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02:13 PM on 10/30/2009
Thanks for keeping up this important hard work, both of you.

Her supporters love the IDEA of Sarah Palin. They are completely unwilling to face the facts about the REAL Sarah Palin.

What makes her so appalling is that this is the woman who promised transparency, insisted (pre-election) that we should hold her accountable, and continues to claim falsely that she was instrumental in reforming Alaskan politics and bringing ethics back to government. The truth is, Palin is just another good ol' boy in her self-serving and manipulative brand of politics and self-aggrandizement. Her brazen flouting of the law is actually breathtaking.

I understand that this is who she is, and that the woman really can't breathe without lying. What's hard to accept is how our so-called watchdog agencies roll over every time and fail to do their duty.

The Alaska Fund Trust may be her downfall. She skated away from that ethical violation by quitting, but this slush fund is so shady that we can only hope (once again) that the feds will dare to go where state authorities won't.

Or, at the very least, a national investigative reporter. If there are any left.
02:00 PM on 10/30/2009
tHIS IS A GREAT DAY. The GGFTN The Great Grifter from the North has miscaculated as I knew that she would that she should have stayed in Alaska where she had her church people and appointed lackies to cover for her. She also miscaculated those pesky Alaskan bloggers. They through threats and no telling what else have in true American spirt endured and fought the best way
that they could. They saw a wrong and they yelled and screamed and no one listened. WE HEAR YOU NOW Mudpups, Celtic Diva,Gryphen, Bree and all the rest. I posted the other day that cracks were starting to form. Get popcorn the floodgates(house,baby,dairy,e-mail) and all the rest can't be stopped now. I thank Sarah the most though. She wanted that $100,000 grand to go and speak to the real americans in Iowa and the republicans said no. Then in true Palin fashon I never asked for the money, You exposed yourself in plain sight of people who you thought would neverdoubt you. Well they do now. Face book ain't going to save you, Fox puff pieces ain't going to help you. THE REAL MAINSTREETERS NOW WHAT YOU ARE THE GREAT GRIFTER FROM THE NORTH. thank you Sarah you finially did something for the country. You told the truth.You are what you are
01:58 PM on 10/30/2009
As usual Linda and AKM, awesome job! This is the job the MSM should be doing: dedicated hard working investigative journalism. I hope the Legislature in Alaska finally wakes up and puts laws into effect (and enforces them) so that the people of Alaska have politicians who actually do their job and serve the people who elect them. Until then as pointed out bloggers and concerned citizens have their work cut out for them. The truth will out eventually about the vindictive, petty, selfish woman that was your governor and the Republican VP candidate, and then we can all break out the champagne!
01:56 PM on 10/30/2009
I really do hope that the IRS is indeed looking at this. There is some serious grifting and cheating going on here, but it looks as though Alaska is ruled by the good ol' boys network.
01:50 PM on 10/30/2009
It's a travesty of justice that in Alaska, the only official oversight of Palin's dirty dealings is by the Attorney General (who was appointed by the Governor) and the State Personnel Board (also appointed by the Governor). The entire State government, including those tasked with responding to those long-neglected public information requests, is overseen by Palin's hand-picked appointees and cronies. The Feds really, really need to step in and investigate.
Also, as someone pointed out on The Mudflats Blog, there seems to be at least one additional glaring omission in Palin's APOC report. Where are the fees she was paid to do the interview and photo spread for Runners' World Magazine? She did that while she was still Governor, too. And lord knows, she doesn't sell herself cheaply. Does Palin REALLY think she can get away with continuing to file false government reports / tax returns with all the attention she has received lately?
Her audacity knows no bounds.
...I am Siamese if you don't please.
01:41 PM on 10/30/2009
We could credit SP for creating new jobs. It'll take a passel of Dept of Law employees to wade through all of her nonesense. She makes no more sense in writing than she does in her speech.
01:31 PM on 10/30/2009
Good work, AKM and Celtic Diva.

She's flipped off all law enforcement. If only someone in AK would have enforced the laws, but look at Veco and the Corrupt Ba$tards Club, Senators, Representatives, etc.

For a humorous yet accurate look at what others see in Palin,
01:24 PM on 10/30/2009
Thank You Celtic Diva and AKM

It's really almost ridiculous to call the document she turned in a ' disclosure statement '. It's NOT!

She has left more things off of it than what she " selectively " disclosed. If the organization or the people responsible for the oversight of these papers and documents don't throw it right back in her face and
scream " You Lied ! " and make her tell the truth... then I think a group of Citizens should get together
go after them as well for purposely letting Sarah break the Law.
Treat them just like co-conspirators for allowing this Fraud and Scam to be perpetuated. Put the spotlight on their faces as well. Can we assume that the Board is all of her ' appointed Friends'?

Even without the dozen or more other Facts you disclosed, the first one where she CLAIMS the Sponsorship was less NOW than from last year is conclusive enough on the face of it.
The Board has to apply some common sense here.

With all these outright Lies... it makes you wonder if her Attorney had to ' excuse himself ' from filling out the form. It was hand-written by Sarah. Lawyers are not allowed to Lie and break the Law. Was that the case here..? Makes you wonder.

Maybe the IRS needs to look at the Forms she filled out last year now as well. We see a pattern here.
09:53 PM on 10/30/2009
Well, she just a beauty queen, now you want such things as details on financials, important people don't have to bother with such details. Anyone remember Leona Hemsley?
01:21 PM on 10/30/2009
Sure hope the IRS is looking into this. Maybe the FBI too since the state of AK seems to let her get away with all sorts of things.

Her funny accounting and shady business dealings may be why she will not run for office. I still think she's going for a faux comedy hour. Maybe between Beck and O'Really to spout her jibberish word salad.
12:58 PM on 10/30/2009
Once $arah realized the AK legislature did not have the political will to follow through on the Branchflower abuse of power findings, she knew she was home free to blatantly grift taxpayer money and abuse her power with the Personnel Board. What else did anyone expect? It was all there to see before she ran for Gov. As mayor of Wasilla, she managed to dispose of building permits for the city so that she could build her house on the sly. She tattled on her energy board colleague for her own benefit (sorry AKs, she didn't stand up to her Party - she did the only thing she could do to cover her fan.ny and promote herself). She back-stabbed her way to the top. What did anybody expect? Sheesh! Don't get blinded by the Pretty!
12:32 PM on 10/30/2009
Thanks, Linda and AKM, for your diligence. Too bad the Personnel Board and APOC staff don't take their responsibilities to the public as seriously as you do.

Too bad also that many voters don't take their responsibility to do their homework on the candidates before stepping into the voting booth seriously. "Honest and trustworthy" does not describe Palin. I can think of multiple instances where she decided to ignore the law while she was in elected office, first in Wasilla and then in Juneau.
12:02 PM on 10/30/2009
How is value defined in the disclosure form? Is it gross income or net income? Todd could have received $ 80,000 and spent $ 77,000 of it for a net of $ 3,000. That doesn't seem a proper definition of value, but it wouldn't surprise me if that is how Sarah is treating it.

So what do other participants in the Iron Dog think? Anyone know any of the competitors who might weigh in on what sponsors typically pay?

I also noticed that the form didn't list PFD money. Did Palin and her family opt out of receiving the dividend payments.

Also isn't Todd supposed to be a Native Alaskan who receives dividend payments from his Native Association?
02:04 PM on 10/30/2009
I'm surprised OTHER racers have not come forward.

Maybe they will weigh in before it's too late. the press or somebody should be interviewing them.
The problem with that is that the Press, the ADN , has acted like an ' enabler ' to Sarah and looks the other way every time.

How does an Independent Racer feel about paying for all of this out of his own pocket..?
Todd gets a lot of it for Free and then doesn't even claim or acknowledge it.
Being the Competitors they are... don't they want an even playing field..?

5or 6 should get together and file some Legal paper to make Sarah/Todd tell the truth.
06:36 PM on 10/30/2009
I actually wanted to talk to some of the other teams, someone suggested this year's winners, Minnick/Olstad.

Until I found out that one of them worked on Todd Palin's fishing boat for two years and the other has close ties to the Palin family as well. Did I mention they were also from the Mat Su Valley?

So, if there are teams out there who are sick of the Palins they'll probably have to come to a blogger or someone in the media....hint...hint...

I know, I know...that shameless self-promotion again!
Where's the Ka-Boom?
05:06 PM on 10/30/2009
"How is value defined in the disclosure form? Is it gross income or net income? Todd could have received $ 80,000 and spent $ 77,000 of it for a net of $ 3,000. That doesn't seem a proper definition of value, but it wouldn't surprise me if that is how Sarah is treating"

It doesn't quite work that way. The disclosure form is not a tax form. Expenses have no bearing. It is simply a list of all the stuff people gave her (and/or her family), which is appropriate for people in elected positions, so the public can see who is giving what to whom and who the elected official might be giving favors to in return.

So, yeah, if the value of Todd's equipment, discounts on equipment, value of other gear, travel and lodging, food while on trail, gas while training, etc. was reimbursed by Arctic Cat, it has to be disclosed. If it was $80,000, then that's what should be on the form.

You can see how the disclosed amount of $3252 seems impossibly low under the circumstances.

Plus, there is no itemization. At the very least, the AK gov. agency involved should require more itemization and documentation (a copy of the sales receipt, for example, showing the discount).
11:45 AM on 10/30/2009
What's up with Palin not reporting the "Alaska Fund Trust" where she received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Americans all over the country? Maybe because the AFT has been frozen and under investigation, it doesn't have to be included? Well, hopefully she will use her book advance to pay her legal fees, instead of the donations from the hard-working American citizens. But, she is building a pretty swank new house on her lakefront property. Is she looking for the public to fund her extravagances, like she did with the controversial clothing budget during the campaign??
11:22 AM on 10/30/2009
I wonder if people will still think she is sexy in a orange jump suit?

I dont know if it will go that far, but what happens to regular people who hide money from the government and then lie about it?
She was an elected state official. Not good.
11:09 AM on 10/30/2009
Thanks so much for combing through the fine print of SP's "disclosure" and documenting the glaring omissions, CD and AKM! Whew!

I do hope the IRS is paying attention to that woman's ethics-free approach to her financial affairs.