope the bride and groom don't spend the hours before the ceremony online...
10:03 AM on 03/31/2013
"7 Ways To Ruin A Wedding With Your Smartphone"

#1 Leaving your phone on, now what were the other 6?
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Oh my loving doG!
09:49 AM on 03/31/2013
Install airport style detectors and hire a couple of TSA agents on their day off for an additional pat down.
The remaining tea will be dumped in 2014
09:07 PM on 03/30/2013
Whatever happened to common sense and manners?
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thomasina 1
The Truth; and all that it en-Tails.
02:47 PM on 03/30/2013
Leave the darned cellphone at home ! If you are addicted to your phone, do not attend the Wedding.
10:46 AM on 03/31/2013
Let me guess... you're well over fifty years old, thomasina...
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thomasina 1
The Truth; and all that it en-Tails.
11:10 AM on 03/31/2013
True, but  my age  has nothing to do with  timeless good manners, at a wedding, of all places.  Learn to actually experience a momentous event, without constantly  having to document it, or  having the need to be mentally somewhere else.  Not being rude during a Wedding could be loads of fun. Now, I do realize that  a cell phone is a living entity (like a corporation), but  was it  invited, as per your invitation?
Wanting to spread evil across the world for,,one M
02:22 PM on 03/31/2013
Wow, over 50? Geez, how did he ever make it to a wedding, let along be able to use this computer thingy? Look, kid, some of us over 50 DO know how to use it, and can remember "back in the day" when we all didnt have instant access to the World Wide Web-you know, back when Dinah Shores (Dinosaurs) ruled the earth!
Conservative liberal, not a liberal conservative
11:21 AM on 03/31/2013
Or, bring your phone and just act like a normal human being as suggested in this article.
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thomasina 1
The Truth; and all that it en-Tails.
11:34 AM on 03/31/2013
The over use of cellphones is a bane on social interactions.  Many people are quite rude in their use.  At a important  ceremony like a wedding, they should be turned off, or be on vibrate. Even at the reception, How about   just  enjoying the event, without  constant  cellphone  interaction ?  A couple of photos, fine, but be a guest, not the photographer.  It is tiresome, at dinner, in mid bite, to have to swallow quickly, and "smile".  Or you are having a conversation, and it gets interrupted for a phone call. If you are a doctor  "on call", I understand, but most  calls are not important enough to cause a person to choose it, over an actual person in from of them.