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09:56 PM on 04/10/2013
I hope the US has a good plan to get rid of these lunatics
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09:42 PM on 04/10/2013
"The North is also angry at weeks of joint South Korean-U.S. nuclear exercises. About 28,000 U.S. forces are permanently based in South Korea."

WHY do I keep seeing a Monty Python scenario in this, whereby Kim Jong Un would settle down if *only* China could send him some Chinese generals, decked out in full regalia, and carrying bags full of those little green plastic soldiers and lead soldiers?

Maybe a couple of dozen plastic trees, and fences, too? Some cotton balls for snow....some shiny silver tinsel for and orange cellophane "flames," and he's good to go!
09:25 PM on 04/10/2013
I have spent time in South Korea.
South Korea will not be easy for the
North to take. I have seen the ROK
soldiers in action. Those guys make
the movies seem real, with the same
moves and speed. The only way the
North could beat them is by blowing
them up. In hand to hand, well fed,
highly trained will beat under fed
every time.
08:01 PM on 04/10/2013
You'd think that South Korea would be able to monitor missile launches going on in North Korea, without the help of Russia and China helping them. That's how the headline reads to me. lol
And they called dis here cat ... Da Nazz!
07:30 PM on 04/10/2013
Kim's trying to bolster his relationship with he military in NK because he's afraid someone will figure out it's anti-revolutionary to have a hereditary leader.
07:04 PM on 04/10/2013
The N Koreans have put a satellite in orbit. If they can hit orbit, they can pretty much drop something anywhere on the planet.

For a chilling description of war with N Korea read
A Dub
Conservative government is an organized hypocrisy
08:02 AM on 04/11/2013
Jeff Rense is an American conspiracy theorist and alternative medicine woo-peddler. He is the proprietor of the website, topics covered include the New World Order, 9/11 conspiracy theories, UFOs, Holocaust denial, Jewish conspiracy theories, Big Pharma conspiracies, AIDS denial. The info on his site is pure nonsense.

Most of your posts push this site. Almost like spamming for rense.
12:03 PM on 04/11/2013
He didn't write the article. If he believes in UFO's there we differ. Assuming everything is false just because of where it comes from is a logical fallacy. It's like assuming everything the wall street journal writes is false just because you don't like Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is a waste of space, the wall street journal still prints the truth.

I believe the article is accurate based on my knowledge.
06:49 PM on 04/10/2013
What I heard was a lot of side stepping.
06:42 PM on 04/10/2013
If we had a pres. like JFK, he would be monitoring the N. korea, threats, along with Iran, Africa, Syria,Egypt, he would have his people involved and he would keep the American people up to speed with his plans, just like he did with the bay of pigs!...Instead, we have a guy who wants to go after the US law abiding citizen. ...Take his guns and his rights, raise his taxes, cut his social security, and his medi care, while the rest of the world gets more and more dangerous,...Obama, goes after us, and sticks his head in the sand hoping it will all go away!
07:32 PM on 04/10/2013
I absolutely agree.
08:32 PM on 04/10/2013
me too, we made a mistake america
10:04 PM on 04/10/2013
I am saying this to you with respect. JFK screwed up the bay of pigs op. He was hoodwinked by Allen Dulles. The entire op was compromised by a mole. JFK, got us into situations and only by fortune the entire world was not blown up.
06:04 AM on 04/11/2013
There has been a lot of debate about JFK presidency, so I can't say you're wrong, I will say this is the first I heard of it! ...Afterall he was a Dem. and he probably lied to us...But I don't believe Obama's plan of doing nothing is the best approach. At least a press conference, to let us know how he going to handle the protection of our country, during all this world turmoil!. And cutting military spending and downsizing, IS not protecting our country at this time!
06:31 PM on 04/10/2013
I think they should put Un and whoever he's pissed at, set them both down at a chess board, and use that as the war, and kill the looser, PRESTO! war is over, and only one person had to die.
09:57 PM on 04/10/2013
Great idea. But, not realistic. If it were only that simple.
06:29 PM on 04/10/2013
do something usa don't wait until it's done to us first.
07:06 PM on 04/10/2013
The biggest problem with a nukewar is however shoots second usually loses. We won't fire first too much is at stake.

For a chilling description of war with N Korea read
A Dub
Conservative government is an organized hypocrisy
07:04 AM on 04/11/2013
Nonsense. Jeff Rense is a conspiracy nut and has nothing to offer.
10:54 AM on 04/11/2013
don't need nucular, use our fighter jets. nuke em if they use nukes. we must wake up and realize they will do anything and be prepared. we were not prepared with pearl harbor,
07:32 PM on 04/10/2013
Seems like you are all gung ho for a war. Are you planning onn being the first to join and possibly die to back your words. Or are you planning on staying home here in the safety of the USA while US troops go and do the fighting and die because of people like you, that love wars. If you were ever really in a actual war. You would never want anyone to ever be involved in one.
09:05 PM on 04/10/2013
Don't worry, this time if it happens they will be bombed, and no soldiers involved. They shoot a nuclear bomb, we will intercept it, blow it up over the ocean, then bomb them. There won't be time to declare war, nor for them (N Korea) to do a thing. If there are any future wars, it will be done with mostly drones. Technology has taken over.
09:42 AM on 04/11/2013
You got to mean the guy who is talking about the DEEP DODO WE ARE IN. Just like the last 3 wars they find ways to set them out , missions to France, or other medical problems and I do not mean MENTAL ones.
Just check the list of (CHICKEN HAWKS) all of these neocons are on that list, all let others do the bleeding and dieing
Ichigo Kurosaki
Why do Republicans hate America so much?
06:27 PM on 04/10/2013
How many of their long-range missiles have actually performed as required? None, as far as I can recall.
All your base...
06:11 PM on 04/10/2013
"Launch? I said lunch!"
06:04 PM on 04/10/2013
The political tact of Kim Jong Un is quite impressive despite what spectators say. There have been numerous reports that KJU has had a difficult time controlling his military. There was apparently even a failed assassination plot against him. How else could the "dear leader" take the reins from his political adversaries than by creating a situation where it is quite literally the entire world versus them. In the face of this awesomely threatening force the North Korean people must rely on the leadership of Kim Jong Un who will surely "intimidate" the rest of the world into backing down. The NK military will feel like it is important again and all will go back to normal. At least the press can make some money off of this situation...
06:32 PM on 04/10/2013
Who Tried to Assassinate him??? Some one in His own Country?
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10:16 PM on 04/10/2013
Because it was South Korea doing the reporting - one of those "unnamed sources" affairs, it's doubtful there is any truth to the rumour (that a coup attempt in Pyongyong resulted in a shoot-em-up gun battle). More like, an elderly three-star general retired, and everyone at the top in their military had to be re-shuffled.

Here's a link to one of the 'reports-on-the-original-report.' (It mentions that one military member may have had to be "re-educated" -- which kinda gave it all away.
I mean, how could they possibly 're-educate' a would-be assassin? Give him a lobotomy?):
Hi There
06:00 PM on 04/10/2013
The whole world is watching N K,,,,,,,,,,,just what the little screw ball wants.
05:54 PM on 04/10/2013
N.K will not give up all their nuclear weapons. Once American policy accepts and moves beyond this fact then maybe other issues can be addressed.