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06:27 PM on 05/13/2013
I honestly do not think she looks awful or bad at all. I've seen worse cases - I can't remember their names but there are a number of male actors who have worse skin then hers, and they are on t.v. and the movies all the timne. I wouldn't even call it a plague - I was thinking the flesh eating disease necrotizing facitis (sp) when I saw the headlines. BTW I knew someone who had it and needed skin grafts and now that's scarring! Luckily he had it on his leg but he's hesitant to wear shorts, and he suffers from long term health probs because of it. What this lady has is really nothing, maybe traumatic to her but overall in all the skin diseases it's not that bad.
06:14 PM on 05/13/2013
irs only shin deep,,, people will love you just the same on matter what
06:13 PM on 05/13/2013
I have said for years and years that it is HOLLYWOOD (and those who run Hollywood) that has, since the invention of the camera, tried to brainwash everyone into what "Hollywood's" idea of beauty is!!
05:38 PM on 05/13/2013
Some of us with neurofibromatosis (NF) know what it is like to live with a disfiguring disorder - one where there is no cure or effective treatment. NF causes tumors to grow anywhere in or on the body. My body - including my face - is covered with pea sized benign tumors. I have had surgery to remove the larger ones, but since NF is progressive, it is sometimes not worth it. By the way, they used to call NF elephant man's disease, but they have since discovered that Joseph Merrick, in fact had proteus symdrome. It is more prevalent than Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington's Disease and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy combined - yet many people have never heard of it. One in every 3,000. So I guess I'm saying I could live with acne.
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06:40 PM on 05/13/2013
According to Wikipedia there are only 120 known cases of Proteus Syndrome worldwide. Is that an error? You said that Proteus Syndrome is more prevalent than Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington's Disease, and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy combined.
09:21 PM on 05/13/2013
I believe bluemary is saying that neurofibromatosis (NF), is more prevalent than those other three diseases combined.
09:33 PM on 05/13/2013
neurofibromatosis affects about 1 in 4,000
(in US) and in severe cases can be extremely debilitating/disfiguring
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11:15 PM on 05/13/2013
I googled NF because I've never heard of that and I came across this article: I have Vitiligo, Hashimotos, and a few cysts on my back that I've heard might be tumors (dr's didn't know for sure). I have nothing on my face and I'm white so the Vitiligo doesn't look so severe but people do still stare sometimes. According to that article NF might be next for me which is scary mainly because I already have something that isn't that severe and people still stare I can only imagine what it would be like if I got that. I'm doing GAPS which is good for autoimmune diseases so hopefully it helps. I started it because I have Aspergers but then discovered its an extension of the SCD diet (people with Crohn's disease do SCD a lot) and its been shown to help with autoimmune stuff. Anyways so you might want to check into GAPS or SCD because it might help and trying isn't going to hurt anything. My mom has Lupus and social anxiety disorder and has been implementing a couple of GAPS/SCD things (probiotics, more protein) and has seen a slight improvement so that gives me some hope and hopefully it does for you too:).
05:32 PM on 05/13/2013
I would rather live with scars on my face than the ones on my brain that is called Multiple Sclerosis. I would give anything to walk normally, be fatigue free, be able to feel my fingers and toes, and so many other things. While I see where she is coming from, there are worse things in life to have to live with.
07:27 PM on 05/13/2013
You are so right and there are some who do not have hands or feet, who would love to walk, be it awkward or not, just to stand and walk, move their limbs would be a joy. So to us all who are alive and have breath in our bodies: Look Up and Live, do good with what you have been given. Be thankful with the time you have.
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08:47 PM on 05/13/2013
That there are people who have no hands or feet do not make ME feel any better about my lack of coordination; I have cerebral palsy. It doesnt affect Cheryl either, in truth. Its rather patronizing to say we should feel good about our klutziness because others are worse. I dont. And I bet neither does she.
06:00 PM on 05/14/2013
Someone who may not have hands or feet or severe acne scars does not know what I go through on a daily basis. I live with pain 24/7, would love to feel "normal". When someone has a visible disability people don't really look twice and understand what is going on. Me, you cannot see my disability and have had people accuse me of being drunk because of my balance. I pray everyday for a cure for MS, so I may live the life I lost 7 years ago due to this devastating disease. I would love to ride a bike again, hiking in the mountains, jog with my husband. I bet the woman with the acne scars can still do all those things. I would trade places with her in a heart beat and I bet she would be grateful to have those scars and not mine. That is the point I was making.
05:21 PM on 05/13/2013
"I would like to slap the photographer/marketer/promoter who created Twiggy. Her popularity led my generation of women to stay perpetually hungry."
I find it really sad and hypocritical that thinness gets such a bad rep but no one seems to want to slap the person who decided breast implants were in. I have never felt the desire to starve myself, food is amazing, but have suffered immense pain growing up in a society that says you are only beautiful if you are a C cup or greater.
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08:29 PM on 05/13/2013
Oh Really? My DDD were nightmares in grade school. My mother was appalled and embarrassed.I can't tell you how many women have suggested I have a reduction. Guys have a hard time looking at my eyes. There are two sides to every story and we ALL just need to be who we are and if we aren't acccepted.
04:54 PM on 05/13/2013
It is such a shame that we have been conditioned to think "beauty" has but one look. That we allow our appearance to dictate every aspect of our lives from how much or what we eat, to what we wear, to how our skin looks or what our eye color is........always "fixing or working on" something to make us "better" than we are naturally.

To think that our appearance determines whether we get a particular job or promotion, we catch the love of our dreams or, how we perceive that our children should look, etc. is a sad commentary on us as a whole. Good thing that God didn't follow that same criteria when he made us or else, he would still be working on trying to perfect the blueprints.........we would never have "been."

The chic in the video really didn't add anything to the piece and, whether or not the gal with the affliction can do something to make herself not so self conscious is strictly, her choice. All of the surgeries, medicines, ointments, etc. won't make her a more beautiful person unless what's on the inside is beautiful first. That part can't be bought or bartered or gifted.........Maybe once we get that inside part working as it should then, the rest will fall into place by itself. Hope so.
06:37 PM on 05/13/2013
For what it's worth, I've always valued natural beauty -- in many of its forms -- over the dolled up, heavily manicured/pedicured, coiffed, and made up. Yuck.
ramblin' man
08:34 PM on 05/13/2013
I am all for natural, unmade-up women who are comfortable with their self-image....I have been married to one for 38 years.
08:34 PM on 05/13/2013
Yes, there is something to be said about "natural beauty"......Number one, unlike make-up, it doesn't clog the pores.............Thanks for the down to earth point of view.
04:54 PM on 05/13/2013
The comment on Twiggy was unwarrented. What does this author propose to know about thin people? I was called "Twiggy" most of my grade- and middle-school life. I didn't starve myself. I didn't "Diet" on lettuce. I ate like a horse and was still branded with a name that would shame a stick. Also, just so you know, I was thought of being as extremely unattractive...even more so than those who were morbidly obese.
04:33 PM on 05/13/2013
Matthew 5:14-16 expresses your blessing ...
14 You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. 15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light unto all that
are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
You have turned your affliction into an asset with God's help!
04:32 PM on 05/13/2013
I believe beauty is a state of being. Attractiveness is probably a judgement of the beholder.
04:20 PM on 05/13/2013
I want to slap your dermatologist. I am an esthetician, and I work with people every day who have acne scars, melasma, pits, and unevenness. Lazers would help, chemical peels would help. She doesn't have to spend the rest of her life feeling sorry for herself for her scars or her appearance. See a plastic surgeon, or a GOOD dermatologist. I woprk hand in hand with one now, and we see tons of cases of cystic acne. We never say "sorry, but you're going to be scarred for life" we work with the patient/client for the best results. Sounds like she had a bad doctor, and never fixed her issues. There is more than Accutane, and good hygeine, peels, exfoliation, and regular visits will go a long way towards preventing scarring. After it heals, peels, lazers, and other procedures will repair the scarring. Change your appearance if you're unhappy, don't wallow in it.
04:57 PM on 05/13/2013
Or she could do the unthinkable in your world and use her money to do something other than make herself look like others think she should look. She could learn to accept herself just as she is intead of making herself into someone else's version of what they think she should look like and at her expense in all meanings of the phrase.
05:01 PM on 05/13/2013
I agree - if they can fix scars from accidents they can fix scars from acne too. And why wouldn't you exhaust all resources finding the right procedure? Strange article...
04:13 PM on 05/13/2013
It only bothers people if it shows that it bothers YOU.

I had a dear college friend whose face was badly scarred by acne. He was a kind, gentle soul and his facial disfigurement and the college coeds derision of him due to it were not permitted to undermine the goodness of that young man.

I was proud to call him my friend. One must keep in mind the words of Samuel to David and his father: Man looks on the outward appearances, but the Lord looks at the heart. Good words to keep in mind.
Luke, I am your goiter!
04:54 PM on 05/13/2013
Yes, Man does look at the outward appearance and it is one thing to say that he shouldn't but it is quite another to have to live with people who stare and whisper behind other people's backs. People are tactless and can be quite cruel and that does wear on a person's self esteem as it continues year after year.
A lot of these designers are to blame for anorexic girls and photographers airbrushing photographs for women's/girls magazines, making them feel less than and lacking; these designers/photographers share the responsibility for women's lack of self worth.
06:40 PM on 05/13/2013
So does Woman look at the outward appearance. People of substance look deeper. If there are not as many people of substance, then it can lead to all sorts of shallow, cruel, and childish things we have been reading among these posts.
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04:04 PM on 05/13/2013
You're still beautiful.
04:02 PM on 05/13/2013
What I'd like to know is, what does the video have to do with this greatly less than tragic story of a woman who has/had acne? I watched the airhead in the video and read the story and rapidly concluded I had just wasted 10 minutes. With so many truly serious problems occurring in the world today the faux tragedies of these two, pale in comparison. To the model: If you feel guilty because you've benefitted unjustly because of your beauty...Become a nun, or nurse, or recluse. To the woman with acne scars: If you're truly traumatized...Find a plastic surgeon. Your scars an be erased with a few simple procedures.
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04:18 PM on 05/13/2013
You're braver than I am - I could only listen for 1:30 and had to stop the video. That fake, breathy laugh was too much to bear.
04:46 PM on 05/13/2013
You are incorrect about a plastic surgeon being able to erase the scars. I had a pretty heavy duty C02 laser, which completely crusted my face (sorry - I am being gross), back in the late 90s. While I saw a pretty good reduction, the deeper craters did not go away.
03:43 PM on 05/13/2013
Never judge a book by its cover. That saying is as apt today as it ever was. When you meet someone always look for what is inside. A truly good individual will shine through, not through looks but in the way this person treats and talks to others.