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02:35 AM on 10/24/2009
O was Big Finances top recipient in 08 to the tune of $40 million. Might explain
why 9 months later there has been virtually nothing done to reign in Wall St's excesses.
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Disabled Vietnam Vet
04:21 AM on 10/24/2009
The Central Bankers are getting the rules togeather for a new Gloable Banking System so any laws or regualtion passed before they finish the trade and distrubution funding setup would be a waste of time.
Just ask the Trilaterial Commission.
09:00 PM on 10/24/2009
Bingo. That's the ultimate rule the world. US laws and regulation won't be able to touch them, nor will EU's or China's or anyone else's.
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02:32 AM on 10/24/2009
Why is this guy allowed even a mile away from a financial calculator, let alone a hedge fund?
Maybe third time is the charm, eh?
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12:10 AM on 10/24/2009
Can't we stick this guy out on De vil's Island or something? He's obviously dangerous.
Micki Pacific
11:48 PM on 10/23/2009
I guess he wasn't successful at completely destabilizing the global economy the first two times around. Third times a charm, right?
11:10 PM on 10/23/2009
If a doctor is convicted of malpractice he/she loses their license. A lawyer can be disbarred for unethical conduct. Pehaps we need laws to keep parasites in finance from working in that field when they have fleeced their investors. Of course the argument will be made that the money was lost due to "market forces" beyond their control
06:49 AM on 10/24/2009
That is an excellent idea and a good solution to the problem. That is why it will never happen. It seems the people who are suppose to be representing us and looking out for our interest, are in reality looking out for the interest of the financial crooks.
10:49 PM on 10/23/2009
No worries. I'm sure now that ex-GS employees have pretty much taken over all Gov financial and regulatory agencies things will be just peachy keen.
09:56 PM on 10/23/2009
Isn't this the same guy that CNBC recently interviewed? If I remember correctly, the woman doing the interview was fawning over him like he was some big financial guru.
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10:08 PM on 10/23/2009
He WAS some big financial guru, until his magic formula for pricing options failed to account for behavioral effects and brought down his hedge fund.

Just like I used to be able to make informative comments on this site, but today three of them have been scrubbed for no apparent reason.
10:36 PM on 10/23/2009
.srotaredom gnikcuF
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12:11 AM on 10/24/2009
You are not alone.
09:45 PM on 10/23/2009
The article says that his strategy takes advantage of "market inefficiencies."

Let me decode that into English. When a guy says he's making money on "inefficiencies" what he's saying is, "holy jesus I can't believe no one's stolen this money yet! Cha-ching!"

When there's money left to be stolen, the market is inefficient.
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12:13 AM on 10/24/2009
I like your explanation.
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My Micro-bio is unwritten...
09:25 PM on 10/23/2009
Well if at first you don't succeed, fail and fail again. Nice to see him back to work, blindly plugging and chugging through financial models. Hey if the model, says it is so, it must be so.

Hey, yah kids ever think of comparing your financial models to the real world and I don't mean just a tiny sliver of historical data. For example, you could look to when interest only bonds were first sold to the public and the lawsuits that claimed that Securities firms misrepresented the risk of those bonds. What was that 10, or 20 years ago, now? Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it.
08:05 PM on 10/23/2009
He should be in jail.