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05:11 PM on 03/31/2013
So under Barry N Korea and Iran basically have nukes or already do, terrorists are getting stronger and all we do is drone strikes (which I do like) but still.....things aren't getting better.

Wait till Obombacare kicks in and the claims go up 30+% which will make things more expensive. Won't don't people get????
I dream of things that never were and ask Why not
06:21 PM on 03/31/2013
nobarry, get used to the fact that Obama won the last election. He's not going anywhere for awhile. Also get used to the fact that the ACA is law, and is NOT going to be repealed. Losing parties do NOT dictate policy. 
North Korea obtained nuclear weapons during the Bush Administration, not Obama's. Whether they have the capability to make weapons out of these nukes is unknown. 
Iran DOES NOT have nuclear capability. They have not yet been able to detonate a nuclear explosion, and the reality is they may not be able to for some time. 
Drone strikes are NOT good policy, because no drone is able to distinguish a dangerous terrorist from innocent bystanders who have the misfortune of being in the target zone at the time one of these bombs explodes. 
It may be a short-term "gain" in that one terrorist is eliminated, but in the long term, remember that those innocents who are killed have families, and we are creating even more resentment against the United States, when we kill innocent people. 
10:53 PM on 03/31/2013
JWCMASS...would you please stop trying to confuse people with facts! Just SHOW ME THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE (!!) and then we can all be happy.
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07:30 AM on 04/01/2013
I wasnt a big fan of the ACA, But, it passed, and I think the best thing for everyone is to try our level best to make it work. I have little doubt that it will need some tweeks and changes as we go, but how about we at least give it a real chance at success?
Paul Browne
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08:29 PM on 03/31/2013
Bush is the one that made Iran way stronger. Iran doesn't have nukes, even according to Israel.

N. Korea don't have a viable weapons system. The US has the biggest military in the world. N. Korea have to posture for their internal politics.

Obamacare is here to stay, and health care costs would have gone up anyway.

At least, try to get one fact right.
Klein bottle
My micro Bio is not empty.
07:34 AM on 04/01/2013
"Bush is the one that made Iran way stronger."
I think the Iranians would disagree, but whatever.

"N. Korea don't have a viable weapons system." They have a very large standing army, massive conventional artillery pointed at Seoul, and have successfully tested a nuclear weapon, several times.

"Obamacare is here to stay, and health care costs would have gone up anyway."
You met your own standard. You got one fact right.
09:09 PM on 04/03/2013
Clueless.  Clinton is who allowed everything to get out of control.  Clinton was on the wave that regan and bush jr created.
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03:24 PM on 03/31/2013
A lot of underestimating the enemy is going on around here, the same as we did before Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember that Wolfowitz said that the Iraq war would last three days to one week, no Americans would get a scratch and that Iraqi oil would pay for the whole thing. The people would welcome us with candy and flowers.

We have no real idea of what is or isn't happening on the other side of the DMZ. In 1951, the Chinese put 300,000 troops across the Yalu River and, the day before, we had no idea that they were there. Our aerial reconnaissance back then was pretty good, sharpened to a fine edge by WWII, but it completely missed the Chinese horde.

Although we have new sources and methods, elevated by satellite technology, we still can't see a man in a deep tunnel or heavy artillery in a cave. If it happens, we are going to be taken by surprise.
I dream of things that never were and ask Why not
06:26 PM on 03/31/2013
Let's hope we don't have to find out. Currently, China is cooperating in the latest sanctions, which is effective because North Korea really only has China as a trading partner.
On the other hand, I don't know how China would react should we begin detonating nuclear weapons over North Korea. And then there is the fact that China would NOT like to see South Korea, Japan, and (especially) Taiwan all attempt to acquire nuclear weapons as a deterrent against a possible attack from North Korea. 
I can't imagine that China would be thrilled with the idea of a nuclear arms race right on their front door.
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09:35 PM on 03/31/2013
Finally, signs of intelligent life on this board! Thank you.
03:04 PM on 03/31/2013
as long as they dont mess with anyone ...... let them be.........we can destroy this nation in minutes. all by air. let this fool run his mouth....until he does something , lets chill on the rhetoric and wait and see..............these people are so suppressed and brainwashed....they have an army of men and women that is insane....we will never be there on the ground an as i stated....we can destroy from border to water in less than an hour. IF OBAMA PLAYS IT RIGHT !! Sending bombers to do a fly by is friggen stupid, so lets see what he does, he not so bright, so we may want to buckle up.
I dream of things that never were and ask Why not
06:31 PM on 03/31/2013
The message sent here is that these are not ordinary bombers, but B-2's, which North Korean radar would not be able to spot. It's a reasonable, measured response to their bellicose rhetoric. 
China would probably not be thrilled at the idea of saturating North Korea via a massive nuclear strike, since some of the fallout would probably affect China (North Korea and China DO share a border). 
You may not think Obama is bright (and you would not be the first person to underestimate him), but he DID get China to sign on to the latest sanctions regime, which will have real teeth, because North Korea's ONLY real trading partner is China. 
The leaders of North Korea's military may not be so anxious to do anything that will overthrow their regime. 
09:42 PM on 03/31/2013
My opinion is that’s you are all dreaming, North Korea, don’t go to youse the Atomic Bomb they know, that USA, B2, submarines, and all his navies have all atomic bomb, ready to struck, and USA only white one good occasion to youse, China and Russia don’t go to permit, that any one youse the atomic bomb near the his countries, out of interfering on the problem
the North Korea army have god the capacity to strike South Korea in a meter of hours and even 3500 marines don go to be sufficient to help if that’s happen. You have the experience of Vietnam,
I rack, and other countries were the most sophisticated army can’t ween.
I truly be liver that Padre Francisco is the one that’s it is right, solution the problem with diplomacy and give help, to the North Korean family’s, more the USA going to help this family’s more North Korean family’s going to say God Bless USA.
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02:33 PM on 03/31/2013
Honestly, HP needs to start putting NK on the comedy page.
Medicare For All
01:32 PM on 03/31/2013
Ah the art of war. Let's see how important it is to their dear leader.
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artist, writer, adventurer
01:25 PM on 03/31/2013
is this the third article which says this? Unless somebody actually DOES something, then it's not really news anymore.
Kimberly Bruman
moderate liberal.
07:41 PM on 03/31/2013
I only want an update if he actually does something other than talk or if he changes his hair. I think it's news for the same reason some people like reality tv: people love a train wreck. Personally, I don't feel the need to spend a bunch of money because some incompetent dude is acting whacky. :)
Beyond the Headlines
01:23 PM on 03/31/2013
And Shoe Brush Hair's bud, Dennis Rodman, has declared war on sanity. Nothing new.
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Citizens, Unite!
12:44 PM on 03/31/2013
I think what we are witnessing is the early stages of a coup to remove the family dynasty. Kim's credibility will be undermined by his buffoonish display of immaturity, making his exile palatable to the rank and file. If you were a senior military officer in North Korea, wouldn't this be the way you would start the ball rolling?
12:43 PM on 03/31/2013
Well. we could send him 10 cases of Cognac, the latest Xbox and video games, and a free membership in the Congressional Call Girl Club as both a gesture of good will and to keep him preoccupied
12:39 PM on 03/31/2013
I say we just moon the little bugger. He'll have a jumping up and down tantrum and die of a stroke
12:21 PM on 03/31/2013
When you can't feed your people, distract them with patriotic rhetoric!
Kent Gutknecht
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12:10 PM on 03/31/2013
There has GOT to be a sit-com in this somewhere!
Art of peace > art of war
12:04 PM on 03/31/2013
The chubbiest feller in N.K. promises his skinny nation a victory over the chubbiest nation with a skinny president:  N.K. Declares War On The World
12:02 PM on 03/31/2013
It is significant that even Russia is now expressing public alarm over North Korea’s possible actions in the next few hours. And this comes in the wake of the last UN Security Council’s resolution which toughened sanctions against North Korea and which was jointly sponsored by the U.S. and China.

These facts indicate that both China and Russia, both of whom have spent years giving North Korea diplomatic cover for its farcical actions, are now about to pull the plug on Kim Jong-un’s comic-opera regime. Any missile strike against U.S. targets would in all probability fail because of the notoriously bad accuracy of previous North Korean missile tests, but it would give China (with Russian support) the excuse to move into North Korea and put an end to the misrule of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The next phase in the story of Korea would be possible reunification if China, the U.S. and the other three permanent members of the UN Security Council can come to an agreement on a demilitarised, unified and pluralistic Korea, which is long overdue for the Korean people who have lived for the past 60 years in constant fear of war.
01:00 PM on 03/31/2013
You assume that China is not using N. Korea as a nasty guy proxy to wedge us out of Asia. Quid pro quo. We leave Asia, N. Korean problem gone. No straw man --us--left for them to exploit
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01:58 PM on 03/31/2013
It's a pretty good bet your supposition is mistaken; what China fears more is a re-armed Japan, and little Kim Un is creating a great excuse for Japan to do just that.

I'm not saying China fears Japan militarily, but war would be bad for all business except for the military itself.