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05:53 PM on 10/29/2009
Congrats South Carolina. The union calling their strike when they did was the dumbest thing I have ever witnessed, however, boeing management has really pulled some doozies with some of their decisions and behavior.
04:27 PM on 10/30/2009
Speaking of dumbest.

What ever happened to that Boeing Fozzie Bear CEO that was bang_ing secretaries two at a time on his desk. He was a real winner!
04:28 PM on 10/29/2009
same old same old. stock market surging. more job loss. no heath care reform. no extension of unemployment benefits. more old cr4p.

good articles;

no point in voting
04:09 PM on 10/29/2009
BOEING--- Welcome to Charleston.
04:29 PM on 10/30/2009
BOEING--- Welcome to are the chains for your employees.
03:50 PM on 10/29/2009
Non-Union sealed the deal. So SC gets jobs which is a good thing but the workers will earn less than if they lived in Everett, WA which is not so good.

Boeing better be careful - SC is a little scary these days.
Integrity has no need of rules
02:51 PM on 10/29/2009
Why? No unions!
Le Panda
03:55 PM on 10/29/2009
Good right? The workers will get less pay but they'll still have jobs
09:17 PM on 10/29/2009
Yea, but does less pay mean unfair pay? Not at all. Unions don't try to get fair pay, they try to get the best pay and benefits they can. And they use coercion (strikes) as their tactic. And it works for a while, but it's NEVER sustainable. The company eventually gets torn down, the unions fall, the company moves on and reinvents itself without unions. Union workers lose their jobs...that's the long term consequence of many unions. Great pay for a while, then no job. Bad formula.
02:27 PM on 10/29/2009
same old same old. stock market surging. more job loss. no heath care reform. no extension of unemployment benefits. more same cr4p.

good articles;

no point in voting
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02:28 AM on 10/30/2009

It's never too late to give up.
N.M.E. of G.O.P.
10:44 AM on 10/29/2009
South Carolina better be careful. Importing all these college-educated "elitists" isn't going to keep their GOPs in power. And what are the South Carolinians going to say to all the international travelers coming to visit Boeing? They HATE foreigners. Why, almost every one of them is SOCIALIST, since they all have government-run healthcare. It will be fun watching the South trying to engage with the world they hate so much in this era of global trade. Their must be a whole lot of hypocrisy going on..
02:54 PM on 10/29/2009
Its a manufacturing plant not a corporate headquarters. Maybe the South will rise again (this coming from a Northerner)? It is attracting all the American manufacturing jobs that use to be in the North.
03:26 PM on 10/29/2009
thats all right...southerners are americans too !!
Moldova Marsupial
04:34 AM on 10/30/2009
Has been attracting the jobs for decades. The rise of the Sun Belt brought on the Rust Belt.
Follow the money trail
06:21 PM on 10/29/2009
So tell me how are all those Northern run auto plants doing. The ones in SC, ALA, Tenn are doing just fine.