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11:20 PM on 05/04/2013
So while Obama and company are playing grab-butt with each other, the Israelis are actually doing something about chemical weapons in Syria? Good for them.
Remember John Lennon:Power To The People!
12:08 AM on 05/05/2013
the Israelis are actually doing something about chemical weapons in Syria?
What did they do? Make their own determination, without the support of their ally the U.S. or the International Community? So Bibi is behaving like a rogue Dictator, and we should applaud?
12:16 AM on 05/05/2013
70,000 dead in Syria and *Bibi* is the one behaving like a rogue dictator?

And yet you would have us believe that you don't simply dislike Jewish people.
04:17 PM on 05/05/2013
They're hurting muslims, so yes, we should applaud.
05:22 AM on 05/05/2013
But what are the Israelis doing about themselves - thats the real issue. They are known as the USA`s toxic child and its a good description. Are you not at all concerned about the `chemical weapons` story. Does it not sound just a little similar to Iraq or do you never bother about joining things up?
04:15 PM on 05/05/2013
They're killing muslims.. so good for them.
10:20 PM on 05/04/2013
You know that if this was any other country this would be an act of war.
Remember John Lennon:Power To The People!
12:09 AM on 05/05/2013
It is now.
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the baron
09:34 PM on 05/04/2013
Israel just got a load of money from the u.s.
09:30 PM on 05/04/2013
If you arm the rebels they will use them to shoot Americans.There is no definitive proof of the use of gas in Syria .There is a great possibility however ,that if gas were used ,it would be by the rebels in hopes of garnering American support AGAINST Assad.
Lets not be B.S,ed into a war in Syria like we were in Iraq, by the Bush administration.
Lou Jack
09:47 PM on 05/05/2013
I --painfully--- agree with that.

There will always be a serious and stiff price to pay for tribalism of any sort.

Much more one based on needless Religious hatred - which has not one single reasonable premise for justification, since there is but one God.
08:41 PM on 05/04/2013
Brilliant news.
08:41 PM on 05/04/2013
Thank goodness. Now they can start on the rest of the Al lot. Hopefully wipe the lot out.
08:40 PM on 05/04/2013
Go on Israel......Then start on Ir.n and then Pa..t.n then all other Mus..s You can do it.....Flat...n the lot of the fil...h.
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08:14 PM on 05/04/2013
Yes, Israel. Yes.
07:43 PM on 05/04/2013
Stay with me here. No WMD's were found in Iraq, just the EQUIPMENT for their manufacture, provided to them by Russia, Germany and France; so where did all the WMD's go? How about Syria?!! Now that they have revealed them by using them against their own people, Obama's has called their number, and to keep himself looking clean @ home, he send's his new found pal's in Israel out to make sure those WMD's will never fall into the hands of Iran or any terrorist organizations. No one wants to talk about nthe Elephant in the room here, but the upshot of all this is that
1 George W. Bish was absolutely correct; and there was valid reason for going to war in Iraq but as usual, the CIA was a day late and a $ short by the time the troops got there with the WMD's having already been removed to Syria and possibly other points unknown as of yet!
2 Obama and his Regime and supporters have made a career and habit of blaming Bush for everything since Christ was crucufied; so he certainly cant come out now and admit any such thing; or he would be out there thumping his chest for the slobbering media propogandist who put, and have sweated feverishly to keep him in office.
LOL, I supose the old addage "The devil is always in the details" will always apply, no matter what.
ambidextrous winger
08:39 PM on 05/04/2013
Do you really think that Saddam Hussein would give Syria WMD's , they were not allies!

I think that fact that Bush had bad Intel is way more likely, considering he was planning to invade Iraq no matter what happened!
09:50 PM on 05/04/2013
You are spot on! Bush was an oil man going after an oil territory. WMD was an excuse.
01:06 PM on 05/05/2013
You THINK?  You have more than proven you are NOT capable of independent thought!  Go pass out clown.
To be free is better than to be unfree – always
09:26 PM on 05/04/2013
In October 2003, the US intelligence community publicly pointed for the first time to transfers of WMD from Iraq to Syria. The Director of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, James Clapper, said it linked the disappearance of Iraqi WMD with the huge number of Iraqi trucks entering Syria before and during the US invasion; based on satellite imagery, it assessed that these trucks contained missiles and WMD components. Shipments to Syria were supervised by Saddam’s most loyal intelligence agents. Once the shipments were made, these agents would leave and the regular border guards resumed their posts.
12:12 AM on 05/05/2013
You may have failed to note that those claims by the CIA were repudiated. Cheney's office ordered a great many reports falsified. The daily mail will print ANYthing the right-wing says.
Life is about the journey, not the destination.
07:27 PM on 05/04/2013
People never learn do they? I think someone's been spiking the water around the globe. How long do you think it'll be now before the US get involved, then the UN, then the UK... and we'll still be there in 20 years time. Nothing changes, different place, same wars. Buckle your seat belts everyone, because here we go again.
09:36 PM on 05/04/2013
We have to cut all kind of services to children,the elderly and the poor and sick ,because we simply cannot afford it.We can however, come up with a trillion dollars to piss away in Syria
Life is about the journey, not the destination.
09:08 AM on 05/05/2013
I know, our children and families are dying and starving. Our vulnerable are living in a cold room in the dead of winter because they have no support, no heating, families are losing their homes left, right and center. I'm with you on this one. I don't like it either. It's amazing that we come up with these trillions to help others out, yet we are cutting our own welfare systems because we can't afford to help our own vulnerable. I understand it, and agree with it. Unfortunately we are in this day and age, where we signed up to a whole host of policies stating we would help. So where does this 'extra' money come from? They print it in the back of parliament on the photocopier? They borrow more? Where is the money, have they hidden it?
09:20 AM on 05/05/2013
So very true
11:36 AM on 05/05/2013
And hopefully Russia get involved too. Would like to see Russia and Iran help syria and nuke Isreal. and all arab states should turn on USA. USA and Isreal are the cause off all unrest.
07:23 PM on 05/04/2013
Long overdue!
cant say he SUX, but there is a Leadership Vacuum
06:42 PM on 05/04/2013
You know if isreal told you they had a red line, you would not be snickering under your breath, Hell who am I kidding, Holding your side and rolling on the floor.
09:37 PM on 05/04/2013
First of all Israel is not going to tell you they have a re line.You will know it ,when you cross it.
To be free is better than to be unfree – always
06:20 PM on 05/04/2013
Notice two things. First, HP reported during the week Syrian anti-aircraft would pose a major threat to any U.S. imposed no-fly zone. That point is now moot. Israel has the intel to find tactical targets and defeat Syrian defensive positions. Two, no news outlet has reported whether Israel detroyed this weapons depot from inside Syrian airspace or without leaving it's own. The last time Israel struck inside Syria was to destroy arms being tranferred between Syria and Hezbollah. After that strike there was rampant whining on this thread regarding Israeli violations of Syrian airspace. It turns out Israel never left their own airspace on that mission. But guess what? Israel never confirmed it. . . and they never will.

To: Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran and all terrorists: Beware! You are vulnerable! And Israel knows where you are!!!!!!!!!
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08:47 PM on 05/04/2013
Another fool.......

Israel, aided by the US have invaded Lebanon several times, bombed the country regularly and done all they can to smash Hizbollah, but each and every time they have failed and each time they have come away with a bloody nose.

You don't mess with Hizbollah, they are the premier league and make groups like Hamas like like school-children. They have got drones now too, primitive but the technology all the same and have been sending them into Israel testing their defence for some while.

Jolly good I say, it;'s high time someone stood up to Israel and put this rogue state in their place, they seem to think they can act with complete and utter impunity and do whatever they want continually breaking international law.

Israel are getting worried, and well they might as they have the last 40 years of treating their neighbours like dirt all pent up and ready to boil over, not helped of course by the US and their complete inability to see fair play in the region and stop Israel continually breaking international law and stealing more land.

So what do Israel do, knock it up another level by insisting Hizbollah have chemical weapons, even though their leadership has publicly stated they consider chemical weapons un-Islamic and they would never use them.

Israel on the other hand hold a huge NBC arsenal undeclared, built in total secret and subject to no inspection whatsoever.

Hypocrisy at it's finest.
To be free is better than to be unfree – always
09:05 PM on 05/04/2013
You are a supporter of terror. That is sad and dangerous. I am tempted to be insulted by your name calling. I have never seen the need for that in a forum where people utilize their freedom of speech to communicate their opinions. Unfortunately, it is common among your ilk. So you believe a Hezbollah proclamation denouncing chemical warfare as "un-Islamic?" I will leave it to the readers to determine for themselves which one of us is a fool.
11:07 PM on 05/04/2013
death to terror and their supporters
05:38 PM on 05/04/2013
Ah democratic warmongering at its finest.
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09:19 PM on 05/04/2013
We like to kid ourselves but what we live in is only a veneer of democracy.

Many supposed democratic nations aren't..

Israel the subject of this article isn't democratic and has racist and apartheid laws, even the UK political system is a bare shadow of democracy with things like it's party whip system and it's all been engineered over generations.

Like the US the UK is now being run by lobbyists and people in the shadows with money.

People like Murdoch who influence policy at the highest level.

America has not had an election in the last 30 years without a Clinton or a Bush on the ticket. Israel is the same, all their top politicians have held office for generations and power has been passed around by a handful of individuals.

Obama broke the mould in the US, but already the Republicans are lining up baby Jeb in an attempt to make him the third Bush in office and Hilary may even run as well, making it Bush v Clinton once again.

This is not democracy.
Remember John Lennon:Power To The People!
12:23 AM on 05/05/2013
Obama broke the mould in the US
He could not have done that, and navigated as well as he has, without the Clinton's support....both of them. I still consider them a team, working around a lot of what's been blocking our true progress.
01:25 AM on 05/05/2013
We are republic - never have been purported to be a 'democracy'....
05:27 PM on 05/04/2013
Just looks like another provocation by Israel. They are clearly trying to provoke a wider war in order to drag this country into another regional war in the Near East.
06:10 PM on 05/04/2013
Hardly, they are worried about Iran. If lebanon has loads of missles to fire it will be a major distaction for the military if they have to attack Iran to prevent nuclear armegadon. It may or may not include us but I do believe that Pres. Obama is too weak to defend our allies.
Remember John Lennon:Power To The People!
12:31 AM on 05/05/2013
but I do believe that Pres. Obama is too weak to defend our allies.
In order for President Obama to appear strong, to Americans, all he has to do is keep resisting any attempts by Netanyahu to manipulate the United States. The United States is the Super Power of the World, it is our Military Might, that allows us to aid and help others working within the International Community. We'll call the shots.....unless Bibi's decided he's "strong enough" to take on the whole World, all by himself...

Has Netanyahu made that declaration? Has he indicated he's that strong, to pull that off?

Reminds me of the Gun Lobby here, thinking they'd stand a chance with their mini-arsenals, and need them to 'defend' against our Govt.

Hilarious, if you all weren't serious.
Daveed M
The Truth Hurts
06:15 PM on 05/04/2013
So you would be happy for terrorist on your door step gaining weapons to kill your people?
Well Israel won't, and good on them.
If Israel didn't target then and terrorists fired from Gaza, Israel attacked, killed innocents, then you would be happy to condemn Israel
07:14 PM on 05/04/2013
the terrorists only come from the countries you invade or try to destabilize, is you country not big enough ?