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03:38 PM on 06/24/2013
Is the IRS paying millions to illegal workers, or is the IRS paying millions to the employers of illegal workers who know how to work the system.
04:33 PM on 06/24/2013
It's paying illegal immigrants in the form of refundable credits - have $100 withheld and get a 'refund' of $8,000
08:24 PM on 06/24/2013
Oh that's awesome, and we thought GE got over.
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03:33 PM on 06/24/2013
we are a joke of a country, progressives in both parties are to blame
05:20 PM on 06/24/2013
the only joke in this country, is that it don't matter who you vote for anymore, especially thanks to citizens united, because all of our elected officials have tons of money from big business in their campaigns. You can't say that won't sway your opinions.
03:23 PM on 06/24/2013
In this day and age of leaks and seeps, why am I not surprised that a news organization has our bloody tax refund information. I did not know this was public record.
03:23 PM on 06/24/2013
That's OUR money, Barry, cough it up and make good on it.
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03:19 PM on 06/24/2013

we are so pathetic... small government people, thee only answer
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03:16 PM on 06/24/2013
And for this..they receive bonuses in the millions?
there's no red America or blue America, there's...
03:13 PM on 06/24/2013
Don't worry, they will do much better with enforcing the Affordable Health Care act.
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03:17 PM on 06/24/2013
chilling thought!
03:04 PM on 06/24/2013
That's chump change...

Q: Does the IRS pay billions in tax refunds to workers who are in the U.S. illegally?

A: Yes. The Treasury Department’s Inspector General determined that $4.2 billion was paid in 2010, up from less than $1 billion in 2005. Leading Democrats are resisting a bill that would stop future payments.

The video highlights a news investigation by Channel 13, WTHR in Indianapolis, regarding fraudulent refunds of taxpayer money to illegal immigrants living in the US. The refunds are based on child tax credits, when the kids live in Mexico or elsewhere.

That's a lot of vote buying !!
02:52 PM on 06/24/2013
That's not an "oversight" that's Chicago style politics.. that's 23,994 votes. Not to worry though. we can get the 10% to pay for it.
06:56 PM on 06/24/2013
??? They can't vote if they're not citizens???
07:09 PM on 06/24/2013
Probably more.. extended family also gets to weigh in for all the largesse. Hey, who's really watching right? This is why Democrats oppose voter registration. Funny thing is, you have to provide ID to get into a federal bulding, apply for benefits.. but somehow showing ID is too burdensome? See if you get SNAP cards without it.
10:36 PM on 06/24/2013
they are not required to prove they are citizens to vote, remember no picture ID required
Powerslave Six Six Six
02:51 PM on 06/24/2013
Trust the government.

They only want to help you...
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02:41 PM on 06/24/2013
Meanwhile, on the Snowden thread, libs are arguing that the government is good with data.
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02:40 PM on 06/24/2013
Does anybody here know?;

-how many schoolbooks can you buy with $46,000,000?
-how many people "dying in the streets"* can you save with $46,000,000?

The money IS there, libs. No need for higher taxation.

*gotta love lib drama.
10:38 PM on 06/24/2013
or or white house tours, furloughed employees
02:30 PM on 06/24/2013
Must have gone to some Obama supporters.
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02:25 PM on 06/24/2013
What's the big deal? How were they supposed to know that 46 million wasn't supposed to go to this one address?
01:52 PM on 06/24/2013
Don't catch them but if i try and I get a nice red letter in the mail telling me to give it all back on top of penalties FML