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Seriously, it's time.
10:20 AM on 11/02/2009
`We are all Joe the Plumbers', is a misprint - the mantra is actually ALL WE ARE IS JOE THE PLUMBERS
10:11 AM on 11/02/2009
and by ALL I guess they mean some percentage of the 1 in 5 Americans that identify as GOP

Limbaugh is not a prophet or soothsayer he is a one man wrecking ball fighting the last war and driving the last nails in the GOP coffin. David Plouffe will tell us later that we should thank him.
St. Reagan has be debunked time and time again and doesn't represent anything that the GOP holds him up to be. Bush's incompetence forced the Republicans to skip him to reach back to republican mythology to have a symbol. In this case a symbol that only kool-aid drinkers can believe in. Reagan's own son rejects his Dad's ideology, c'mon...
I only wish we could euthanize the republican party so that it's demise running at a glacial pace doesn't continue to distract the progressive agenda. No turning back!
09:57 AM on 11/02/2009
Oh man, Hoffman may win a seat...that has long belonged to Republicans anyway. (At least for over 10 years.)

Who the hell cares.

Republicans will tout his as some big victory for far-right politics, but it would prove *absolutely nothing.* Try it in a district where there's some amount of swing, and it might be half-impressive.
Wendy Johnson
10:22 AM on 11/02/2009
The Dems aren't losing anything if Hoffman wins, yeah (although it would have been awesome if Scozzafava had stayed in the race and split the GOP vote). But this race does matter, it's all about who will or will not be allowed to stay in the Republican Party.

I seriously don't get how a national political party thinks it can win by kicking people out. It's like they're reading a strategy book and they've confused the Don't Do list with the Do list. But I have had people tell me with a straight face, "this is a great victory, we have to rid the party of RINOs."
What a long strange trip it's been
03:23 PM on 11/02/2009
10 years? I heard Republicans have held that seat since 1852!
09:54 AM on 11/02/2009
"Conservatives To GOP: We Are All Joe The Plumbers"

That's right... You're all at least as stupld and wrong as Joe.
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"Art is the signature of civilizations."
10:19 AM on 11/02/2009
Exactly! Joe the Plumber is a fraud who has wrung every penny he can out of his momentary, undeserved fame. At the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, I will always believe that Joe was a plant by the McCain campaign. He was obviously lying about planning to buy his own plumbing business, and he certainly could not have formulated the question he asked Barack Obama on his own. Anyone in the Republican party who identifies with Joe the Plumber is seriously intellectually challenged.
11:00 AM on 11/02/2009
I'll give ten dollars to anyone who can prove Joe has done anything resembling plumbing in the last year. Has he ever?
Carpenter, Dad, Independent
09:52 AM on 11/02/2009
I never thought I would see the day where NEWT would be a voice of reason. Like a scene from an old western where the sheriff is run down by the angry mob in an effort to attack the perceived bad guy. At least this will further their cause to divide the country even further. No longer will their be a choice for a candidate based on local issues but rather the great CARPETBAGGER movement will tell you who to vote for. HMMM could this be as simple as a black or white issue ?
09:19 AM on 11/02/2009
This a moment to celebrate. The Republican party has become the party of church over state, anti-intelligence, anti-practical solutions, give all the money to the rich/corporations, and hate. The great news is that it is a small percentage of America and it will just get smaller.

We are moving towards a more progressive time in our culture and this is just the beginning. Democrats will start moving to the left....this will be the most conservative they will be for quite some time. So progressives...hang on....we are just beginning.
09:37 AM on 11/02/2009
Yes, it is telling that these people embrace the Joe'not a real plumber' and the Sarah Palins of the far right. These two epitomize the soul of Republicans today. There is no room for common sense or truth, just Fox talking points and lies-oh, I forgot they are the same thing! These people have their heads so far up the wrong place that they are truly dangerous, just because of how much credibility they are given by media coverage.
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09:14 AM on 11/02/2009
Just by what the Dums and their pundits are saying, conservatives are doing all the right things. Liberals tell you loud and clear what to do.
"Not 'Noise' One Round: *Music*
09:22 AM on 11/02/2009
Fox reports, he believes!
Vote! Vote as if your life depends on it.
09:42 AM on 11/02/2009
Dums? All the right things? Yep, you are so right, and you are encouraged to stay-the-course, please.
don't f&f me. you dont' know what I'll say next
09:13 AM on 11/02/2009
Conservatives make me laugh more and more everyday. To imagine they'd use this guy as the "ideal" conservative along with massive support for the likes of Sarah Palin is beyond comedic. It's so pitifully ridiculous, you can't help but laugh. I hope Ron Paul runs for President in 2012. As Democrats, we should *verbally* support more Conservative candidates across the board as to split Republican support to push more Democrats into office. It's working in New Jersey!

Go Liberals!!
09:05 AM on 11/02/2009
Since the void created by the passing of William Buckley, the intellectual part of the republican party has suffered with no one to replace him. George Will and Pat Buchanan try but fall short in attempts to make conservatism understood by the masses. What passes today as conservatism as evidenced by the babblings of Limbaugh, talk radio and the pretenders at Foxy News has the taint of political activism without the any intellectual appeal let alone rational though or common sense. It is not difficult to understand just why we have become a dysfunctional society when Joe, the Plumber and Sarah Palin have become popular icons in the political discussion of the nation.
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08:57 AM on 11/02/2009
LOL, Joe the Plumber is absolutely correct, the GOP are mostly a bunch of posers who masquerade as Bush-class elitists when they are really unemployed go-fers for real professionals. Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling wish to thank all the Joe the Plumbers for making the largest corporte fraud and collusion case in history so lucrative, or even possible. Thank Joe the Plumber for swallowing and regurgitating the lies about Iraq, Al Qaeda, and WMD, otherwise how could Cheney's buddies at Halliburtion make billions at tax payer expense via the Halliburton Stimulus package, aka the Iraq War?

I wish the GOP were more like Mehgan McCain, because then, even if neocons did win office, they would at least try to act in the best interest of America. Instead we have Joe the Plumbers who are against America at every turn, who despise Americans for electing the only logical choice for POTUS last election, Obama. I left the GOP, precisely because of all the Joe the Plumbers lies, because of Palin's monumental hypocrisies, and FOX's KGB-like propaganda hate-machine. The majority elected Obama, which is why the JTP party hates America. Plug your ears neocons, I am about to utter curse words so foul to neocon ears that you will never recover, God Bless America!
08:57 AM on 11/02/2009
Wow. Joe the Plumber. His name isn't Joe and he's not really a licensed plumber.
Yes that is the perfect representation for the republican party. Totally unbelievable.
don't f&f me. you dont' know what I'll say next
09:08 AM on 11/02/2009
Licensed? He isn't a plumber period. I doubt this guy could connect a water hose to a spout.
09:12 AM on 11/02/2009
Don't forget...........he didn't pay his taxes!

But, I'm sure he was teabagger protesting about government taxes!
08:52 AM on 11/02/2009
So they have decided to commit to being uninformed, loud and proud about it. Time to reform our school system, apparently it's still churning out people who think it's cool to be uneducated.
I think we all love teachers.
09:29 AM on 11/02/2009
My thoughts exactly.
08:50 AM on 11/02/2009
Anyone notice how silent Michael Steele has become? As I recall, he had something to say every day. Apparently the little sit down with the Repugs of congress sealed his lips. He was probably told, we'll let Rush do our public speaking from now on. Hahaha.
Vote! Vote as if your life depends on it.
09:45 AM on 11/02/2009
Yeah, they put Michael on "mute". He now knows his place, in that his silence is deafening. LOL
Need more micro-bio fuel for my mitochondria
08:49 AM on 11/02/2009
Now that's the first GOP statement that I can not refute!
Eisenhower Republicans are liberals
08:48 AM on 11/02/2009
The GOP will learn that without moderates one cannot win an election. No party every won an election merely with their base.