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still chasing the wascally wabbit...
03:48 PM on 04/18/2013
Simply tell yourself that getting older beats the alternative because it's not a really good one. Beyond that, you don't need a silly blog to hold your hand and comfort you.
...I am Siamese if you don't please.
03:33 PM on 04/18/2013
50 is just a number. I've never been afraid of numbers...(didn't like calculus, I'll admit). It's a cultural anxiety that I just don't buy into. I'll be 60 on my next birthday...and happy to be there.
Donna Read
02:45 PM on 04/18/2013
I remember thinking, when I was approaching my 50th birthday, how nasty 50 sounded! How OLD it made me feel! Now facing 60, back in school for a whole new field and still feeling 45, I am amused at my naivte.

50 was a miracle year for me! I got angry with myself for considering wasting the years ahead by staying with my alcoholic roommates, drinking myself insensate almost every night and committing slow suicide by cigarettes. I quit drinking a month after my birthday (my doctor had just told me on the last day I drank that if kept on drinking, my pancreas would be so bad in a year that she wouldn't be able to save me!), moved out 2 months later, quit smoking 5 months after that and realized that 50 was a pretty good age to start redefining who I was!

Just look at 50 as the beginning of your own adventure! The kids are gone (usually), you have time to rediscover your significant other, you can consider going back to school with far less scheduling conflicts and you have a whole new chance to discover the 'you' you have become!

It's all a gift! Accept it happily and use it wisely. Learn to dance in the rain and sing like no one is listening! Above all, rediscover your inner child and take another look around! It will astound and amaze you!
Mean People Suck
02:39 PM on 04/18/2013
Don't remember turning 50. It was 12 years ago but most likely I was in front of a tent under the stars high in the mountains watching the constellations playing guitar and talking with friends.

Sorry, I've never been in "the plushest bars in Manhatten" drinking the "prohibitively expensive drink(s)" with my "still-gorgeous and very accomplished friend".

Of the 2 choices I still take mine. Although my friends are also gorgeous and very accomplished; just not by the writer's standards.
02:32 PM on 04/18/2013
Life is a great thing, I am 69, I still enjoy every thing, its like I never went past 50.
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Not here to make fans/faves but voice my opinions.
01:36 PM on 04/18/2013
turning 50 is such a wonderful gift! and taking care of oneself and Knowing you don't look it is even better.

Its better to turn 50 than not turn 50 ; )

I just laughed and thought to myself: whoddathunk it? Certainly not me. I loved turning 50!
01:03 PM on 04/18/2013
I am 49 and while I never had such high emotions, I don't particularly like aging. My father is 81 and I dread the day I will get "that" phone call. In part because it will mean that I am next. It sucks. But it's life and there is no reason to dwell on it. So whenever I get moody like this, I force myself to think about something else. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from dreading the inevitable.

As for the lines and camouflage. Ugh. I feel bad for the poster that she feels the need to do this and that she spends time to do this. I try to look the best I can for my age and everything else is just again, part of life. If someone doesn't want to spend time with me because my neck muscles are starting to give and my lines are beginning to be etched into my face, then they are too superficial for me to wanting to be with them in the first place.
The remaining tea will be dumped in 2014
11:19 AM on 04/18/2013
It sure beats the alternative.
...I am Siamese if you don't please.
03:37 PM on 04/18/2013
I agree with you. At 11:59 p.m. on the night before your 50th birthday, all is well. One minute later you are now over the hill. Can't really buy into that nonsense.