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09:24 AM on 05/20/2013
CNN's Ted Rollins just reported that Patricia Womack, JA's childhood friend who was to testify on her behalf last week but didn't want her face or voice on camera, has backed out.
09:33 AM on 05/20/2013
Maybe she realized that even on camera/voice she has to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
10:16 AM on 05/20/2013
Yeah right! She couldn't tell the truth if her life depended on it! No pun intended. (ok, maybe a little pun! lol)
just breathe...
09:35 AM on 05/20/2013
Finally, people on "her side" are starting to see the light.
10:46 AM on 05/20/2013
That is good ! Who are you referring to ?
Kiley Glass
History, learn it or repeat it
10:58 AM on 05/20/2013
That may be because of her own history of drug abuse and child neglect, more than unwillingness to lie for Jodi.