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I think, therefore, I'm conservative
04:19 AM on 07/04/2013
It's amusing to watch the left fume over obama and snowden.
Correkt the Spelling and Pick on the Moniker
04:18 AM on 07/04/2013
The US is a bunch of dmbells.

What are they so afraid of? What are they so inordinately terrified of? What is it that they are horrified will come to light?

Use youre imagination, kids.
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a.k.a. crowsnest
08:41 AM on 07/04/2013
My imagination whispers the following: Snowden is a guest of Putin. Morales was a guest of Putin. Why not stick a finger in the eyes of Putin?
There is hope but not for us
03:27 PM on 07/04/2013
There was an international conference in Russia, that is why foreign dignitaries
were there.

Stick a finger in your own eyes and pay attention.
04:10 AM on 07/04/2013
Who are the real terrorists now??
Acting against all international laws.
Evidently the citizens of the USA and equally the Europeans should protest very strongly against the abuse of power of their governments and specially the Americans.
The USA administration justifies anything when it concerns them.
I very much hope Mr.Snowden will get his asylum soon.
Paul Shene III
My views are my own, not the talking points of som
04:08 AM on 07/04/2013
Obama has proven to be a DINO.
03:59 AM on 07/04/2013
Voted for Obama twice. Now am so disgusted am beside myself. First let Wall St off the hook, now violating intl law. So much for his legacy. Tool.
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08:41 AM on 07/04/2013
What about Benghazi, IRS, etc.? He's making a name for himself, but it isn't a good one. I did not vote for him either time.
09:29 AM on 07/04/2013
Exactly how was the IRS situation a scandal?
09:30 AM on 07/04/2013
Evidently, winning the Nobel Peace Prize doesn't count for much anymore.
Natural Born Skeptic
Always be sincere, even when you don't mean it.
08:57 AM on 07/04/2013
Obama was the shiny pony and people figured that he'd be different. Politics seems to be the great leveler.
09:47 AM on 07/04/2013
He's a salesman. He can't run again but he's still doing campaign speeches and fundraising. His greatest goal as President was to get the job.
03:53 AM on 07/04/2013
The Obama administration is showing just how low they can go.
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03:08 AM on 07/04/2013
Bolivia is correct in saying that the U.S. and Europe don't dare to do the same to big powers like China and Russia. It would be viewed as an act of war. Like a bully the West only dare to violate small countries.
03:04 AM on 07/04/2013
You gotta hand it to the French and the Portuguese, the NSA spies on them like they are all terrorists and still they suck up to them.
11:46 AM on 07/04/2013
Fear of the American Empire will do that to them. They saw what the American Empire did to Iraq and afghanistan.
James Windsor
03:04 AM on 07/04/2013
It is absolutely disgusting what the government and the NSA has done. No one is safe now.
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Taking crap from where it comes
07:57 AM on 07/04/2013
James Windsor
11:59 AM on 07/04/2013
Bush is to blame too. That guy Bush Jr. ruined the whole country with his inept handling of the economy and his horribly expensive wars that have cost at least 2 trillion dollars, all money wasted in order to protect and help the 1%.
02:23 AM on 07/04/2013
I think this was a decoy. I'll bet Snowden isn't in Moscow any more, and he got away on another flight to another country while everyone was focusing on President Morales' flight to Bolivia.
02:21 AM on 07/04/2013
"She said Morales' "total and indisputable" immunity as head of state had been violated when he was "illegally detained in old Europe.""

Why the quotes around "total and indisputable"??
Do the authors think this is in question or not true? It's simply a statement of fact. The quotes imply that because you mentioned in your earlier sentence that she's a leftist, that her statements are all a pack of lies. Slanted journos?
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02:19 AM on 07/04/2013
the US under is sinking as fast as it did under...bush....
Antisthenes Diogenes
Your micro-bio is empty
02:07 AM on 07/04/2013
Fear causes many bad decisions. You start to see phantoms everywhere. And others see your weakness and trust you less. It is like being seen through a PRISM...out of the white light, you can see the yellow streak.

"Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself" - - FDR
04:33 AM on 07/04/2013
AFTER EARTH' Fear is an illusion, dont get me wrong danger is real '...Seeing the danger & where its coming from . Too many Americans have been spoiled for too long. They cannot see the danger from within & it is real
01:25 AM on 07/04/2013
for a nobel peace prize winner obamma has certainly surprised the world.
03:12 AM on 07/04/2013
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Harry Nuggets
Son of Mick Nuggets
07:19 AM on 07/04/2013
Not as bad as Kissinger receiving it but it certainly made and makes no sense whatsoever. Might as well give Howard Stern the prize for his writings.
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KARMA ...It always knows your address.
01:21 AM on 07/04/2013
Planet Earth......gettinting worse by the day.

Country against country. Party against party, state against state,
gender against gender, race against race, creed against creed.
on and on. very discouraging and very tiring.

I think Darwin was wrong. Man has not evolved at all.
We're still apes.
09:43 AM on 07/04/2013
YEP! Right out of the trees!
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KARMA ...It always knows your address.
02:29 PM on 07/04/2013
Right on....