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Going off the rails on this crazy train...
11:31 AM on 04/02/2013
Very nicely written article. All of us at one time or the other have had our hearts broken, felt used, were betrayed by someone else. It hurts, but one cannot murder another person for it. I took an interest in the Jodi Arias case with an open mind regarding what happened. My intuition is what most everyone else's is...she couldn't stand that he didn't want her (except for the sex she willingly took part in) and stabbed, shot, and nearly decapitated him for it.
Warren - Crist 2016
11:22 AM on 04/02/2013
In case no one's seen this, another JA lie caught on film. Pic shows straight and bent finger, same day, while on witness stand. From commenter Suzana at Kristina Randle's blog:
Janice Harper
12:25 PM on 04/02/2013
Thank you for bringing up Kristina Randle's blog. I encourage any readers interested in this case to check out Dr. Randle's essays on the Arias case. They're the most insightful writings I've come across on the case ( and well worth a read.
03:22 PM on 04/04/2013
Janice; thank you for one of the more balanced approach to issues of domestic violence; while I advocate on the need of support service for male victims, with or without children, fleeing female perpetrated domestic violence; myself and all my associates view the issues as social issues with obtainable solutions verses gender issues to associated blame.
I encourage you and your readers to visit Erin Pizzey site; she established the first woman;s shelter in England in 1971 as well as visiting Barbara Kay's article; Barbara Kay: Our male-victimizing myths live on.
My hope is that more woman writers continue bringing attention to the social issues of domestic violence so that more people will look to solutions rather than blame. TNX
Also see;
Chelsea Wood
12:44 PM on 04/02/2013
oh by lyin ho i mean jodi, not you
Warren - Crist 2016
11:05 AM on 04/02/2013
Excellent article! Thank you, Ms. Harper. One can only hope Ms. LaViolette sees this while her testimony might still make a difference.
11:42 AM on 04/02/2013
Laviolette's position as a defense witness is baffling. The evidence for JA as stalker is abundant. Could she be motivated by her life long efforts to make domestic violence better known ? How misguided to use this trial as a podium. Perhaps she sees how damaged Arias is- seeing the capacity to become a sexual addiction as if it were a psychological frailty. She seems to imagine TA demanded oral sex as a rough initiator...while many of us imagine JA as a Delilah, preying on a repressed Mormon with too much testosterone.
Atheist by choice.
02:45 AM on 04/06/2013
I do not see TA as a repressed Mormon. Even his friends said he used women. JA was probably not his first and his over use of pornographic terms hints that he has a serious love affair with that as well. He was purposely avoiding marriage probably some because of his work but also because of the many opportunities he had to pick up on women looking for leisure affairs. The way he used JA is not how a nice religious boy uses women for sex.

How often did he not turn down Arias when she showed up to get laid? Every time it looks like? He was also using her while seeing other women who he might have put into a different more marriageable category. I know men like you are speaking of but TA was not one of those at all. He readily took pictures and used language that defeats the type of personality you are imagining of TA.
Janice Harper
12:13 PM on 04/02/2013
I'm afraid nobody's views are going to change on this one at this point, least of all Ms. LaViolette. When people take a public position on something, they rarely change their views. In fact, the more facts or evidence presented countering one's position, the more likely they are to hold their positions even more forcefully, a process known as cognitive dissonance. LaViolette won't budge on her conclusions, just as Samuels didn't. They've both reviewed the evidence, and drawn the conclusions most likely to get them on the stand. At this point, it's safe to say they're both certain they did the right thing.
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07:14 PM on 04/02/2013
The shame is that many people will no longer take DeViolette's opinion seriously. Samuels didn't have much of a professional reputation to begin with, so he's probably happy with the windfall, and would have said whatever to get it, but she had done some good things in the past. It does show what a brilliant con artist JA is, though, to fool mental health "professionals" although I imagine she'd have a much harder time with a PhD forensic psychologist or psychiatrist versed in the characteristics of personality disorders. But these two have their little areas of "specialization" (sex and DV) and limited psychological educations so they probably can't help but view everything through the limited filters of their own interest. If I were on the jury, all it would prove to me is that JA is a consummate manipulator.
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would you stay if she promised you heaven ...
10:50 AM on 04/02/2013
excellent article. and i agree with you 100%. thank you for saying it.
Adopter. Educator. Advocate. Debaucher.
10:03 AM on 04/02/2013
Concise. Intelligent. Reasonable.

I enjoyed reading this article, very much. I will direct my friends to it, when they ask me, as they often do, "what's up with that Jodi Arias thing, anyway? What is that trial you're following all about?"
09:48 AM on 04/02/2013
Strange how an article that's supposed to be about violent women comes off as just one more piece of men being the bad guys. Every single empirical, independently reviewed study on DV has shown conclusively that women are more violent than men, start the violence more often.

Under VAWA and I-VAWA a mandatory arrest must take place for any DV call, and the man is always arrested even if he's beaten bloody. Every divorce lawyer always recommends that the woman take out a restraining order, so when the unsuspecting man comes home he'll be handed a suitcase and a order to stay away.

Statistics of men being bad and women being good are meaningless when a woman hitting a man results in the man being arrested. Much like a mob boss, women use the state, courts and police as personal henchmen. A woman's whim = arrest. A woman can hit a man and he gets locked in a cage. A woman can kill a man and she goes free. Everyone knows it.
10:00 PM on 04/02/2013
I agree NWOslave! Also add in what quite a few woman do to the fathers who love their children but get just 4 days a month if they are lucky enough to get that much time.Courts are biased against the fathers.Women have and do manipulate the court system to punish a man for ending a relationship.My son is in court almost monthly trying to get more time with his son.The mom files ridiculous claims to try to take away his 2 weekends a month.The same judge always denies them but it is emotional abuse to the father to worry and emotional abuse to his son.The men who are victimized are not counted and should be.
03:34 PM on 04/04/2013

Here are some actual research statistics on domestic violence; there on over 280 various university and government studies; the percentage difference will amaze you...
09:29 AM on 04/02/2013
If the killer and her brother were subject to such abuse as children, why didn't her brother take the stand and testify. Where are all the witnesses to back up all her abuse stories??
Everyone does better when everyone does better.
09:56 AM on 04/02/2013
yes, and her parents? Why don't they testify that they abused? That would be hard to admit publicly, but if it would save your daughter's life? or maybe they don't want to save her ...
12:59 PM on 04/02/2013
Exactly! Instead they sit in court having the nerve to wear DV ribbons. Of course, maybe they're wearing them for Travis.
Arabian Girl
Live to Ride
09:15 AM on 04/02/2013
Thank you for such an informed and REASONABLE article. I have many of the same thoughts but could never express them so well!
09:11 AM on 04/02/2013
Wow. Jodi Arias' defense lawyers just churning out useless motions and padding their legal bill; all at taxpayers' expense. Now, that's outrageous.
09:06 AM on 04/02/2013
Janice -- thanks for being a voice of reason and balance in this case. Although we all know Jodi's entire life is a lie, it's hard to hear so called "credible experts" condemn the victim in this case and help drag him through the mud -- especially when it's all based on Jodi's fabricated stories.
Boredom is in the mind, Loneliness is in the heart
07:15 AM on 04/02/2013
Wow!!!!!! Very powerful article!!!!
06:00 AM on 04/02/2013
"Ms Alyce LaViolette, now testifies on how the victim's treatment of Arias was exploitive and abusive." Doesn't ALaV go beyond that, to include the tyranny of parents and other boyfriends? ALaV and Wilmott now describe Arias the victimized victim.
Chill-Out Man
05:05 AM on 04/02/2013
This is an excellent article for everyone to read. People always relate to abuse as by men on women and the biggest percentage are. However there are women abusers too. Jodi was an obsessed stalker who was capable of anything. first, why would any woman drive over a thousand miles to seek out a man that had abused her in the past? Travis and Jodi were never married, there was no divorce involved and no children or custody troubles so no court proceedings were to take place. There were no reports of any abuse ever made and everything shows that she was a willing partner in the sexcapade games. If Travis had abused her, she certainly would never drive a thousand miles to be abused again. she went there to kill him. As I posted before, the multiple stab wounds and gunshot could actually be claimed as a self defense. Cutting his throat cannot!! Travis was incapacitated and posed no threat at that point in time and she cut his throat anyway which meant she wanted hiom dead. "INTENT" Her defense is an insult to true victims of abuse and also to people like me who suffer from PTSD. there are all types of abuses that take place both ways and this is not one of those cases. excellent article by Janice Harper!!!
am aways astounded at Republican delusion
07:14 AM on 04/02/2013
Bravo Chill. Harper manages to summarise the relationship and motives more concisely that anyone I have heard yet. Arias' defence is a travesty and has reduced real battered spouse syndrome (note I say spouse not woman, as it goes both ways) to a "get out of jail free card", which seriously damages real victims standing and this will be devastating for true sufferers to stomach as I fully admit I am. I was ashamed for many many years for having "not just walked out" after the first blows. But unless you have walked in those shoes.... Oh and thats why I can safely say Joyce is extremely misguided to say the least.
01:58 AM on 04/02/2013
Well said.
01:40 AM on 04/02/2013
If Jodi is acquitted, maybe there will be less abuse because the abusers will think about twice.
Boredom is in the mind, Loneliness is in the heart
07:16 AM on 04/02/2013
Good grief, you're 'here' too?
Micro-bio too small to see with naked eye
07:48 AM on 04/02/2013
In a way, you are correct. If Jodi is acquitted, all men will be so afraid of women there will never be a male/female dating relationship ever again. Thus, less abuse.
02:28 PM on 04/02/2013
I do not see why good men should be worried.