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05:59 PM on 04/05/2013
Bullies are basically cowards.....picking on thoes smaller..or weaker then they are. Kids need to realize what they are and stop looking up to bullies.
04:24 PM on 04/05/2013
Does the bullying occur on school grounds or off or both? It seems to me that you are asking schools to manage interpersonal relationships when they already have a hard time teaching literacy, math and science. We want lower school taxes but we want teachers to be educators and social policeman as well. You want the school to handle the bully but there is little mention of the responsibility of the bully's parents. I am not saying that bullying is not extremely harmful, I am just suggesting that it is a school problem only. If my child were being bullied I would equip them with a small camera to videotape the abuse. If it were physical abuse I would go to the police. If it were verbal and rose to the level of federally outlawed hate speech I would go to the police as well. If it was taunting I would go to the bully's parents and alert the school. I would not wring my hands and expect the school to fill the void of my passive parenting.
03:55 PM on 04/07/2013
It happened at the school and they did go to the police who as usual did nothing.
Give your kid a camera do you really think the bullies are going to let them just film and not take it away?I do not excpect my school to handle bullies but I do excpect them to have the bullies taken away from the school if they know it is going on either by the parents or police if necessary,your right the school should not have to handle them and our kids shouldn't have to deal with them .
04:43 PM on 04/07/2013
There are camera that record video and audio that you can pin to your shirt and they do not look like a camera.

The school and the police cannot do much without evidence.
Barb Hatfield
Someone has to love the broken things.
04:07 PM on 04/05/2013
I say great parenting. Will they prevail? Who knows. Will his kid always know his dad has his back? Hell yes he will.
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02:22 PM on 04/05/2013
The so called horse play is theft and assault in the real world.
Carla Peele
02:14 PM on 04/05/2013
It sounds like not only the school administrators and the police failed here, but the bullies PARENTS failed as well, because they raised children who thought this sort of behavior was acceptable.

Good job, Mr. Bent, for being a great dad and taking care of your son!

My husband and I have MANY talks with our elementary school sons about what bullying behavior is, how it is wrong, and if they see someone doing it to another child, they should step in and say something. Never start a fight ,but don't be afraid to protect yourself or others. The whole hyena pack behavior has always made us sick, and we keep the dialogue open about how our sons should NEVER let themselves fall into the trap of being one of the mob... they are better than that.
02:03 PM on 04/05/2013
we moved to a small town a few years ago. My youngest daughter met this girl who was nice for say a week and then began bullying her. This girl also bullied several other kids as well. In our case the schools handled it well. They have my daughters schedule flagged so she will not interact with this girl at all. I wish all school districts adopted better policies. Our school district even has policies regarding cyber bullying and conducts anti bullying programs for the kids. No child should ever have to be afraid of going to school or put up with physical abuse from anyone. I bet if it was an adult that did the same thing to this boy the police would be plenty interested as would the school board. There should be NO double standard just because it is a kid abusing another kid. Abuse is wrong in all forms. Allowing it to go on sends the wrong message!
02:03 PM on 04/05/2013
In Atlanta a school did not help a victim of repeated abuse and bullying so his grandmother was arrested for telling the bully IF he did not stop she would come after him and his family. Schools need to be more responsive to an alert of bullying from the child or parent.
02:00 PM on 04/05/2013
01:53 PM on 04/05/2013
When I was a student, the worst bullies were teachers.
Life long learner.
03:12 PM on 04/05/2013
Me too. Not all my teachers, but when you're a kid, it only takes one.
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01:50 PM on 04/05/2013
we had a problem with a kid that lived near us. the parent we complained to was worthless when it came to complaining. he'd just say boys will be boys, ect. it wasn't until he hit my boy and i called the cops that i got his attention. then he realized his kid was three years older than mine. he was more upset about that than the actual bullying. it's ridiculous.
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01:44 PM on 04/05/2013
I have been in law enforcement for over 20 years. I have trained to work in the schools but never sought that assignment because it turned out to be more political than practical.

I advise parents and even students who have been the victim of bullying to first seek help from the school if don't get satisfaction chew up the chain of command and then go to the police. Yes, the police because now your problem is not the bullying kids / young adult but the teacher, counselor, principal or board of ED member who allow it to happen. You need to insist that if this is a crime (research for your own state) it be treated as one and be persistent.

If these adults are held accountable and could be found to have committed a crime by knowingly allowing crimes to occur, then they can be prosecuted. In addition there are civil penalties. Not to mention media response to the schools.

Be sure you have documentation. Emails to teachers, counselors, principals and other staff is great. Any other notes reports or correspondence. Did you incur any financial costs, such as damaged goods, injuries, missing items, lost work, etc. Keep a file and keep complaining until you get complaint resolved.

The solution is there but not if the parents let themselves be bullied by administrators.
Bullying does not have to be only physical.
02:44 PM on 04/05/2013
Or, you could report the school authorities to Child Protective Services for contributing to bullying by their inaction. FYI.....ALL professionals who come in contact with children are legally bound CHILD ABUSE REPORTERS. If they FAIL to report such abuse to CPS/POLICE then they can face loss of professional licensure by a complaint being filed about them with their state board of professional licensure.
Left or Right listen sometime
09:19 PM on 04/05/2013
NO you do what the officer said... a lot more bite then CPS....
Lock-n-load liberal
01:44 PM on 04/05/2013
My father was such a man. He protected me from things I did not understand, from things that were mean spirited; and from ignorance. Thirty years after his passing I still rely on his love and devotion. I love you dad. And I miss you.
01:43 PM on 04/05/2013
I grew up in the inner city. When a kid or group of kids picked on you, you picked out the biggest and badest one and went at them. You might not have won, but you gained respect. After that they didn't want to fight you any more, because they knew you would fight back and they could lose in front of their friends. They try to pick on those that are weak. When you stand up for your self they think twice before they try again.
01:39 PM on 04/05/2013
Matthew Bent, YOU ROCK!!! Your courage in taking the "authorities" to task is commendable.
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01:39 PM on 04/05/2013
"the principal didn't return Bent's call to protest." ?

Mr. Bent's child was assaulted in a class, the police investigate and the principal can't be bothered to speak with Mr. Bent?

Sounds like the class is unsupervised, the police are uninterested and the principal can't be bothered with Mr. Bent's concern.

The population was 15,462 at the 2010 census and apparently someone with a brain can apply any of the three positions that will be opening after Mr. Bent sues the school and police department.

Better a lawsuit than a dead child.

These petty ruckus hyjinks always end badly when the adults fail in their responsibilities. One such incident ended with the death of a young girl who hung herself.

Kaukauna, WI sounds like a good place not to be from or move to.