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Gaylord P Farqua 04:38 PM on 03/29/2013
How do the "good guys with guns" know who the "bad guys with guns" are unless there is some way of checking up on them when they try to buy a gun. The NRA standard argument is that criminals do not do background checks. Of course not, it would stop them from easily buying a gun. Currently they buy in the gun show parking or, even on the gun show floor in some locations or, from their "brother in law" when  Read More...
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08:50 AM on 03/30/2013
Dear mr obama and citizens concerned about gun violence.

Earlier I posted a comment about gun violence and have heard from numerous 2nd amendment advocates who asked me to re think my position …and I have.

They point out that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and that the root problems of poverty, hunger, unemployment, mental illness drug addiction, education and video games need to be solved. I now think they are right

Since the federal government has NEVER addressed any of these problems, could you ask your friends in the legislature…especially the republicans--- to propose and pass some legislation that would fix these problems?
While you and congress are working on that, I suggest the following.

1. Immediately make illegal guns illegal
2. Re do background checks with special emphasis on mental stability of the licensee and their family members, to make sure that people like that ceo guy who wants to kill people and Mrs. lanza don’t have guns
3.make possession of an illegal gun a death penalty offense with immediate sentencing and execution, saving the taxpayers the expense incarceration and appeal

These 2nd amendment people, should agree. This proposal allows sane, responsible gun owners to own legal weapons, keeps illegal weapons out of the hands of criminals and address the problems they feel are the real cause of gun violence
Thanks for your consideration

08:41 AM on 03/30/2013
We already have criminal background checks. I have to agree that no way should the federal government have a right to make you register every firearm with some government agency.
Tom Iarossi
A proudly progressive veteran and educator
10:02 AM on 03/30/2013
There is a loophole int hat law big enough to drive a truck through. And knowing where a gun originated would likely help stem the tide of illegal purchases. But this is not about registration, it's about checking to ensure the buyer is allowed to own a weapon.
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08:18 AM on 03/30/2013
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Excuse me while I whip this out
08:10 AM on 03/30/2013
According to Bloomberg and Reuters polls, 90 percent of Americans favour background checks as do 74 percent of NRA members, how is this even an issue. The NRA, never have so few cared for so little for so much money.
"Facts are stubborn things." John Adams
07:56 AM on 03/30/2013
Universal background checks are a must. There should also be a national registry. For crying out loud, people, how many lists are our names already on? What's one more? And how is a registry going to be used to take your guns away? The second amendment guarantees your right to own firearms.
06:52 AM on 03/30/2013
Looking forward, let's say we impose these broad background checks. Now what will be the next "reasonable" intrusion on 100 million gun owners if 60 people are killed by another Wildman who hasn't had or has had his FDA approved psycho meds with a gun he shouldn't have had? We all know the Left wants all guns prohibited and they won't stop until they achieve this. We need to continue to fight any legislation, there are more than enough laws in place. We will never prevent all attacks and no one ever guaranteed we would. Liberty, not safety is the guarantee we hold as most important.
To form a more perfect union.
03:03 PM on 03/31/2013
"We all know the Left wants all guns prohibited"

I own more guns than you do, I am a much better shot than you and I am as far to the left as they come.

Try again.
04:16 AM on 03/30/2013
But don't worry folks. People can enact gun legislation all they want. You know nothing will be enforced, so why cry. Nothing is going to happen as usual.
04:15 AM on 03/30/2013
Insecure people are toothless without their guns. You can feel the panic in their voices so they make up this "they'll take away our guns!" "Background checks like Letting Government Know What You Ate For Breakfast". But we don't mind Government imposing your having to buy medical insurance you don't need because you're never sick. We don't mind Government imposing taxes and wasting the money they get. We don't mind everyone fear mongering you need vaccinations and firing people from jobs if you won't be forced.

No gun regulations the violence continues. But that's what we like and want. Without gun violence we'd be twiddling our thumbs bored to tears. Poor Media would be forced to actually report GOOD things instead of the latest shooting.
04:05 AM on 03/30/2013
Law abiding gun owners are afraid of being checked into, but have NO problem with Government imposing things on others. The choice of buying insurance has been taken and gun advocates say so what! Gun regulation, background checks takes nothing away but gun owners say make us an exception. Law abiding gun owners have no skeletons in their closets they have nothing to fear. What do they have to hide when they're trying to get a weapon whose only use is to kill, hoping for an excuse using fear.
04:04 AM on 03/30/2013
First off the title of the article is inane. Any excuse NOT to do anything. Any excuse NOT to hold Americans accountable for getting a gun with a background check to make sure you're not a criminal or have any other violent tendencies.

"The concern with those is that background checks in and of themselves aren’t going to work unless they are accompanied by some sort of registration system,"

You're missing the point, Mr. Lee. Background checks are only as good as the enforcement placed behind it. Just a patronizing we'll do background checks to calm people down won't work. You can have any registration system you want. If people don't enforce that registration system, it won't work.

You need teeth behind regulation. Take Obamacare. Well we'll fine you if you don't buy medical insurance we know you can't afford but we'll dictate you have whether you're healthy as a horse or not. Do people honestly think with all the budget woes people gripe about that the Government is going to spend more money tracking us down? Jailing us? Obamacare is going to hurt a lot more than it helps. Gun control is NOT taking guns away.
To form a more perfect union.
03:06 PM on 03/31/2013
Do you buy car insurance even though the car looks great today?
01:33 AM on 03/30/2013
if the government had access to the number of times people went to church, they would find people go to church in lower numbers then they report
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12:16 AM on 03/30/2013
The majority of Americans support a background check. I don't think a registration is something that they are too aweful concerned about. Any computer transaction is recorded somewhere, so there's a record of the person being checked.

I wonder if Mr. Lee gets paid by the NRA by the speech or by the word?
12:13 AM on 03/30/2013
I will agree with Mr. Lee on the day that someone eats breakfast, goes to church or reads a book without a gun and 20 kids/6 adults fall dead.
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11:44 PM on 03/29/2013
Background checks are for everyone's protection. Surely Senator Lee realizes that Adam Lanza should not have had access to guns. We need a way to limit gun sales to those who are mentally fit for that responsibility. This is not an intrusion but rather a means of protecting a vulnerable public from other potential Adam Lanzas.
11:34 PM on 03/29/2013
He's objecting that backround checks invade the privacy of gun owners? For real??? What about the privacy of all the mentally ill people whose most private, personal medical information is being shared with god only knows whom? Universal backround checks for all gun purchases are, of course, necessary, but the emphasis should be on protecting the privacy of innocent people, not on the convenience, let alone the "privacy", of those who wish to buy guns.