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06:54 AM on 04/18/2013
That's only the tip of the iceberg. Many more cheats in local and fed government agencies. Find them and lock them them up.
06:46 AM on 04/18/2013
According to most of the liberal's that respond on here all say there is no such thing as welfare fraud.
05:56 AM on 04/18/2013
They threaten citizens with jail & confisication of their property, so if they are convicited do the same for them.
Joe Cottereaux
07:57 AM on 04/18/2013
vacation at Club Fed at tax payer expense, no biggie
02:01 PM on 04/18/2013
also guilty until proven innocent and no attorneys allowed like they do small business raids!
Who's in charge here!
05:23 AM on 04/18/2013
Shouldn't the members of congress then be subject to arrest? They get salaries and benefits and perks of all kinds under the guise of "working" for the American people.
05:16 AM on 04/18/2013
Gubmint in action......Aint it grand?
cant say he SUX, but there is a Leadership Vacuum
03:29 AM on 04/18/2013
Now I am not trying to excuse their actions, God knows your suppose to report your income when you draw benefits, But these people, were probably seasonal Term, working for $14 a hour, 7 months a year, and furloughed for 5 during down time, recalled when the budget supported it, and let go when it didn't, Paying college loans. As a GS4 tax auditor requires a 2 year degree and a GS5 4 years They probably bounced back and forth to unemployment throughout the year based on the needs of the Government, and the amount of tax forms that came in , limited to a 3 year contract, and not allowed to use the system to transfer to a full time position. some of these people work 8 hours a day at sears or maces, and another 8 hours at the IRS, and others run to the unemployment office every time they got a fellow notice. welfare is incouraged in today’s society, and some people resort to it because they have to, while others are just too lazy to work, it’s a shame anyone would abuse it, But I am sure it happens often, by people blaming the wicked companies to justify their theft, because they feel entitled, by a system has failed them. Unable to build any seniority, because every few years congress moves the processing center to their state, and closes down one in another tradeing jobs to pass bills, and thousands get hired here and fired there.
05:49 AM on 04/18/2013
they stole, they are crooks, what is it you don't get?
03:29 AM on 04/18/2013
If this is any demonstration of how our government is cutting fraud and waste we are in real trouble.
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03:26 AM on 04/18/2013
Another Washington corruption.
This is the agency that will come after anyone who does not have ObamaCare coverage.
03:14 AM on 04/18/2013
Wow, they only stole that much, they must be on the bottem of the totum pole. One senator can steal that in a day. Crooked bankers,politicians,and lawyers getting billions and they pretend to be doing something by giving us this.
Once more into the fray, into the last fight...
03:13 AM on 04/18/2013
IRS,..........just another abbreviation for MAFIA................!!
Once more into the fray, into the last fight...
03:10 AM on 04/18/2013
Well, .......while you're writing/indicting these Fed employees which should be done, about we write up some "WARRANTS" for "illegal aliens" that have been living off the Government dole for years??!! Instead of giving them a "FREE PASS" to the the benefits of living here, whatever they may be..............FED EMP'S signing up for unemployment, food stamps, housing,...who wants to bet what colo........they are?
02:50 AM on 04/18/2013
'OBAMARAMICS' Chicago style who's gunna check on us checkers the whole works is crooked from the top down it's all about your wallet and OBAMAS claws
lee young4
facts do matter
04:21 AM on 04/18/2013
You got it bad.
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02:33 AM on 04/18/2013
Well, thats what you get when you let gov`t run your lives, they STEAL from all of us..!
Ther is NOT ONE INNOCENT gov`t employee that HASNT stolen from us all...!!!
01:49 AM on 04/18/2013
See what happens when you allow Criminals to run things!!
Hunter on
Reagan conservative and proud of it
01:41 AM on 04/18/2013
I wonder if they're the same IRS employees who owe millions in back taxes? Waste and fraud are rampant with a government that spends over $3,600,000,000,000 per year! Give them a trial, if they are found guilty make an example out of them by giving them LIFE in prison! Many of us just sent checks to Washington, and I don't know about you, but I don't believe I'm getting any where near my money's worth!