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every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
12:11 PM on 06/28/2013
When Israel was created, it included Judea and Samaria. In the 1948 War, illegal actions caused JORDAN to occupy that terrirtory in the UN Cease Fire plan. That land never belonged to "Palestinians", it belonged to Israel, and was temporarily occupied from 1948 until Israel was attacked AGAIN and Israel fought off the attackers taking back the land that was originally theirs to begin with. They once were “subjects” of Jordan, which no matter how you slice it, illegally occupied most of Judea and Samaria from 1949 to 1967. Their lives were miserable. They were neglected. No one in Amman could have cared less about them, just as in the Ottoman Empire

Israeli Supreme Court Justice Edmund Levy and two other legal experts issued their Levy Commission report last year. It contradicted the Big Lie of decades that Israel is illegally “occupying” the land.

Remember, the first “Palestinian“ leader was Yasser Arafat. Birthplace: Egypt.
Sonic hedgehog
A true word needs no oath
12:43 PM on 06/28/2013
"When Israel was created, it included Judea and Samaria"

Israeli declaration of independence directly quotes and refers to resolution 181 which didn't give the "Jewish state" any part of what you call Judea and Samaria. So either you're lying, Israel's founding fathers were lying or everybody in these boards who blame Palestinians for not accepting that resolution is lying. Which one is it? Are you saying that even if the Palestinians and other Arabs accepted that resolution Israel would've still fought for your Judea and Samaria?
every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
01:33 PM on 06/28/2013
The 1922 Mandate for Palestine divided up all of Palestine creating Iraq (Arab Nation) Jordan (Arab Nation) Syria (Arab Nation) and Lebanon (Arab Nation) and Israel INCLUDING JUDEA AND SAMARIA. In 1948 the Arab nations mentioned above, joined by Egypt (who by the way received the Sinai in the Mandate) ATTACKED ISRAEL. Israel won a defensive war, but the ceasfire lines caused JORDAN to retain Judea and Samaria, and occupied it until 1967 when AGAIN Israel won a defensive war thus regaining control of their rightful land. Arab Muslims living in these land have not been displaced since the 148 war when their leaders urged them to flee leading up to the impending hostilities.
Sam Bark
It's a MAD world after all...
02:46 AM on 06/29/2013
sonic h - Resolution 181 is nil and void, the Arabs rejected it in 1948 and attacked Israel.... so now you are crying wolf.... a bit late bozo.
12:48 PM on 06/28/2013
First Israeli leader (Ben Gurion) birth place: Plonsk (Poland) That speaks for itself.
every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
03:23 PM on 06/28/2013
He was not the first. Chaim Weizmann was the first, born in Jerusalem and his family dates back to the destruction of the second temple.
04:00 PM on 06/28/2013
And what's your father birth place?
Charles the Great
Canadian/Israeli Goy back in Halifax!!!
12:10 PM on 06/28/2013
I think it does make some sense for McDonalds to do something like this but lets say when a Palestinian State is established they most likely have a line of products for that market. However this came from McDonalds Israel.
12:22 PM on 06/29/2013
There won't be a palestinian state. They threw away every chance and there is already a palestinian state called Jordan.
11:55 AM on 06/28/2013
Obesity Now is looking to expand into Palestinian controlled territories. But never more than just a stone throw away from Jewish people
Imperialist French Fries will be renamed Al Aqsa Fries, of course.
02:34 PM on 06/28/2013
And don't forget Al Baraq burgers. Smaller than a big mac, but larger than a 1/4 pounder.

After eating the Al Baraq burger, late at night you will be mysteriously carried off. The Al baraq burger will cause you to literally fly through the air in a vain attempt to reach the farthest bathroom.

When your are finally admitted to the holy WC, you will desperately negotiate with the porcelain goddess (or god) to in the hope that the al barq burger release will not be as painful experience as has occurred in the past.
Help a Stranger to Get Voter ID.
11:32 AM on 06/28/2013
Thought this article was going to be about Phantom's Mukhen Tukhen; was disappoint.
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11:00 AM on 06/28/2013
The 3 legitimacies of the state of Israel:

1. Israel was established in 1948 by 33 votes to 13 of the then United Nations in order to offer a home for refugees from the Holocaust in Europe

2. Israel has a legitimate right, as does any other state, to act in self-defence

3. Israel's primary responsibility is the security of its citizens and its borders.

The 5 illegitimacies:

1. The government-led settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are a violation of international law and a threat to peace and the offering of financial inducements to Israeli citizens to leave their homes in order to settle on occupied Arab land is a violation of the 4th Geneva Convention on Human Rights

2. The killing of nine civilian passengers on board the Mavi Marmara was an act of terrorism by heavily armed troops in international waters

3. Its refusal to sign the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty has enabled

Israel to covertly build between 200-400 nuclear warheads and to deploy a fleet of nuclear-armed submarines that are increasingly a threat to world peace

4. The violence of the so-called 'pricetag' terrorists against indigenous Muslim Arabs in the occupied West Bank is a continuing criminal act

5. The global activity of the unelected, privately financed, Israel lobby is an existential threat to democratic government in both the US and in Europe
Tolerance + Education + Technology = Peace
12:12 PM on 06/28/2013
The 5 illegitimacies:

1. The West Bank and East Jerusalem are 80% Palestinian and Israel only has 20% population from the annexed sectors gained from the 6 day war.

2. How many killing of innocent Israelis have been done systematically from Fatah and Hamas and then publicly praised by Palestinians?

3. Israel can refuse to sign anything, that is not illegitimate.

4. Pricetag terrorists are just a group of vandals and are indeed criminal just like any other gang spraying graffiti and destroying property. At least they aren't suicide bombing like the terrorists against Israel.

5. Europe and the US has hundreds of lobbies, I guess they are all a threat to democracy? Or does democracy permit lobbyists because we elected officials to represent us and listen to the them?
every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
12:20 PM on 06/28/2013
1. Palestinian settlements in the disputed lands out paces the Israeli settlements 100 to 1. To be fair shouldn't both sides be forced to cease building until the dispute is settled, especially, if as you claim that this prevents peace?

2. The participants of the Mavi Marmara were wellknown members of Hamas, an Internationally reccognized militant arm of the Palestinian Auhority. Which by the way, according to the Oslo Accords is a violation of International Law as the Palestinians signed that agreement and one of the terms was that the Palestinians were not alowed to have a military.

3. It is their right as a Sovereign Nation.

4. Jews are indigenous to that land. The Arabs came with various conquering occupiers starting with the Byzantines. Remember, the first “Palestinian“ leader was Yasser Arafat. Birthplace: Egypt.

5. A long held anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Every group and country has a Lobby in DC including Iran. Also see groups like CAIR, which has far better results in the last 50 years than Israel. You can see if you follow the following link your "The global activity of the unelected, privately financed, Israel lobby is an existential threat to democratic government in both the US and in Europe" has been ignorantly pushed for hundreds of years.
10:21 AM on 06/29/2013
Palestinian settlements in the disputed lands??

You mean: THEIR land?

What is this except Israeli propaganda.
Michael II
Neither the one, nor the only
10:42 AM on 06/29/2013
Wow, a demonstration of how to mix everything and get all the wrong conclusions.
10:04 AM on 06/28/2013
My hero for today , Dr Omri Padan. Putting his principles before his profits.You don't see a lot of that. Stop the settlement building. Build instead towards a viable Palestinian state. A fair two-state solution. Let the extremists on both sides rot.
11:31 AM on 06/28/2013
Now I have to START patronizing McDonald's... and as a vegetarian, I think that means a lot of ice cream. I'm very happy to see HuffPo posting about Israelis who represent the best of the ME and who will help lead the region to a peaceful, viable two-state solution.
12:30 PM on 06/29/2013
You should be ashamed of yourself. Real Americans are for the underdog. Israel has one tiny country that was mostly desert. the Arabs have 22 countries and trillions of petrodollars.
06:22 PM on 06/29/2013
the so called 2-state solution was born dead: jews now occupy 100% of Arab historic Palestine and have colonized well over 90% of its land - hardly adequate for six million occupied Palestinians and six million more exiled Palestinians which jews ethnically cleansed en masse in 1947/8.

A one state solution exists de facto - all needed is for the Palestinian People to demand equal voting and civil rights with their jewish occupiers and tormentors.

It will happen: it happened in south Africa - it will happen in Palestine.
12:28 PM on 06/29/2013
He's no hero. He will not build there because the pallys have no money for burgers. Their money goes to having eight children and suicide bomb vests.
06:25 PM on 06/29/2013
The Palestinians are poor because they are occupied and survive in a big Auschwitz. 'islr' even steals their revenue taxes and exploits them as slave labor.
06:30 PM on 06/29/2013
The Palestinian People are smart: however difficult and trying to have many children, they are playing the demographic strategy: they will be a majority in the foreseeable future - they now make 50% of population of Arab historic Palestine.
Rick Bullock
So much time so little to do
08:28 AM on 06/28/2013
I'm not exactly sure why anyone would be upset by the failure to locate a McDonald's in their area. We aren't exactly talking healthy or gourmet food here.
09:14 AM on 06/28/2013
for an american backed occupation of someone else's land to look complete you'd need housing, roads, jail houses and a few american icons. sort of like what the cowboys did to indian land, a two horse town
10:05 AM on 06/28/2013
Exactly. It's like the cartoon of the Marines raising the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima except it's not the U.S. flag but the Golden Arches.
11:42 PM on 06/28/2013
Aren't Jews Semites? Where do Semites come from? Your analogy is ridiculous.
07:23 PM on 06/29/2013
I agree. I would not wish McDonalds on anyone. Or any beef or meat product for that matter. Or offal, which is just awful and extremely unhealthy: it is a possible vector for a spongiform encephalopathy.
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GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
07:44 AM on 06/28/2013
Any in Ramallah or Nablus yet??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
01:16 PM on 06/28/2013
Why the need? They have Middle Eastern food like Shawarma, Falafel and hummus.
AJ Raalte
Israel forever - warts and all.
09:09 PM on 06/28/2013
So does Israel. There's no need for any McDonalds anywhere.
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07:39 AM on 06/28/2013
Good for Dr. Padan.
GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
07:31 AM on 06/28/2013
So when is Padan building a MacDonalds in Ramallah or Nablus......oh Jews can live in those Arab towns............and there are NO Jewish-owned businesses allowed there! That's where the REAL Apartheid is practiced!
Mediteranian Mom
Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa
08:17 AM on 06/28/2013
Thank you for finally saying it, IDF soldiers are in Ramallah and Nablus implementing your apartheid, that's were REAL apartheid is practiced by Israel.
GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
08:32 AM on 06/28/2013
No they're not! Bad try!
Daveed M
The Truth Hurts
09:11 AM on 06/28/2013
A Red Cross personnel went to Israel (he being anti-Israel), and what he found there opened his eyes to the lies that are being told. He said its a beautiful place, nothing like what people like yourself is saying about it.
06:42 PM on 06/29/2013
only isrli tanks and assassins are allowed.
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07:28 AM on 06/28/2013
Anyone who joins the BDS movement such as that midget Hoffman and the used to be cute Meg Ryan should have their movies boycotted by Israeli supporters-if you can find any of their movies.
Eric Nepgen
Restiamo Umani
07:55 AM on 06/28/2013
Hmmm, looking at this forum alone, i would presume that the Israeli supporters you claim are actually outnumbered by far today.....
08:27 AM on 06/28/2013
Its not quantity, it's quality. Hmmm, it's not quality its....something or other.
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09:11 AM on 06/28/2013
Israel makes it impossible for anyone to support them without some serious moral contortions or a emotional commitment to hypocrisy and mendacity.
08:55 AM on 06/28/2013
keep right on spouting your crap .. go ahead but most of us do know that BDS are the only way to deal with israel . . the only way .. .
every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
12:29 PM on 06/28/2013
You tell'em Macready! The one thing no Progressive should ever stand for is an Independent Jewish State!

01:07 PM on 06/28/2013
Ever consider the negotiation of a peace treaty. The Palestinians screwed up not acceptong Olmert's offer.
GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
06:58 AM on 06/28/2013
This is all the Peace Now failed movement has left!! They will not regain power in Israel in the near future. The voters in Israel are not interested in appeasement!! Shalom!
Empathy. The faculty to feel what the other feels.
07:23 AM on 06/28/2013
Not interested in peace, but still yell 'shalom'. Actually any idea what the word means?

Guess not.

Or wait, it's the Roman / Latin meaning of the word. Total subjugation or else annihilation.
GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
07:47 AM on 06/28/2013
Find a peace partner for Israel who is still legally in power in the PA................Abbas' term expired 2 YEARS AGO.............and the new Prime Minister resigned after 2 weeks in office! Have a factual and truthful day! Shalom!
every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
12:32 PM on 06/28/2013
Israel is the only side that has made any concessions. Clearly the Palestinians are the ones that do not want peace.
08:56 AM on 06/28/2013
well that is your problem but hey ho .. . BDS are on the way . . the movement is growing .. .
GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
09:16 AM on 06/28/2013
BDS is BS!
11:56 PM on 06/28/2013
A group of Chinese billionaires are currently in Israel looking to invest. So, how's that BDS thing going? :))
Philosophy is the stray camel of the faithful
06:50 AM on 06/28/2013
The BDS movement is growing all the time, and this, in its own small way, is a part of it. The academic boycott is growing even faster. The isolation of the criminal elitist apartheid state is only a matter of time (even if America wont divorce itself from being the mafia godfather of the crimes).
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GOP=party,profits and guns before country !
07:24 AM on 06/28/2013
keep telling yourself that! LOL!
06:44 AM on 06/28/2013
It’s bordering on the insane to point a finger at Israel especially as we can all see now the “love and kindness” Arabs show each other. Everywhere we look we see hate between Arabs, In Syria thousands of Arab Muslims are killing other Arab Muslims, In Egypt, Turkey, Tunis and many other Arab countries we can now see the true face of those people who emerged from the deserts of Arabia. We should not expect the same levels of interpretation of our modern freedoms and laws. They are stuck in the 7th centaury and could do with a forward push otherwise they will soon self destruct.
08:18 AM on 06/28/2013
the sooner you stop abusing their populace the sooner they'll have a chance to progress
09:23 AM on 06/28/2013
Why doesn't the populace move to one of the Arab countries that does not allow Jews? Because they want it all.
12:41 PM on 06/29/2013
Protecting yourself from murderers is now abusing them. Orwell was right.
Mediteranian Mom
Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa
08:29 AM on 06/28/2013
No one has any problem with your modern freedoms and laws if they were implemented on everyone who lives within your borders, not when 5 MILLION are living under brutal military occupation without the so called freedom you're talking abou.

Do you honestly don't see anything wrong with the occupation? or the violation of the human rights of the Palestinians? can you name any civilised country on this planet that have 5 million trapped defenseless people?
09:26 AM on 06/28/2013
Big lie #2 is the "occupation".

Big lie #1 of course is the "palestinians" who magically appeared in 1965.
09:27 AM on 06/28/2013
always bigotry and racism .. . shame on you