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04:47 PM on 05/20/2013
1.40 per hour is NOT acceptable! If the job requires 5+ people at that rate to do the work of one non-disabled person, then hire one person. Paying anyone 1.40 is just exploiting the desperation of the disabled!
04:39 PM on 05/20/2013
Could it possibly also have alot to do with he fact that if these disabled workers make too much money, then, they will lose their Disability benefits, which includes medical care? As the grandparent of a disabled teenage grandson, I know that we simply could not make it without his medical that he receives under SSI. Under SSI Disability, he receives medical as well as therapies that we simply could not provide for him. These therapies are what enable him to be a functional person and contribute to society. There is more to this than meets the eye folks. However, the part about the top execs making $1M+, that needs to be fixed, immediately.
05:12 PM on 05/20/2013
So let them pay them a minimum wage and cut back their hours. No need to justify abusing the disadvantaged. Their ssi check is not enough to live on. They get medicaid. The CEOs make 1 million a year plus.
06:29 PM on 05/20/2013
I agree, but, cutting back their hours may not be a viable solution for a number of these types of workers. If they are not at work, then, where are they and what are they doing? In my mind, they are better off at work rather than sitting idle, since social skills and life skills need to be maintained with as much consistency as possible. If they are not at work, then, they are requiring someone to supervise them in another setting, which can become costly and may not be practical. Just trying to look at this from all angles.
Tom Berndt
04:22 PM on 05/20/2013
Nothing wrong here, people. Move along. Move along.
04:18 PM on 05/20/2013
Thank god someone is finally (ITS ABOUT TIME!) trying it expose this extremely corrupt multi billion dollar industry!!! Goodwill industry's board members and high level executives as well as low level executives and employees that don't even work in the stores are paid millions upon millions in salaries! Everything they sell they get free and they pay little and sometimes no tax!!! Some used donated things you find in Goodwill you can find at the same price or even cheaper new in regular stores that unlike Goodwill pay their share in taxes! It is basically free money! Billions of dollars for free every year! All while saying they are helping disabled people when they are only paying them slave wages!!! I hope a more extensive investigation is done! There are Goodwills set up all over the world! The most excepted almost invisible scam in the world!
04:40 PM on 05/20/2013
I have heard that Goodwill is profit driven, and donate my items to a fundraiser or women's shelter instead.
05:15 PM on 05/20/2013
Stopped giving them anything years ago
No wise person will claim to be wise.
05:19 PM on 05/20/2013
What you have heard is correct. Goodwill IS a totally profit-driven organization, and people should not be deceived by the name. It may, at one time, have been a humanitarian organization, but it has not been so for years. So, prior to anyone "donating" anything to them (or any such organization) they really should do their homework as many of them change over time as they get taken over by individuals who, all too frequently, are little else than self-centered individuals who place their interests ahead of those of the organization and the people they are supposedly serving.