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JoeQPublic for President
12:16 PM on 05/17/2013
I am the first author of QUANTUM HUMANITY
On the signature page of my novel, Edge of Heaven, there is a piece of tape with my skin/DNA.
woo hoo! The first book in history to have the author's DNA! Kinky!

Besides "the first to have DNA" (marking the book's theme of human evolution from analog to digital to quantum) there's a reason for this... and another book will reveal it.
(something to do with Sextars) :-)

Stay tuned to me me me on IMDB!
Jen Celli
If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break
11:22 AM on 05/17/2013
Interesting. If we are composed of energy and that energy doesn't just dissipate when the body dies, it cycles back into the greater mass of energy around us. Why wouldn't that same energy be sentient of its new stasis?
JoeQPublic for President
12:19 PM on 05/17/2013
Energy dissipation is one thing. Quantum waves of gravity, transporting thoughts is another.
See "proof" tab on heartvote.
And have a quantum day of love!
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08:00 PM on 05/17/2013
that's right.
lots of non religious people *of which i am one* won't entertain that possibility.
someone brought to my attention once that this could be a matter of choice for the individual.
i like that idea.
JoeQPublic for President
10:52 AM on 05/17/2013
Inter-dimensional (life/death) communications is based on quantum waves of gravity, which brains have evolved for 200 million years to generate. Hollow neurons have microtubules.
See "proof" tab on my quantum politics page
William Diaz
Passive-Aggressive word salad tossed here!
09:25 AM on 05/21/2013
Lol, you are making some claim as to microtubules having some relationship to 'quantum waves' as you put it?

Science fiction is all fine and well, Im a big fan of it, but I resent when a completely ignorant view of scientific knowledge is passed off as 'fact', 'proof' or 'evidence'.

You are talking out of your protostome.

Have a great day!
11:43 AM on 06/09/2013
Sir Roger Penrose, the mathematical physicist, along with Stuart Hameroff, an anesthesiologist, are the originators of the idea that microtubules could create consciousness using a quantum entangled, binary superposition of single electrons as q-bits in the individual tubulin cells that comprise microtubules. Google Wiki Penrose Hameroff and that should get you to the relevant supporting scientific papers and articles.
09:58 AM on 05/17/2013
It would be more exciting if there were say, 1,000 "ink black-outs". Just saying.
This space reserved for self-referential irony.
09:41 AM on 05/17/2013
The term "science fiction" evolved at the turn of the century from earlier forms. Ackerman's coinage of "sci-fi" in the fifties, to mirror the audio technology of "hi-fi", was applied to the campy, low-budget and intellectually shallow product of the era. He's a legend to those who approach the subject ironically; he's a footnote to serious students of the genre.