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Mahi Joe 07:48 AM on 04/05/2013
Buying health insurance is like making a bet in Las Vegas. When you take out a policy you are essentially betting that you will get sick and need more money to pay for that treatment of that sickness than you can afford out of your pocket. Health insurance companies do not provide medical services they are simply profit motivated middlemen whose goal is to generate ever more profits annually for their  Read More...
02:05 PM on 04/06/2013
As long as "insurance" companies are more concerned with their investors, stock prices and profits, they will never address the actual business they are supposed to be working-that is the HEALTH CARE of their policy holders.

It is because of actions like Aetna is taking that we WILL see single payer, Medicare for all in the near future. These folks always seem to enjoy cutting off their noses to spite their faces.
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03:02 PM on 04/06/2013
obamacare was a big big gift to the insurance companies wrapped in a bow that was really a bill for taxpayers. Love that declining rates - oh wait they went UP.
01:54 PM on 04/06/2013
Maybe us Americans should move to another country. There are countries in the World that are cheaper to live in than America and have a better Health care system than ours.
02:08 PM on 04/06/2013
i`d be interested to know which ones these are?
03:31 PM on 04/06/2013
Most of the major industrialized nations.
03:36 PM on 04/06/2013
Go online and look up countries where Americans can retiree cheap and there is a score of them. In foreign countries the viloent crime rate is way down compared to our country. I was in the Navy and actually visited foreign countries and I can honestly say that in many countries you can actually walk down the street at
2:am in the morning and feel safe. Try walking in detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami at that time of morning. Good Luck.
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03:01 PM on 04/06/2013
03:43 PM on 04/06/2013
I have been to some third World countries that actually have a lower crime rate than America. Just because people in other countries are poor doesn't mean that they are criminals like here in the states. People in other countries are for the most part less stressed than American, don't have to rely on Drugs to get them through the day, see a shrink at least once a month, don't work till they drpo over like you see more and more older Americans doing.

In no way am I trying to bash America, still a great place to live, but if you look in the crystal ball 20-30 years from now, well the ball isn't so rosey.
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01:11 PM on 04/06/2013
I am a health care industry and insurance company investor, and unlike doctors and health care workers who care for people, I do not. I care for profit and the CEOs of all of the companies in which I invest, work for me the stock holder.
Our goal is to make as much money we can off human illness and suffering, while providing service in a manner that keeps us in business and within the law as our attorneys interpret it.
Profit drives our policies and practice, not what is best for patients and the nation.
The old time highway robbers used say "Your money or your life", and many of them were caught and hung. We take your money, and sometimes your life, and yet remain respected pillars of the community.
Our nation has socialized military, socialized police, socialized legislatures and socialized court systems, because if those institutions were tuned over to capitalists it would subject America to great harm and expense perpetrated by people like me. For profit health care is no different.
It is illogical to allow profit to be part of any system to avoid suffering and death. Like the Mafia, business will use the inherent leverage to extort a price most cannot afford, but must still pay.
01:35 PM on 04/06/2013
I have even heard a doctor say that socialized medcine would be better than what is around now.
Single payer universal health insurance agent
01:44 PM on 04/06/2013
well said F&F
Larry Sirhall
01:08 PM on 04/06/2013
The disinformation is terrible. We cannot argue true free market because the health care industry iteself limits the supply. Sounds a bit like violating Anti-trust Law. When you look at the 3 major groups, they are all extremely wealthy. Medical malpractice kills 60 to 80,000 people a year. If the airline industry did the same, would we give it tort reform/protection against being responsible for its mistakes. Our economy is $15T and we should have health care. Other countries do and their health care delivery systems are better than ours. Larry
I believe America is in a heap of trouble
01:03 PM on 04/06/2013
Sign me up Aetna!!!!
01:36 PM on 04/06/2013
Remember Aetna's old slogan; " We're Aetna and we're gonna get ya."
01:40 PM on 04/06/2013
The truth be known.....some day perhaps. When the congress passed the hat prior and during this health care activity Aetna refused to pony-up. Had they made their donations, they would not be out-in-the-cold now.
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Helping Liberals Grasp Reality
11:57 AM on 04/06/2013
Wonder if Obama could put the $716 billion he took out, back in Medicare?
02:11 PM on 04/06/2013
Sigh, when will you folks learn? Are you really so dense, so anti Obama that when the truth and facts are given to you, you STILL refuse to acknowledge it?
The 716 million wasn't "taken out" of Medicare, it was a CUT TO FEES paid to institution, hospitals, MD,s and related groups. It was a reduction in PAYMENT to these providers--which is what you all are clamoring for-a reduction in the overall costs. Now, if you will PLEASE try some comprehension, you might find that the hyperbole and lies you have been spoon fed are just that.
Ann Theresa
11:56 AM on 04/06/2013
It seems like everyone thinks all health insurance companies are run by Repubicans.....are they?
11:52 AM on 04/06/2013
The law should not exempt Congress, the president or unions from Obamacare if its so great. (especially Pelosi and Reid)
The Truth hurts and I am painfully honest
12:31 PM on 04/06/2013
Ah, but they are special. Just ask them.
12:39 PM on 04/06/2013
It doesn't. But Fox "News" told you it did, so you'll swallow that one hook, line and sinker.
There are none so blind as those who refuse to see
03:00 PM on 04/06/2013
Wrong! They are exempt but PMSNBC told you they weren't.
Liberal Free Zone
11:00 AM on 04/06/2013
The only thing laughable about this entire fiasco of a law is, many young,healthy,liberals who voted for this law believing the govt would GIVE them something will see their own rates rise. Enjoy.
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11:02 AM on 04/06/2013
They have no idea what they are in for....
TP Mission: Destroying America!
10:59 AM on 04/06/2013
Unregulated, greedy, corporate capitalism to Americans: "We're just not that into you; go to Hel--"
There are none so blind as those who refuse to see
03:02 PM on 04/06/2013
Probably another arrogant European, aren't you? We should have left the SS to finish you snakes off.
TP Mission: Destroying America!
04:16 PM on 04/06/2013
Listen, you anti-Semitic w-ore~you are finished!  No soul and brain! Eilch!
10:37 AM on 04/06/2013
Didn't the major insurers receive money from the ACA to cover pre-existing conditions? Leave it to the major players in the game to put the screws to us once again so as to maximize their profits...The only real reform and cost savings for medical care will come with the change to some sort of single payer-tiered system that eliminates the corporate greed that the Aetna's,United's, Blue's etc.. introduce into the system as they suck out dollars that go to their bottom line rather than being spent on actual care of patients.
08:09 PM on 04/06/2013
Not even close to true. The ACA fairy is not handing out money to anybody except the poor.

Insurers are being hit with $8 billion in fees starting in 2014 to pay for all this nonsense to go into place. Why do you think the premiums are going up so much?

It would be nice if people who didn't have a clue about the law would stay in their hole and stop spreading misinformation.
10:27 AM on 04/06/2013
This may be an attempt to game the system which will generate ill will towards Aetna or a business ploy. The fact is insurers will want to be able to participate in the insurance exchanges. These groups are going to become VERY big players in determining insurance rates for all coverage. It is kind of like Medicare sets the baseline for all medical reimbursement rates. The reason being they are the single biggest player in the market and have huge market clout to set rates. Exchanges even at the state level will be BIG players in setting rates. Individual state health exchanges may eventually become a national exchange. Then these exchanges will truly have Medicare like clout in rate setting. This is where will be able to see real cost control in health care. One end would control the cost of insurance, the other controls the reimbursement levels paid to providers. You want to play get on board or get out of the way.
Insurers will be eager to bid for participation in the exchanges. No insurer wants to price themselves out of that market. The reality is that insurers know they will have to offer VERY competitive, large group rate priced coverage through these exchanges. Insurers like Aetna may bluster a lot but they know they need to get on board with exchanges and constrained rates they will bring or be pushed out by another insurer like Anthem or United Health.
10:39 AM on 04/06/2013
They already control both ends and have for years as they collude with the other major players in the biggest price fixing scam around. There hasn't been true competition for over 20 years in this industry.
08:14 PM on 04/06/2013
The exchange isn't for large groups, btw. It's for individuals with a separate exchange for small group, so there's that.

I read the article and see "Normally you'd have choices A, B, & C. Now you will have choices A, B, C, & D" yet people are flipping out about it. How is MORE choice a reason to generate ill will? Nobody is being forced into anything. Everybody is still welcome to go onto the exchanges when they open.

Also there is no "bidding" to get onto the exchanges. You file rates and submit the paperwork and you're on.
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10:25 AM on 04/06/2013
Obama care is the biggest scam to come out of Washington. The expense and backdoor deals will bankrup us. Remember this when you vote.
10:53 AM on 04/06/2013
We did

that is why Obama won

Listening to the one billion dollar prediction of ruin by the conservatives and not one single prediction ever coming true we decided

Our health is more important than insurers profits

This shows the real issue they gave millions to avoid helping their customers. How do they ahve the money to fight the law but not enact it?
TP Mission: Destroying America!
11:01 AM on 04/06/2013
And Romney the Hood? I am not a fan of Obama's, but it is not just about voting; the Hood would have been a disaster. Look, it really is about living within a system that simply sc-ews the average American.
10:21 AM on 04/06/2013
i hope all you die hard democrats are feeling the pinch of your exalted leaders healthcare and may you learn a lesson in the future. he who spoke softly........... IS A LIAR.
10:55 AM on 04/06/2013
The only lie is this about health care

We all see how the Insurers spend millions to fight the rules that takes profits out of the health care decisions

The conservatives keep predicting all these bad things as more and more people find they are part of the health care discussions finally.

Health Care is more needed when you are old and sick thats when the insurers drop clients and stop saying thanks to Obama Care they can't drop you when you are sick
11:13 AM on 04/06/2013
I think you will find that the "OLD and SICK" are already on medicare or medicade. What do the insurance companies have to with these?
I'm unique and so are you
10:09 AM on 04/06/2013
Aetna is the most difficult insurance company to deal with I have ever encountered.

My wife was trying to collect a reimbersment for legitimate insurance expences for her father. It took over a year. The company never assignmed and agent for the case. Every time she called she was provided a new agent who was unfamiliar with her case. And each new agent promissed to Get Back to her.

She managed to get her father his money only because she took detailed records of Aetna's unscrupulous "Bate and Switch" behavior. those records were provided to a government regulator.
10:39 AM on 04/06/2013
No- they are typical of EVERY large private insurer in this country.