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09:12 AM on 11/13/2009
obama doing a bit of political theater for his base with "leaked" information on Afghan "debate".

“Am I the only one who smells Kabuki in the reports that President Obama has dramatically rejected all the Afghan war options with which he was presented, demanding to know where the ‘off ramps’ are? If you were about to recommend a troop increase that was unpopular, especially with your Democratic base, wouldn’t you precede it with some drama like this to demonstrate that you are a) in charge, b) not being conned, and c) insistent on a withdrawal as quickly as possible? Just asking.”

09:19 AM on 11/13/2009
The expression kabukimono (歌舞伎者) referred originally to those who were bizarrely dressed and swaggered on a street.

That would be Axelrod.
09:44 AM on 11/13/2009
the plans presented to him had open-ended commitments. That was something we supposedly learned was a bad idea from our Vietnam experience. Clear missions, defined goals, sense going in how you're going to get out. None of which Bush defined for the military. Let's hope Obama does
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09:05 AM on 11/13/2009
Why are my comments being scrubbed repeatedly?
09:11 AM on 11/13/2009
I'm sure it wasn't the content, my friend, you are always most discrete, or at least proportionately to many others. How's it going?
09:15 AM on 11/13/2009
i think there are software glitches - the pages don't always display in complete form in the past 12 hours seems to me
09:00 AM on 11/13/2009
This Thanksgiving: Donate! A meal for a family to an injured vet!
09:26 AM on 11/13/2009
Thanks for the link
10:02 AM on 11/13/2009
Didnt you hear the courts are now making it illegal to help the needy? Checkout the Free Church meals to homeless article in the Arizona region
08:56 AM on 11/13/2009
I think the media is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I do believe there are disagreements, but they are making it sounds like the administration is having an all blown out or increasing potential to implode, which I strongly believe is not the case. Anything for a good story, huh?

Remember the President is certainly not afraid of disagreements and this is not unfamiliar ground, so it will work out in the end. That is what you should be reporting..
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Believing a lie does not mean you're informed.
09:01 AM on 11/13/2009
I think you're right Mitsy. I'm not really satisfied with the journalism on this site or the oversight of the editors for that matter. Seems more like a check-out tabloid more often than I'd like...
Single payer universal health insurance agent
08:56 AM on 11/13/2009
Rahm and McCrystal gotta go.
A Pessimistic Optimist
09:02 AM on 11/13/2009
Rahm is Ok ....
09:18 AM on 11/13/2009
i'm not so sure. He seems central to going soft on Big Pharma and Wall Street, neither of which is good for the American people. He seems to have given away on the public option before the debate was engaged.

What's he done?
08:47 AM on 11/13/2009
Time for a speech.