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04:21 PM on 10/01/2009
My mom has Celiac disease. Took forever for her doctors to come up with the diagnosis. It was first IBS then diverticulosis. Finally when she ended up in the hospital a few years ago due to her problems, the doctors were able to diagnose Celiac disease. She's doing a lot better now. It probably runs in the family. I'm gluten intolerant. It seems to have developed earlier this year. I eat a low-carb diet, so I don't eat a lot of gluten as it is, but recently, I came into contact with a very delicious pizza and had a few bites of the crust. Within the hour I was rushing to the bathroom as fast as possible. Not fun. This was the 4th gluten incident I've had in the last two months (Yes, I'm counting the encounters). I'm trying even harder and harder to stay away from the stuff.
05:46 PM on 10/03/2009
To Sunshine 1970
It is fortunate your mom was finally properly diagnosed.
Yes you area correct celiac has a hereditary component. From what you describe happening when you eat gluten, you should get properly tested. I hope you can go to a doctor who is knowledgeable about celiac, to be screened properly. A person needs to do that because if it is positive, strict adherence to a GF diet is of critical importance to your health.
If you can, go to a recognized celiac disease center such as Celiac Diseasea Center at Columbia in NY, University of Maryland or University of Chicago,,..(resources are available at, among others)
Good luck to you all.
04:01 PM on 10/01/2009
Celiac is an insipid disease. However, sticking to the gluten free diet helps celiac sufferers regain and maintain good health. Prior to the diagnosis, my daughter suffered nearly all of the known symptoms. While she was under doctor's care, her mother stumbled upon web information about celiac and shared it with our daughter. She then spoke to her doctor and went through the screening, confirming the diagnosis. It was a long road getting there, but our daughter's health has improved a great deal with the strict diet.
03:43 PM on 10/01/2009
My husband had severe ulcerative colitis, high white blood count, heartburn, and various rashes. Physician starting to offer surgery for the worst of his gut. $600 for meds each month. Then, he was laid off, lost our health insurance. I went on line to try to find answers. It didn't take too long to come up with Celiac sprue. He is gluten free, dairy free, and med free today. He is not even interested in doing the test, as one has to eat gluten first. I am also gluten intolerant, so finding an answer in that direction was not hard for me. We recently removed all gluten from our home, and our daughter, age 5 with Downs Syndrome is now regular for the first time in her life.

This is not an uncommon problem any longer. Doctors need to know the symptoms and test for it.

Gluten is so's in the pills we use to make ourselves feel better. Vitamins, prescribed's every where. I now cook everything from scratch and READ every label that comes into our house.
03:36 PM on 10/01/2009
Very informative. Thanks for the info.
Grapes of Wrath!
03:21 PM on 10/01/2009
Food, the right foods are your medicines in life!