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08:18 PM on 09/29/2009
One less Rebuttlickin voting? I fail to see the down side.
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08:17 PM on 09/29/2009
I have worked polling places....people come in wheelchairs, to provisional ballots (we take them a ballot to complete).

There is NO excuse for not voting.

If all the people that had families and jobs didn't vote...
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08:51 PM on 09/29/2009
If all the people that had familes and jobs didn't vote the Republicans would run everything.
08:17 PM on 09/29/2009
She was concentrating on family? So were the rest of us but we found time to vote. But she did have time to run a multimillion company though....
08:15 PM on 09/29/2009
A couple of things . . .

1) So the only reason she got involved in politics was because of her anger at government in thwarting her efforts as a "small business" owner. Which "small business" would that be? And how, exactly, did government thwart her earning power?

2) She didn't vote because she focused on her family, instead. Does that mean that people who bother to vote are bad parents?

Meg Whitman has reached the entrepreneurship summit. Now she wants to conquer another mountain. It's all about Whitman. She couldn't care less about community and nation (judging by her voting record). It's pretty much that simple.
08:34 PM on 09/29/2009
Your positions on Whitman's comments are fair. As someone who has worked with Whitman in business, I can tell you that her not voting is disappointing for sure. But her comments are not meant to be accusatory.

1. She took eBay as a startup (small company)... to the larger company it is today. But she also understands small business as many of the vendors that support eBay are small business. We were one of those small companies. As are many of the small businesses that use eBay as a place to sell their products.

2. I don't think there are any accusations against those who did vote. She is likely having to address the fact that she didn't vote and family is one that people can't really "go after". She would have been better saying ... which is likely more truthful ... that she spent her time working 7 x 24 and was more apolitical during that time.

I think you are wrong about her wanting to "just conquer" one more thing. I have absolutely more desire to vote for Arnold or Meg before the typical politician that is only in office to start running for their next political position. All these politicians do is ask for $$ to further their political careers. With 20% approval rating in congress ... these politicians clearly are not doing their job. So, aren't we really looking for someone who is not out to be a politician for a career??
09:37 PM on 09/29/2009
She was a good CEO. She should stay in that job then. We don't need any more rank amateurs in government.
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08:14 PM on 09/29/2009
Isn't this the woman who practicaly ran e-bay into the gutter? During her tenure as e-bay's CEO it consistently lost value. Hey, now that I think of it, it sounds like governing California might be a good fit for her!
08:13 PM on 09/29/2009
Sorry, when it came time to vote, my mother accompanied me to register and then to the polling place to cast my vote. When my daughter grew up, I took her to register and cast her first votes. This is a privilege of being a citizen in the US and our hard fought for rights (as women) to vote. Meg, go back to the kitchen. That's a lame excuse.
08:12 PM on 09/29/2009
Meg should have sat on that comment for a few news cycles. The fact that she implicitly stated that she cannot focus on more than one topic and has a narrow view of the world (only seeing that which applies to her at the moment) doesn't bode well for the governor of a huge state.

Yet another example of a poorly qualified person brought to heightened levels by the McCain campaign. He's just the gift that keeps on giving, like cramps and the flu!
09:00 PM on 09/29/2009
Let's not forget Carly Fiorina who also wanted to run for the same seat and also ran her company in the ground, yet said that neither her candidate nor the eventual winner could have done her job. What world are they living in where they think that we'll allow another failed CEO make it to public office to run that seat into the ground as well. All we've gotta do is point to another CEO that couldn't find oil in TX that after running his companies (and baseball team) into the ground ran the country into a ditch as well. What is it with repubs that love to fail upwards that they feel the rest of us wanna be exposed to that?
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08:12 PM on 09/29/2009
This is a worse answer than her original non answer. Is she saying most voters don't have families and jobs and sometimes move? She's ridiculous and I don't believe that she has any convictions. She's a billionare so she can help finance her own campaign and she thinks she is going to buy the governorship. I don't see Californians allowing that to happen with the state of that state's finances. She did a bad job at Ebay and cut thousands of jobs. I wouldn't trust her as governor.
08:09 PM on 09/29/2009
How 'bout we let this one go? Kudos to her for owning up and speaking up! How often do we see this, (face it, admit it and move on) from either party. She certainly isn't alone and there are lots of reasons people neglect politics. I wish I could walk away and not care for a while. Many of my friends and family think it would be good for my emtional stability.
09:38 PM on 09/29/2009
Yeah, but most of those non-voters aren't trying to become governors of states. One likes to have one's gubernatorial candidates be a tad more engaged than that.
08:08 PM on 09/29/2009
Well, then, why doesn't she withdraw?

She's using a tried and true PR tactic. Openly admit a mistake and hope that makes it seem more acceptable to people.
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08:07 PM on 09/29/2009
Oh... so now she no longer cares about her family??

I love her BOLD and fresh, outof0the-box thinking, never before uttered any any pol in any race anywhere, of cutting Government waste and laying off State workers!! That is sure to excite the voters of California like they have never been excited before.

If she succeeds in laying off all those wasteful and unneeded State employees, which will magically solve the unemployment situation in California, then I am sure grateful Californians will nick-name her.."The Terminatrix"!
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08:07 PM on 09/29/2009
What a pile of boo. She was the CEO of eBay and during that time, she was "focused on her family and her husband's career?" Which resulted in her not having enough time to cast her ballot? She is seriously lacking in creativity.

Thankfully, I don't think Whitman has a chance.
08:02 PM on 09/29/2009
**Lord knows you can't raise a family and vote at the same time, unless you're a man of course.
08:00 PM on 09/29/2009

I'm in California and I'm going to enjoy the Republican fist fight.
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07:59 PM on 09/29/2009
I really like the photo that makes her look like a fish-like creature from a Dr. Seuss copycat book.