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11:54 PM on 06/03/2013
Good intension and Traitors don’t go hand in hand.

Set an Example, life should do it.
12:00 AM on 06/04/2013
There are too many secrets kept by the government, to no point. May as well bring back the Sedition Act of 1798, which made any speech or writings against the U.S. government unlawful.
12:44 AM on 06/04/2013
There are not too many secrets. There is only that information that is classified so that the government and its agents can conduct the business of the nation from its enemies and those that would do its citizens harm. This has been proven over and over again.
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You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.
02:58 AM on 06/04/2013
Benedict Arnold had good intentions...

The founding fathers would have taken Manning out and shot or hanged him..
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11:41 PM on 06/03/2013
He is young enough to make someone a good girlfriend for a lifetime.
11:30 PM on 06/03/2013
He is a disgrace to this country, to the uniform he wears. He betrayed his country during time of conflict and should pay the maximum penality. Life in prison is too good for him.
11:53 PM on 06/03/2013
He should face a firing squad. I can't get the bleeding heart communist HP moderators to post that.
12:44 AM on 06/04/2013
Ditto Fanned. This old ex soldier will volunteer. I bet I can still shoot my old BAR.
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12:09 AM on 06/04/2013
Ya got my vote.
11:15 PM on 06/03/2013
You take the oath, put on the uniform, eat the chow, and line up on payday. Your bread is buttered on the American side. Pilgrim.
Truth requires a deeply non-religious witness.
03:22 AM on 06/04/2013
He took an oath to the Constitution, friend.

He did not take an oath to loyally protect a gang of war criminals.
11:07 PM on 06/03/2013
I have untold amounts of respect for our men in uniform. My father is a diabled Vet and I nearly followed in his foot steps into the Maries, but in the end it wasn't for me. That said, what this pfc did was a crime. He didn't just leak info he thought should be brought to light, he just gave up all he could get his hands on. There's no way that he read over all those 100s of 1000s of documents. If he had chosen one or 2 or 100 or 500 things he ACTUALLY read and thought were terrible crimes against humanity, I might, *might* have some small degree of sympathy for him, however that's not the case. Life without the possibility of parole, if not death would be my judgement.
12:46 AM on 06/04/2013
Thank your father for his service in the MARINES. As a vet I feel for him.
12:59 AM on 06/05/2013
Sorry for the typo there. And I try to thank him each and every day by living up to the example he set for me growing up.
Truth requires a deeply non-religious witness.
03:25 AM on 06/04/2013
You need to work on your reading comprehension.

" He didn't just leak info he thought should be brought to light, he just gave up all he could get his hands on..."

Read the article again.

Focus on this section:
"Out of hundreds of millions of documents he had access to as an all-source analyst, Coombs said, Manning picked only those files that he thought could help."

My father didn't just serve in the Marines, he fought on the front line.

He swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.
He did NOT swear an oath to loyally protect those guilty of war crimes.
04:11 AM on 06/04/2013
You should see the internet chats he had with this buddy. He freely admits he was just downloading material. Too sad for you to bear I am sure. Those "war crimes" were reported and investigated. Just because you and Manning did not like the outcomes does not mean that classified material should not be safeguarded. BTW, the State Department did not commit any war crimes silly. That material was classified too. I guess you never swore an oath, so I would not expect you to understand.
10:58 PM on 06/03/2013
Once again the true liberal bias of HP moderators is raising it's ugly head. They are not willing to print comments that don't support the traitor who betrayed his country, and should be shot for treason.
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01:08 AM on 06/04/2013
So how did your comment make it through?
Live long and prosper in PEACE
10:56 PM on 06/03/2013
If you think that your cause was just in releasing that Classified Information than stand up and take it like a man. Accept what ever action that the courts put on you, by standing up and pleading GUILTY. To try to hide behind the Law just proves that this CHILD did not do this for some higher calling, he did it to make a name for himself. From the looks of him, I can guess that he was picked on and harassed repeatedly in the Military. And I bet THAT is why he did it.
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01:09 AM on 06/04/2013
He DID plead guilty to several of the charges, remember?
10:41 PM on 06/03/2013
Anyone remember the WALKERS --Far more damage done then...
10:37 PM on 06/03/2013
For a naive person he seems to have a great deal of knowledge where to leak CLASSIFIED MATERIAL, Leaking classified material is against the oath he takes in his specific MOS, not to mention he leaked material in a WAR Theater about specific incidents in that very same theater, that is TREASON by definition. The material he leaked did nothing but inflame the radical Jihadists. Good intention or 15 minutes of fame? I would love to see his IQ and a Psychological Testing done especialy Axis II. I'm sure he would have high traits of Narcissistic personality with an inflated ego.
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11:44 PM on 06/03/2013
Are you speaking of the main leader?
10:34 PM on 06/03/2013
I see this another case of hypocrisy where the government goes after low ranking enlisted personnel or officials while giving a free pass to those with power and influence and if by some miracle a high ranking official gets caught pardon's get handed out.
I'm not saying what he did was right but without people like this we never would learn about the nefarious things the government has done or is doing. To me this is possibly as much or more to do about embarrassment of the things that were revealed.
If found guilty he should get the same sentence good ole Scooter received and then be commuted. Tragically, money, power and influence does have sway in our judicial system. There is not only an income gap in this country there is a Justice gap as well.
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11:46 PM on 06/03/2013
Just goes to show how much of a intellect you are, avoid exposure. you are laughable.
10:17 PM on 06/05/2013
Whatever makes you feel better LOL They say ignorance is bliss and it seems to apply to you but it's not an excuse.
10:31 PM on 06/03/2013
Our country is a military super power with many secrets to hide. The last thing we want is for our dirty laundry to be aired in public. Manning was probably too young and naïve to know this. His life is over.
10:22 PM on 06/03/2013
He betrayed our country and desrves many years at hard labor with no pardons
There is hope but not for us
12:40 AM on 06/04/2013
How did he betray his country?

By embarrassing it?
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01:11 AM on 06/04/2013
By embarrassing his country's GOVERNMENT.
10:20 PM on 06/03/2013
Who were his good intentions for? Not the American people.
10:15 PM on 06/03/2013
Do most people believe what the media tells them? Do they think there are no wrong-doings in the military? Face it, if Bush hadn't LIED us into Iraq this kid wouldn't have been there to "leak" anything. He wouldn't have witnessed the pointless killing of Iraqi civi's, or seen his American brothers and sisters injured and killed. If there were crimes committed by the military you can't count on them to be forthright about them. They're just like any other branch of government, they'll do their best to make sure nobody ever hears about them. While some things need kept secret, others need brought to light, even if it means exposing some unpleasant things that will only cause harm by embarrassing the higher-ups. If the things he passed on put anybody in harm's way, AND they can prove it, then prosecute him. Then again, put W on the stand for Valerie Plame.
10:12 PM on 06/03/2013
"Military justice is to justice what military music is to music."
— Groucho Marx