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10:33 AM on 10/01/2009
It's a no win situation. Once we leave the tribal leaders will go back to fighting among themselves.
What we need to do is take the profit motive out of the opium crop so it can't be used to fund terrorism.
It's a radical approach but fight the war on terror by ending the war on drugs.
Anyone who wants to use drugs is going to anyway. If you don't want to you won't.
Ending the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq and ending the war on drugs will take about 3 trillion dollars out of the budget deficit.
rf dude
10:16 AM on 10/01/2009
As boat and dock slowly separate...
10:12 AM on 10/01/2009
If you build it, they will come--to attack it:
11:24 AM on 10/01/2009
Michael Fury is a Truther and it's not surprising he would support this conspiracy theory as well.
Because common sense is very uncommon
10:09 AM on 10/01/2009
Missteps on the economy,Olympics,healthcare reform, underestimating the republicans, where is the steadying hand of Joe Biden?
10:16 AM on 10/01/2009
He didn't underestimate the republicans. He gave them far too much credit to start with.
Micro-bio this
11:16 AM on 10/01/2009
Or has them right where he wants them: they are publically admitting that they support NOTHING.
09:59 AM on 10/01/2009
I hope I'm wrong, but this appears to me to be theater. Obama wants to make believe he's actually considered all sides before committing the US to the depression-sustaining waste of human and material resources called escalation in Afghanistan. Obama opportunistically campaigned on Afghanistan (a war against a country geometrically weaker than we are economically and militarily) being the "good" war and has dishonestly called it a war of "necessity". He's already decided to act like a REAL MAN and kill and maim young Americans and Afghanis against US interests, meaning his whole domestic agenda will collapse.

Now he simply watches as the guys who led us into Iraq (like McCain, Hillary, etc.) start faulting him for not escalating in accordance with McChrystal's direction, making the absurd, dishonest argument that we will lose if we don't escalate. Once the escalation occurs and Congress votes through the funds, we'll be there at least another decade.

Any "victory" is not worth the cost in lives and treasure into the indefinite future, as we don't need an occupying army to stop al Qaeda. There are already many countries where al Qaeda trains and we can't occupy all of them.

Immediate, safe withdrawal of all US troops and contractors (no direct or indirect funding for contractors) from Afghanistan and Iraq is the only sane, pro-American policy. Existing lives and limbs should not be wasted in the future because we wasted them in the past.
10:34 AM on 10/01/2009
Excellent perspective, correct on all counts. Al Qaeda in many countries -- EVEN OUR OWN -- a most important reason for withdrawal only exceeded by the waste of American (plus NATO) life and limbs.

Considering our military can strike any enemy anywhere in the world from control rooms here in the USA it is obvious Obama's Afghan War can be fought effectively another way.
10:46 AM on 10/01/2009
Yes, you are wrong. The POTUS has to listen all sides before he comes to a conclusion. It's easy to say for you this and that, but you don't see the CIA briefings everyday in the morning to protect the your nation and people. I voted for him for his thoughtfulness and considering all sides, not not for rush decisions like his predecessor.
09:59 AM on 10/01/2009
War is politics by other means. – Carl von Clausewitz.

Without the support of the people the survival of a guerrilla movement becomes extremely vulnerable..

The opposite is true if the people do not support the government.

With the last corrupt election we should take a hard look at whether war would be the best politics.

We lost our chance to do what we originally went to Afghanistan for right at the beginning. We cannot turn back the clock. Biden is right,

“Vice President Joe Biden, who attended the meeting, has been reluctant to support a troop increase, favoring a strategy that directly targets al-Qaida fighters who are believed to be hiding in Pakistan.”

That was our goal before mission creep, and we should return to it.

The Bush administration has concluded that Osama bin Laden was present during the battle for Tora Bora …. and that failure to commit U.S. ground troops to hunt him was its gravest error in the war against al Qaeda, according to civilian and military officials with first-hand knowledge.

And idiots kept voting for him
09:56 AM on 10/01/2009
Here's my advice. Get out.

1. The set of advisers who want out of Afghanistan are focused on the fact that you can't win a war of ideology by conquering their land. You can't win that w a r.

2. The set of advisers who want to stay in are the ones with their feet firmly placed in the warm waters of the military industrial complex. Without the Iraq and Afghanistan w a r their welfare checks dries up. Iraq is just about over. They can't afford to loose the funding for Afghanistan regardless of the negative impact on America's security.