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10:27 AM on 04/25/2013
Good for you, kid. The smartest people in that business write and direct.
Drama Llama
10:26 AM on 04/25/2013
Was that considered acting before?
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10:16 AM on 04/25/2013
I like action hottie MR. She's a action chick who makes makes sci fi action flicks worth watching. She should continue to act for a few more years before she starts writing and/or directing.
10:07 AM on 04/25/2013
I was responding to the slideshow of 50 most beautiful latinos in Hollywood.

But if I was talking about Michelle Rodriguez, I hope she takes a leaf from Sydney Pollack's book and frequently inserts herself into the film. Then she can enjoy the best of both world's and viewers can enjoy her talents.
10:05 AM on 04/25/2013
Think I'm gonna miss all the ways she ends up dying in about every movie she has been in...not often once sees their character killed all the time..
Ollie Bee
10:23 AM on 04/25/2013
Best death was "Resident Evil" though.
Ollie Bee
10:25 AM on 04/25/2013
Oh... and she went out hard in "Avatar" too. Forgot about that.
10:04 AM on 04/25/2013
You left out Paz Vega?????
My bible is the US Constitution
10:41 AM on 04/25/2013
Really? Now that's a true travesty. I'd like to butter her little muffin!
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11:53 AM on 04/25/2013
Someone had to make room for Pitbull. /s
10:02 AM on 04/25/2013
Another misleading headline. Does this sound like quiting permanently for you or a break? "The truth is I’m about to say goodbye to acting for a minute" A MINUTE.
09:59 AM on 04/25/2013
Isn't it hilarious when gorgeous, sexy women who have made their fame and fortune on their looks and talent in front of the camera say that they are quitting "for a minute", "and bye bye everybody" (how old is she by the way to use language like that). Who's begging her to stay, by the way? If she wants to write, what's stopping her? If she wants to marry a manly man, become pregnant and stop working, what's stopping her? Why doesn't she just "do the cutoff" (does she mean bluejean shorts?) and leave? I think we all know the answer. Her difficult period had more to do with her own habits and less to do with the habits of the metrosexuals that "get their nails done more than me" and what does she mean exactly when she said that she "partied hard"? It's shameful and insulting to demean women in such an obvious way. Grow up, Michelle, get into recovery, take three years off and then see if anyone will care how you feel about anything. WHO ARE THESE WOMEN?
Heeeeeey, yuh talkin tuh me buddy?!?!?!
09:57 AM on 04/25/2013
It may be best she's behind the camera. I enjoyed seeing her act, but Hollywood sure has a way of stereotyping people...and she definitely has been. I hope her success...especially in an industry that's dominant the Queen's subject's...or "agenda" friendly.
09:51 AM on 04/25/2013
quit acting? didn't realize she had started
09:26 AM on 04/25/2013
I'm sure I'm going to be alone in this, but I never liked Rodriguez as an actor anyway. I never was able to buy her "rough girl" persona; scowling a lot doesn't make you look tough. I will not miss her and I hope that she can do a better job as a director.
10:08 AM on 04/25/2013
How many variations of "Pissed off" can she makes?
10:24 AM on 04/25/2013
That's exactly what I mean!  It wasn't even entertaining the first time and it just got worse and worse.  I actually don't want to see the new "Fast" movie because her and Vin Diesel together will be the most pissed off brooding couple ever on film.
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10:29 AM on 04/25/2013
"I never was able to buy her "rough girl" persona"

Wouldn't that be more an issue of the roles she is offered?

If you are asked to play someone 'tough' then that's all you can do - play what the director tells you to play - the best you can.

And if she never looks the part (to your satisfaction) - that's a problem with the casting directors selecting the wrong actress (again, to your satisfaction).
11:26 AM on 04/25/2013
The roles she's offered, or the roles she accepts?  I was always under the impression that the actor chose the role.  But you're right, this is just my opinion.  And other women have played a tough role and came off much more believable than Rodriguez. 
because the truth hurts
09:00 AM on 04/25/2013
id love to see if could wear her out

you know...for science...
Rethink that...
08:56 AM on 04/25/2013
She isn't a very good actor, anyway. Maybe she'll do better as a camera person.
08:54 AM on 04/25/2013
Good for her!
08:42 AM on 04/25/2013
The greater LA metro area has 18 million people.. Beleave me it has all types....If your hanging out in clubs and ritzy shopping areas then your purposely limiting your exposure..Its not the city it's you.