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06:07 PM on 11/03/2009
Enough about me!
06:00 PM on 11/03/2009
Are you the ONLY voice of reason remaining in the US Congress?
Whatever happened to accountability, justice and respect for human rights?
How long do our representatives plan to continue living in ABSOLUTE DENIAL about the real situation in the Middle East?
Keep up the good word, Congressman!
I'd love to see you run for president again in 2012!
05:57 PM on 11/03/2009
I am surprisingly heartened to note not one but two members of Congress.

Bless you for truly believing that ALL humans are equal, irregardless of their religious beliefs.
05:53 PM on 11/03/2009
Thank you Dennis Kucinich for standing up.
Reinhardt not Unchained
05:37 PM on 11/03/2009
Is it the nature of all orthodox societies to cast their most intelligent and sane voices as the "lunatic fringe?"

This man is one of the only politicians in current America who really embodies the spirit of democracy and the true principles this country was founded on.

The rabid wingnuts who cast themselves as true patriots need to take a look at what the creation of the United States really was - a liberal experiment. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, et al were revolutionaries, treasonous usurpers of the (conservative) monarchy.

If they were around today, the wingnuts would be painting Hitler mustaches on them as well.
05:35 PM on 11/03/2009
Addition and correction: 'inequities should be iniquities'.

Get the podcast of KCRW's To The Point with Warren Olney -- today-- for a discussion on the Goldstone Report.

See Michael Ratner 's blog for further discussion. (The name of his blog is 'Mondo...something; I forget.)

Call Congress and plead for time -- to actually read the Goldstone Report; the bill reportedly describes it in distorted and misleading ways, and to hear Goldstone himself. Otherwise Congress is in danger of embarassing itself, and Israel is in danger of being let to continue to run amok in so many egregious ways.
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01:19 PM on 11/05/2009
Congress doesn't want time; they want this to be a done deal before the public and/or Representatives read the resolution. A great PR coup for Bennie and the Boys.
The dream shall never die - Ted Kennedy
05:25 PM on 11/03/2009
The report is only worthy as much as it is the truth. If the report is accurate tan we need to know this information. Isreal does not gain allies with tactics that even their public would not approve of. Since we are one of Isreal's largest supporters, we also give tacit approval of their actions. If my tax money is helping Isreal then I think I have the right to know what that money is paying for.
05:24 PM on 11/03/2009
This bill, to repudiate the fair, just and realistic Goldstone Report, reportedly introduced by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and supported by the Israel-right-or-wrong conservative Democrat, Howard Berman, is very important to vote down. (Call today.) At the very least the leaders should make time for Mr. Goldstone to come to Congress to explain it and answer questions. But the bill's supporters don't want to do that. They know the Goldstone Report contains damning information on Israel's destruction of Gaza at the beginning of this year. Any Congressperson who has been to Gaza recemtly reports that 'If Israel had set out to completely destroy Gaza it would look like this'. (See podcast of

Israel knows that if the Goldstone Report goes to the UN this will open the way for further investigation and
conviction of Israeli inequities and they have shamefully done every thing they can to discredit this report. This must not be allowed to happen. Call your Congressperson right now -- the vote could happen at any time Tuesday.
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01:22 PM on 11/05/2009
Florida = Israel West. Remember the " Schlep to Florida" to aid Obama and how cutely that was portrayed in the media? Well, this is the payback.
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04:42 PM on 11/03/2009
Dennis, I love you bro, but I'm afraid that institution has been about shame more than greatness for quite a long while. And where is the President's voice on this? Oh yeah, it's hoarse from all those meetings with the Israel lobby.
Field ecologist
04:31 PM on 11/03/2009
Rep. Kucinich - As always, truth to power, knowledge to the ignorant, courage against the bullies, encouragement to the hesitant, equanimity to the resolution.

It seems likely that the malaise of your colleagues has incubated into gangrene. The problem with your eloquence is that it cannot penetrate the contracted mind.

As always, i wish you safety, health and wellness. Yours is a struggle mired in the futility caused by others. i admire your resolve.
04:10 PM on 11/03/2009
way to go dennis.. watched Democracy Now today ( where they had israeli peace and justice activists on regarding this misguided resolution..very compelling hour.
thank you for having the courage dennis!
04:00 PM on 11/03/2009
"Because if this Congress votes to condemn a report it has not read, concerning events it has totally ignored, about violations of law of which it is unaware, it will have brought shame to this great institution."

Excuse me, Dennis. Congress not reading what it's about to vote on? Bringing shame on this "great institution"? Surely, you jest.
03:37 PM on 11/03/2009
As always, thank goodness for Rep Kucinich! This bill is a sick travesty.