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05:05 PM on 06/10/2013
It's expected that the government will take care of everything, so why should they care? All they know is, "Vote for me! The democrat party is here for you, I'll take care of EVERYTHING!"
Mrs. Peel, we're needed.
04:06 PM on 06/10/2013
This is the making of a reality show
Reflections of a dream
03:46 PM on 06/10/2013
This is not a case for child support. What we have here are people having sex and getting pregnant, regardless of consequences. The judge should throw this case out and let them handle it the best they can. He has no money, can't earn a living...let it go. Child support ideally is for broken families. Marriage should be a requirement to qualify for child support. I'll bet if either of the women had held out for marriage, he wouldn't have as many children, 22 less to be exact.
04:59 PM on 06/10/2013
“I'll bet if either of the women had held out for marriage, he wouldn't have as many children, 22 less to be exact.”

Are you serious? You must be the only one that believes that all married men are monogamous and never cheat on their wives!

What I am hearing from you is that the mothers of these children should not go after the father for help in supporting HIS children because they aren’t married? The father should just be able to spew his baby batter where ever he wants and not take any responsibility for HIS children? You must be just like him! Do you also have a mess of children that you don’t/can’t/won’t support financially?
Reflections of a dream
12:54 PM on 06/11/2013
The comments on this subject, to my response have a very distinct air about them. Including yours. You leave no room for discussion.
05:44 PM on 06/10/2013
Are you joking??? So all the women and men who have a child outside of marriage don't deserve child support? Child support is money to support a child not support ' broken families. ' Thank god you don't hand down judgments for all the single women and men who struggle to support their kids on a single income.
Not every story needs a political response.
03:43 PM on 06/10/2013
"You can't knock no man for loving women."

So you're not gay. I also love women but I've managed to limit myself to two kids with one woman.
10:38 PM on 06/10/2013
You're obviously not as "ambitious" as this man! LOL! But I'm sure you stopped at 2 because you paid for milk, diapers, daycare. You did the math. Kids are free to this man. So it's easy to keep making them when kids don't come with expenses.
03:08 PM on 06/10/2013
There is a case like this in my home town. 14 babies, 11 women. One of the mothers who only has one child to him gets 22 dollars a month. Before you go attack her, its important to know she dated him for 6 months and had no idea he had other children. He is a master munipulator, as this guy sounds like one too.
11:14 PM on 06/10/2013
So we are suppose to be impressed that a woman dated a man for six months before she had a baby
08:09 AM on 06/11/2013
Did I say that? I simply said she got pregnant then, it was actually unplanned even though she was on the pill. Go ahead and judge people.
11:15 PM on 06/10/2013
I agree, if two people don't plan on spending their lives together then they have no business just making babies. Women who have babies with irresponsible men should deal with it.
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Arthur Huckaby
11:57 AM on 06/10/2013
Just embarrassing. For himself and human kind.
11:35 AM on 06/10/2013
Snip, snip. Why wouldn't the women he was with use protection if he's not going to?
02:43 PM on 06/10/2013
stupid attracts stupid.
04:25 AM on 06/11/2013
Exactly. Both people engaging in sex need to protect themselves.
jonny dipstick
11:02 AM on 06/10/2013
sometimes i think i really missed out by not being a player in my younger years, but then i read something like this and I don't feel as bad about it. I still do regret not having more fun.
10:58 AM on 06/10/2013
He should have a forced vesectomy and the women should all get community service for allowing a guy whom they don't even have a relationship with to blow loads in them while they aren't on birth control ...
02:02 PM on 06/10/2013
the women should be forced to get clipped, too many single moms out there willing to spread and then have government subsidize it.
Honor is not found in service to lies and greed.
10:52 AM on 06/10/2013
won't it be a hoot when he shows up at his kids' wedding and he is father of the bride and groom, oh wait , Tennessee, never mind...
Honor is not found in service to lies and greed.
10:49 AM on 06/10/2013
the most these women will get out of him, is what he left up inside them
Honor is not found in service to lies and greed.
10:47 AM on 06/10/2013
so he is the black version of the Duggars?
02:26 AM on 06/10/2013
"You can't knock no man fo loving women."

Yes you can.
10:45 PM on 06/09/2013
Ladies, this is why we need to keep birth control easily accessible.
03:09 PM on 06/10/2013
This is why you should have to apply to be allowed to have a kid, before that BC they can't remove.
Leto II
Is that my problem?
10:47 PM on 06/12/2013
Condoms are $5 at the gas station. It's easily available.