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02:53 PM on 05/14/2013
This climate change thing is real. Where I live, it is so much warmer now than it was just 4 months ago.

Also, sunny yesterday, cloudy today and maybe rain tomorrow.

05:41 PM on 05/14/2013
aaaah! what are we going to do? This morning was awfully cool. Then the sun came up and it became warm! Now it's evening... and it's cool again! AAAAAH!!! what the heck are we going to do with the weather changing so frequently???? This kind of stuff happens everyday so so much so that we call it the climate.! aaaahhhh! help us!
06:14 PM on 05/14/2013
[Yes, but dont let that sway you. There is no conclusive scientific evidence that it wont be considerably cooler in say, another 4 or 6 months.]
02:51 PM on 05/14/2013
Nothing short of a mass extinction event will stop what our species is doing to the planet. Everyone is too busy tweeting about their lattes to notice anything less than a cataclysm.
02:37 PM on 05/14/2013
This is truly a religion now.

Bad things happen – it’s God's plan
Good things happen - it’s God's plan
Nothing happens - it’s God's plan

Just replace God’s plan with Global Warming (er, climate change)
02:27 PM on 05/14/2013
Dr. Kaplan has pinpointed several issues ... ostensively irreversible levels of atmospheric CO2 levels. Thus the theoretical prediction that humans are in fact destroying their own and everything else's habitation ("planets hair is on fire" .. a beautiful line and quintessential Kaplan). He then adds that brutal reality isn't as sexy as watching titillating morbid episodes of aptly described news porn (the Jodie Arias case soon to be over shadowed by James Holmes soon to be over shadowed be Ariel Castro soon to be over shadowed by ....). So there is a huge problem with focus and attention. Finally, his theme throughout many of his blogs, INERTIA ... the lack of united American action in meaningful ways when confronted with even the potential threat of human and earth destruction. It reads as he suggests like science fiction ... What DOES it take (other than an alien invasion) to mobilize people to turn their attentions towards real threats and DO SOMETHING? I am joking and I as a student of Maya archaeology I AM joking when I add that maybe the Maya were right about the End of the World? What they didn't predict is that instead of the Gods causing the End it would be US. I am always impressed by Dr. Kaplan's writing .. he condenses complex and at first view dissimilar concepts into a powerful read.
Jim Milks
02:22 PM on 05/14/2013
It would probably take an alien spaceship landing to make the US take global warming seriously.
02:22 PM on 05/14/2013
How much of a carbon tax are you proposing?

What would be the impact of such a tax on the economy and unemployment?

How can you ensure that China and India will follow with carbon reducing plans?
02:09 PM on 05/14/2013
To make a statement like that, that is so patently unverifiable, deserves to be ignored.
01:58 PM on 05/14/2013
No matter if it is pollution, guns, banks, pharmaceuticals or other, special interest groups lead Congress by the “nose“. Under current rules, politicians will go for the big campaign donations that special interest groups can easily award to either or both main parties. Special interest groups know that, in return for big campaign donations, they can get any legislation they want or can kill any legislation they do not want.
To free politicians from special interest control, we need a new way to fund Congress member political campaigns. Our Nation and the US Treasury would be far better served if Congress developed and approved legislation for a new public mass media provision that sufficiently supports all party Congress member election and reelection campaigns.
A microbio! How cute! :)
01:58 PM on 05/14/2013
What will catch attention? Next flooding of the NYC subway. On its way shortly, again and again.
01:48 PM on 05/14/2013
The reason no one takes the alarmists seriously is because they've been crying wolf for a long time and now take the easy route of renaming from "global warming" to "climate change" so any weather event is blamed on "global warming" but then when it doesn't suit them, they tell us that no one weather event can be pin pointed to global warming. As per the IPCC, himalayan glaciers were supposed to melt by 2035 ...until they were caught red handing making up stuff and the lead author confessed to pressure. In 2005, the UN's IPCC told us that by 2010, we would have about the 50 million (50,000,000) climate refugees. So what happened to them? um.. they changed the date to 2020.

Life will go on, guys... find something better to do in the mean time. Maybe we should build a star wars program to defend us from an alien invasion. Scientist Stephen Hawkings believes that there could be aliens out there and it's likely that they will be hostile to humans. Let's not take a risk and instead let's introduce an "alien invasion defence" tax and build a star wars program.
01:38 PM on 05/14/2013
The only really effective solution to global warming is population control. Everything else merely tinkers on the margins of this problem - and it truly is a problem. Within 30 years we'll be looking at a world population of 10-12 billion up from 7.5 billion today. To imagine that this is sustainable or has a tech fix is to engage not just in magical thinking but full-on delusion.
American In Chicago
05:27 PM on 05/14/2013
The fossil fuel based economy is much more the problem than population growth. Moving away from that would be much more effective than draconian population control measures. Even at 3 billion fossil fuel consumption was producing more carbon than our environment could absorb.

Population control as a response to APGW is a pretty common petro-industry deflection. It is intended to sour the argument, make adaptation to sustainability seem more dreadful and grim than it need be. You may have internalized this.

We have developed energy intensive global production over labor intensive local production as an efficiency mostly because it offers the owners of manufacturing better profits. But, it is the energy intensiveness that leads to dangerously rising carbon levels. More local, labor intensive production would move the production and consumption of goods toward carbon neutrality and greater global economic equality. Sustainable consumption of renewable resources will support the Earth's population just fine. A growing middle class will curb population growth. Population isn't anything we need to worry about this century if we address the problems we are creating with our current population.

We may have to learn to value durability over hyper consuming trendiness, cease subsidies of meat so that other foods fill the larger portion of our diets our bodies and ecology are adapted too, but we needn't start forcing sterility on people.
01:35 PM on 05/14/2013
Can anyone explain why 10 years of cooling temperatures hasn't phased the climate change alarmist? They've just changed from screaming about warming to pretending storms are caused by climate change. There has never been a scientific study that even claimed to prove recent storms are caused by climate change. Go and try and prove me wrong if you don't believe me
All the news that gives me fits.
04:49 PM on 05/14/2013
That would just be a waste of time, because I don't need any proof to not believe YOU.
05:53 PM on 05/14/2013
Well no one is disputing that -- which means no one will be able to prove you wrong. Way to go! --They cant prove that storms are increasing because of climate change, because no one, NO ONE can accurately predict the weather. Now THAT would be sweet. And very helpful.

Hey, you know what I love. All those predictions that if a category 5 hurricane ever hit New Orleans it would be devastating. Here is a 2002 article. I cant find the documentary I saw about it in the 90's without weeding throught all the documentaries about when it DID happen. --- Just wanted to share :o)
Freeway Driving is not a Competitive Sport.
01:27 PM on 05/14/2013
Please let me recomend a documentary entitled "The Age of Stupid".
It is available on YouTube. It pulls no punches and tells it like it is.
A Must See for all skeptics and believers alike.
01:23 PM on 05/14/2013
I don't understand why we're only told of way of dealing with the problem; i.e., we must reduce carbon emissions.

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about how we might reduce CO2 that's already around, and which continues to build?

Why hasn't some genius somewhere (I'm not being sarcastic) invented some nifty little solar-powered device that can grab some CO2 and trap it, some device we could have on the rooftops of every home? Mandated by law. Or several of them.

Seriously, invent some things, get them out there - small devices that can be placed all over the place, and maybe some industrial-sized units. It wouldn't matter if such devices took a while to make a difference; what would matter is that over time they *would* make a difference and reverse the damage, even as humans continue (as they will) to pour CO2 into the atmosphere.

We're constantly told that we need carbon taxes and that we must reduce how much we dump into the air, but how about also talking about how we can get some (preferably most) CO2 *out* of the air?

So far it's a one-sided affair as far as I'm aware, and given the seriousness of the problem, that seems stupid.
American In Chicago
05:40 PM on 05/14/2013
The earth invented such miracle devices long before humans evolved. They are called forests and phytoplankton. Capitalism driven energy-intensive production and hyper-consumption is destroying the forests and killing the plankton while warming oceans is slowing the carbon conveyor which life depends on to keep the atmosphere refreshed with oxygen.

The remedy to that has also been invented. Its called socialism.
06:00 PM on 05/14/2013
I am not trying to be sarcastic, but for your middle school science teacher I am giving you an e-slap on the wrist. Here is an article, and here is an actual quote from the first paragraph of the article. "They're called trees" :o)
New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation.
Powerslave Six Six Six
01:19 PM on 05/14/2013
Maybe if we all give algore some money, he will be able to pay his electricity bill....