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05:25 PM on 05/30/2013
Great article. Thank you.
03:18 PM on 05/30/2013
And if only those atheists hung out on the internets and actually wanted to discuss things respectfully, well maybe one day.
01:10 AM on 05/31/2013
You just accused everyone who uses the internet around the world that doesn't believe in a god of being disrespectful, which is, in itself, extremely rude, close-minded, ANTAGONISTIC, AND disrespectful. You act as though you WANT a fight.

This article was WRITTEN by an atheist, and as an atheist myself, I am perfectly willing to engage in any type of intellectual discussion, philosophical, scientific OR theological.

By the way, I think the reason why Atheists are considered "disrespectful" by religious people is because we hold ourselves accountable to morals that each of us individually make, whereas the religious are SUPPOSED to hold themselves to a very well outlined moral code, so when you don't, we know you are just hypocrites.

This is one of those times Mr. "Doesn't Treat His Neighbor The Way He Would Like To Be Treated"
Dean J Smith
Trying to be rational
09:44 AM on 05/31/2013
I think one thing is people like intoxicat and their self-fulfilling prophecies. They start off saying something negative about atheists and when atheists are understandably miffed, they go: See? I told you atheists are mean! They seem completely unconscious that they're reaping what they sow.

Not that posters like drchaos and intoxicat don't have their atheist counterparts who help keep the squabbling and stereotyping alive.
09:55 AM on 05/31/2013
Sorry I don't read rants.
Dean J Smith
Trying to be rational
09:40 AM on 05/31/2013
If only theists like that hung out on the internets and actually wanted to discuss things respectfully. Well, maybe one day.
05:14 PM on 05/31/2013
Now that hope takes some faith.
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05:40 PM on 05/31/2013
I have tried with you a few times. You may want to look inward for the source of the problem.
National Atheist Examiner -
02:56 PM on 05/30/2013
I'm encouraged by those three stories as well, but I don't think every atheist needs to be on the same page. Atheism is not a religion and there is no doctrine of atheism. I support Vitsmun and Mendez, but I also support Silverman and his efforts.

Also, atheists aren't mistrusted because of billboard campaigns, be are mistrusted because the churches have demonized us for centuries and because the very fact that be don't believe is a threat to those that do believe.
02:05 PM on 05/31/2013
Regardless of the reasons why atheists are demonized, the rhetoric we choose to use IS paramount to the way we are perceived today. If we choose divisive rhetoric, then the continued division is our fault. If we choose more positive rhetoric, then it's not. We have to be better than our opponents. We have to be more civil. Otherwise, we're acting just like them.

The LGBT movement (particularly the past 15-ish years) would be a good one for us to emulate. A positive message renders positive results (and makes those who aren't accepting look more and more ridiculous as time passes).
National Atheist Examiner -
02:55 PM on 05/31/2013
I agree that we need to be civil and always respect people, but I think we should still call BS on ridiculous beliefs. If some religious leader says something silly, we should absolutely call attention to it and even mock it as being silly.
05:38 PM on 05/31/2013
Good points. Of course, LGBT folks don't go around telling straights that their gender orientation is wrong, while some atheists are every bit as evangelistic as some Christians. I'm not adverse to saying that I think religious ideas are wrong, but I try to be civil while doing it.
05:32 PM on 05/31/2013
That's why I thought it was really odd a while back to see an article about an "atheist church." Once you get past the fact that they all don't believe in a deity, what's left?
Part of me refers to itself as "I"
07:03 AM on 06/01/2013
I don't really like the atheist churches. It's a really bad idea. We already have what we need, museums, galleries, bookstores and cinemas. It's called culture and we can share it with everyone, inclusively and peacefully while acknowledging our Christian history. No need for churches. I like the idea of having somewhere to celebrate secularism, which has been the cornerstone of modern progress since the foundation of the USA. A Secularium, perhaps?
10:32 AM on 06/01/2013
Well, if I remember the article correctly, the interviewee asked that it not be referred to as a church.

I imagine that, especially in America, some people just want to be away from all the theists for a couple of hours a week.