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11:31 AM on 07/11/2013
I once asked a girl for some hοt phone, but DANM................
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
11:27 AM on 07/11/2013
My husband recently mentioned that since the new software update on his S3, it stays on all the time draining the battery, and it gets hot. Hmmmm
11:43 AM on 07/11/2013
Last update (Android 4.1.2) was in December 2012. No problems whatsoever.
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12:19 PM on 07/11/2013
He got some update earlier this week.
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
10:08 PM on 07/11/2013
Google Play looks to be the culprit this time. It runs incessantly.
11:44 AM on 07/11/2013
I'd stay away from it if I were him !
11:07 AM on 07/11/2013
Interesting story. My son had a fire in the cab of his newer truck caused by his cell phone car charger. He had used the charger on the way home from work, unplugged the phone from the charger but did not unplug the charger from the truck because he was planning on going somewhere shortly and planned on using the charger again. It turned out that he did not go out again that night. When he got up in the morning to go to work he noticed the windows looked strange. When he looked closer he could see that something had burned in the truck. So not knowing if it was still a fire or what and not wanting to open the door to have something else happen, especially since the truck was parked close to the house, he called our local fire department. After looking it all over the firemen said that it looked as if the charger caused the fired. So now we NEVER leave any cell phone charger, in the house or in our vehicles, plugged in if we are not around. Better to be safe than sorry!
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12:48 PM on 07/11/2013
So now they NEVER (not to be confused with never) leave any cell phone charger, in the house or in their vehicles. You must believe this people. They told you this on the internet.
09:09 PM on 07/11/2013
make a joke if you want but after taljing to our firemen and several other friends who are with fire departments in other areas they all agree. So you do as you please, but I also hope that you are not a heavy sleeper or have a car that you do not want to lose!
10:55 AM on 07/11/2013
It would be nice to report the circumstances of these 'explosions'.

Was the battery under load (the device drawing current) at the time in all cases?

Or are there instances of quiescent batteries (not being charged or discharged) simply catching fire or blowing up?

Maybe the hottest (excuse the pun) accessory for Galaxy 3 owners will be an insulated metal box they can keep the phone in, so it won't burn off their shorts!

You know, kinda like the 'fix' on the Boeing 787....
02:11 PM on 07/11/2013
They actually changed the way they wired up the batteries in the 787.
10:27 AM on 07/11/2013
It's the new Mission Impossible setting...
11:46 AM on 07/11/2013
Jim, your phone will self-destruct in 5 seconds ! As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Jim. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
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12:50 PM on 07/11/2013
You need to go back to simply responding with "LOL." You sound less stupid.
10:23 AM on 07/11/2013
One way to cut back on free obamaphones - Boom! :)
11:30 AM on 07/11/2013
There is no such thing as an Obama Phone. Take your tin foil hat off and stay on topic.....

However, I know that you are not able to process F A C T S......I am providing a link to where the free phones started and how they have progressed so that you may actually learn something today and could possibly pass on this new fangled thing called TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE to some of your koolaide drinking buddies....
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11:34 AM on 07/11/2013
Butbutbut, mine has this REALLY COOL app that lets me vote Socialist by phone in all 50 states, with a single click! And the app that lets me officiate at a gày marriage in violation of Indiana law, without having to leave CA? Βoom................

I'm NEVER giving up my free Obamaphone! But in 2017 I guess I'll have to cal it a "Hillaryphone"................
11:48 AM on 07/11/2013
Another one suffering from an ID 10T error.
10:10 AM on 07/11/2013
It's those lithium ion batteries, the same technology that plagues the hybrid automobiles that occasionally catch fire. Also the Boeing 787 ran into the problem of overheated lithium batteries that caught fire. Best to shut off your phones when not in use and have your callers leave a VM. Industry trying fix the problem, but no apparent success yet.
Heeeeeey, yuh talkin tuh me buddy?!?!?!
10:03 AM on 07/11/2013
I remember I had an HTC years ago that overheated much so that one day my hip started to burn when I was out for drinks and I had to take it back like 3 times. They could never figure out what was wrong with that It never stopped me from liking HTC phones. I have one now and love it. Sometimes you just get a lemon out of a good bunch. This could happen to ANY phone manufacturer.
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10:01 AM on 07/11/2013
Won't SOMEONE please think of the children!!! I DEMAND that the government immediately BAN anyone under 21 from having a cell phone!! I DEMAND that schools & "public" areas become cell phone free!!! After all this is Amerika 2013 and we MUST be sure that no child ever has anything "bad" happen to them!!!!
10:32 AM on 07/11/2013
yea how you think that one is going to work out?? When parents need to be able to communicate with their children and WTH under 21 ummm most go to college at age 18 or they are working so they need to be able to have a way of communication and its much cheaper to have a cell phone these days then a house phone especially when you can take it anywhere with you...think before you speak for crying out loud.
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10:42 AM on 07/11/2013
i know I really should!!!  for 2,000 years no parent has EVER been able to communicate with their child without a cell phone...LMFAO
10:48 AM on 07/11/2013
Her comment was tongue-in-cheek. Find your sense of humor.
bow ties are cool
12:14 PM on 07/11/2013
Isnt that the job of every parent? Making sure of, or trying our very best to make sure our children dont get hurt?
Chill out ok
shimmer me timbers
Whadda ya mean, I can't post that!?
09:57 AM on 07/11/2013
"As Android Beat points out, two exploding Galaxy S3's out of the more than 20 million sold isn't a terrible average."

Ha! Unless it happans to be YER Galaxy S3. Then the average sucks.
09:56 AM on 07/11/2013
Companies do what they want...Make defective products and sell them..The govenment does nothing but turn there heads the other way..This is nothing new...I am sure the company new about this problem but sold the phones anyway...Money money money matters people don't...
09:55 AM on 07/11/2013
yeah right... she caused it to happen on purpose so she could set up a law suit and win lots of money in a settlement. its totally faked and its not the first time this type of scam has been done.

they actually make a special battery now in Europe... very near where she lives... that if put into certain cell phones or mobile devices will cause the device to explode.

everyone with any common sense knows she did this on purpose. just like the lady that spilled the McDonalds coffee on her legs and sued for 3 million dollars.
09:51 AM on 07/11/2013
Any Electronic toy or dish washer can cause fire.
09:49 AM on 07/11/2013
HTC is the best....
09:42 AM on 07/11/2013
Good thing she was not at an airport checking in for a flight they would of thought she was a terrorrist.....